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Bugün: 02 Ara 2020

Bu Ana Kadar Okunan

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Our Problems and Solution Proposals

In the process of Transition to the Just Order:

It is natural that a transition process will be experienced in order for the Just Order to have the opportunity to be put into practice together with all its institutions.

For this reason, "intermediate solutions and gradual projects" are needed while leaving behind the period of "defeat and failure" and entering the period of "duty and development".

Thus, firstly we need to present the immediate problems of our country according to their order of importance and suggest and advice appropriate solutions.


In our opinion, it would be possible and suitable to list the major problems Turkey encounters as follows:

A- Suffering from terror and anarchy,

B- Outburst of unemployment and inflation and depression,

C- A high amount of foreign and domestic debt,

D- Instability and obliteration of administrative structure and justice mechanism

E- Inadequacy and corruption of social insurance services

Our terror problems and solution proposals

Terror and anarchy are significant threats and perils for our country and they need to be solved before everything else. Supposing that this issue can be solved by military precautions and especially transferring the responsibility totally to the army is wrong and inadequate.

First, let us present the reasons of anarchy:

1-       Western and neighboring countries controlled by Zionism that have evil plans on our country continuously incite and support terror.

2-   Our people's freedom of religion and conscience is restrained and certain natural and basic freedoms and local culture of our people especially living in the south-east are disdained and despised.

3-   The people living in the south-east are pushed into poverty, misery, unemployment and despair.

4-   The provocative effect of "racist" ideas and statements are effective on the society, instead of the idea of brotherhood of "Faith and İslam" which is the main element uniting our nation.

5-   Oppressed and aggrieved people of the region have a reaction against the exploitation of landlords and sheikhs, who dominate over the region by getting along with the system.

6-   Some appointed administrators (civilian and military authorities) do not respect the freedom and honor of our people, and do not exhibit a caring attitude towards them.

7-   An "adequate and consistent" judicial mechanism is not in practice regarding the pursuit of criminals and applying deterrent punishments, that is, a system which restores the "sense of trust" in the oppressed and the "fear of justice" in the oppressors cannot be implemented.

8- The weapon and drug mafia, which feeds terror, also breaks the law and order and degenerates the discipline by recruiting "members" from among the army and the police force.

Solution Proposals

1-  International connections of terrorism should be investigated and prevented.

In order to achieve this goal, the status of the combined task forces in northern Iraq should be changed and their control should be given to Turkey, or these forces should leave Turkey and the activities of other foreign military bases should carefully be inspected.

2-   The lawless region in Northern Iraq should definitely be taken under control; a responsible and balanced authority should be established, territorial integrity of Iraq should be protected and the rights and freedoms of the people in Northern Iraq should be guaranteed.

3-   The weapon and drugs mafia should be broken; its civilian and military connections should be determined and deactivated.

4-   Special development projects and investments should be started, and unemployment should be prevented in the Eastern and south Eastern Anatolia.


5-  People living in the region should be given the right to speak the regional languages, broadcast in their mother tongue and even establish institutes in order to develop their language and customs, on condition that the official language and the medium of education in all educational organizations will be Turkish.

6-  The necessary and adequate conditions should immediately be provided and the state of emergency should be lifted.

7-  Private Madrasahs providing religious education should be given a formal status and modernized. Graduates of these Madrasahs should be given valid diplomas and degrees.

Religious scholars who had previously attended to Madrasahs should also be given diplomas after taking certain exams for proficiency. Then they should be employed at official posts in religious services.

8-  Scattered villