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For the ultimate targets, those who fictionalize and charge others become a leader; however, those who hire themselves out turn out to be a loser, a miserable.  

First of all, primary condition of being mature and having a free conscience is to control one's own abilities and motives and then manage to utilize him/herself. 

Because humans are two groups;

1-       Those who are the slaves of  their own willpower

2-       Those who control their own willpower

Communities are the people who are ruled by tribal chiefs, sheikhs and the honored ones.


Sultan Abdulhamid: He made use of different balances and dynamics in behalf of national benefits, yet he could not finish it up and was defeated by the Zionist centers.


Mustafa Kemal: He knew how to administrate those efficient people around him since the beginning and authorized them with the aim of using them to achieve primary goals; he mainly achieved his goals but he could not find enough time to take the essential and effectual precautions against perversions, falsification and deceptions likely to occur after his death and as a result of betrayal of the Masons and Sabbathaians, unfortunately, he mysteriously closed his eyes.


Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan: He did lots of things worldwide and developed great global projects, he exerted a powerful and a perfect influence on very different and diverse names and groups under his own rules, he designed and applied strategies that would change and improve the global balances. Despite the nearby traitors and sneaky enemies he never showed any symptoms of panic, on the contrary, he  made use of them for his movement, or at least he managed to brake or minimize  their damages. 


            Nevertheless, how will the happy and the expected end reveal? What sort of steps has he taken for the future to prevent this train from derailing or from missing the target? The answers to these questions will be seen in the near future.


            Leadership is the art of

a)       using people in correct/appropriate areas after determining where they can be useful and successful

b)      tolerating their annoying and displeasing manners/sides

c)       fictionalizing and keeping them under control for the right and beneficial targets.


However here, "use" means making use of effectual and skilled people; it means cooperation and preventing them from being useless and non-functional.


It is, of course, egoism and ordinariness to attempt to use others with evil and mischievous intentions and to exploit or abuse their good intentions.


It is a historic truth and Sunnah (religious actions that were instituted by the Islamic prophet Muhammad): it is either great leaders or terrific disasters that pull communities out of the unawareness and misery that they go through.  And this is the only way that Turkey will realize its full potential once again.


Those who hire themselves to others in return for positions or profits should be considered as "vitrine model", not as leader model. People of this kind turn out to be servants rather than leaders/rulers.


The following findings in Salom (a weekly newspaper published by the Turkish Jewish community in İstanbul) are embarrassing for our country and people!.. [1]


Ankara - Jerusalem- Damascus

The confidential relations between Israel and Syria started with mutual messages in February 2007 by means of PM Tayyip Erdoğan. Last Monday in Istanbul, representatives from both countries agreed to continue negotiations in order to settle on peace in conformity with the principles of Madrid Peace Treaty and the United Nations resolutions 242 and 338.

Maintaining these confidential contacts for a year, Turkey has three expectations; to reinforce Syrian side, to weaken the influence of Iran in Middle-East and, in this way, to make contribution to Israel-Palestine peace.

It cannot be said that Turkey has accomplished this task in unison with the USA. While taking these steps, Turkey negotiated with both Syria and Hamas even though the USA was opposed to it. However, Turkish authorities are underlining the fact that they are following an independent foreign policy by stating "The benefits/interests of the USA and those of Turkey may not overlap all the time"

It is interesting to note that these three critical names have been through hard days during Israel-Syria peace talks; Olmert has been accused of fraud and Esad is held responsible for the Hariri's assassination and there is a strain on Tayyip Erdoğan on account of the closure case against his party.

If the negotiations start again, it will be a breath of fresh air for these three leaders; Olmert can make the investigations slow down for some time, Esad can find a chance to decrease the international pressure and Erdoğan can stabilize his position by making Turkey again a leader country in the region.

It is the truth that both Olmert and Esad are statesmen who are brave enough to make crucial decisions. Olmert proved this by attempting the second Lebanon War and destroying the nuclear station in Syria. Working together with Hezbollah, Esad showed that he was fearless". However, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was never mentioned to be "brave and qualified statesman". In fact, it was them who gave Erdoğan "bravery award"... So actually, it just intended to flatter or use..! And this paper gave the following news in a distressing manner;

"Syria - Iran peace treaty was signed despite Israel"

During his visit to Tehran, Syrian Defense Minister Hasan Turkmeni and Iranian Defense Minister Mustafa Muhammed Neccar signed a protocol to set up security in Middle-East.  It was explained that this protocol, in which the cooperation between two countries was highlighted, included items that called on "foreign invaders to withdraw from the region".  Authorities said there were strategic relations between Iran and Syria and they emphasized studies regarding technique and education would be done."

Syrian and Israeli authorities who formerly came together through Turkey took a formal step for peace. It was clear that this protocol was surprising for Israel, which called on Syria to withdraw its support from Iran. On the other hand, on account of closure case against his party, Mr. Erdoğan could not notice that he was deceived by not only Israel but also Beşşar Esad.


"The leadership chaos between the USA and Israel" was another headline in the newspaper called Salom;

Although being a totalitarian regime, it cannot be said that ideologically Syria is governed with a radical regime in a real sense. Syria is a country that mostly follows pragmatic approaches and easily takes the other/opposite side. Once he understands that it is more advantageous to take the side of Israel and the USA, Beşer Esad will certainly not hesitate to do it! A powerful American and Israeli governance would be enough to entail it.

As for the USA administration, it can't be said that it has been ruled efficiently for the last eight years and probably it will not make a big difference in the next four years because the words of the President of the U.S. Central Bank are drawing more attention than the U.S. President.  

Until last year it was thought that any candidate from Democrats would win the elections but the delay in nominating a proper name is increasing the chance of Mc Cain, "an antique". Voters have already found Mc Cain more honest.

In fact, none of these three candidates can be considered to be a leader that will make the USA more powerful and compensate for the prestige that America lost due to Bush.       

It is likely that in next four years, the European Union, especially Sarkozy, will be more influential in the world"

a)       Bush and his team got rid of the influence of Zionist Israel and Jewish Lobbies and carried out independent policies...

b)      They are worried that the Republican candidate Mc Cain, whom Salom made fun of  as "an antique" and never favored, will win the U.S. presidential election...

c)       They consoled themselves with the idea that the Jewish capitalism that controls American Central Bank is more influential and authorative than the Presidency of Bush...

d)      They could not hide that they suspected that Sarkozy and Putin, who challenged the Zionist capitalism, would gain more power and there would be new formations against racist imperialism...



         A Far Right Supporter "Neo-con" Daniel Pipes: Bush will attack Iran at the last moment!

           Daniel Pipes, an important name of the new conservatives in the USA and the director of Middle-East Forum (a think tank), alleged in his article that in case Obama is elected, Bush might attack Iran just before leaving and some preparations should be made for this.  

In his article published in the second most popular newspaper of the USA, USA Today, Director of the Middle-East Forum, Pipes, remarked that Iran should be given convincing and tough (!) messages that "They will never be allowed to have their own nuclear weapon". Pipes, in this framework, calls on Bush administration that they need to make some military preparations that will target Iranian nuclear infrastructure and this should be announced to the public and they also have to stand up to the pressures that will probably emerge in the world. Repeating the same warning for Israel, Pipes stated "if this method turns out to be successful, crisis will be over. If not, this time the U.S. presidential election will be high on the agenda."       

They want to attack at all costs.

             Pipes reminded the words of John Mc Cain, the Republican candidate; "the only thing worse than the military option against Iran is the Iran's own nuclear weapon" and added that Bush would probably let him decide on Iran in case Mc Cain was elected as the President. "Bush may launch the military operation against Iran if Democrat Barrack Obama wins the election" said Daniel Pipes and for him, Barrack Obama takes up diplomacy and sanctions that are unlikely to succeed. Here Pipes points out the time between November 4 - Presidential Election day - and 20 January 2009, the day on which the new President starts off. Still being on a European visit, President Bush remarked the other day that he preferred diplomacy for the resolution of the crisis but "all the options were on the table".                 


            Why did Sedat Sertoğlu write what "his Israeli friends" said?

            Israel is ready to hit!

            Some friends of mine who have been closely observing Israel told me that "Israel is ready to hit the targets that are used to build nuclear weapon. All plans have already been made. With or without the USA..."

I asked: "Are they capable?"

            "Technically they are... Iran cannot retaliate against it even with an aircraft"

"Aren't they aware of the negative effects of such an attack on the world?"  

            "Yes, they are... but Iranian leader says they will wipe us out. Shall we sit and wait for it? What would Turkey do if a country started to build nuclear weapon and said they would wipe you out? Would Turkey sit and wait or destroy the stations in that country?"

"Was the date fixed?"

            "I can only guess. But it seems to me that before Bush leaves..."

"So, you are ready to pay 250 dollars per a petrol barrel?

            "Not only Western Countries but also Arabian countries should do something to prevent Iran in order not to face it..."

"But Hezbollah and Hamas attack you at once.!."

"We told Arab countries that we would do nothing to them on condition that they stayed away when we attacked nuclear stations in Iraq and Syria. It is the same case for Hezbollah. They had better not intervene..."

After I heard these, I called some other names that I count on. Americans get excited and prefer to keep silent or they avoid telling the truth when they are asked such questions."[2] The Result; Israel and the USA will certainly attack Iran!

            And unfortunately, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is a puppet or an assistant (pardon, "co-chairman") of these Zionist and imperialist mentalities. So that's why we say; "Such people cannot be a leader, but a loser!"

[1] 28.05.2008

[2] Sedat Sertoğlu / Akşam

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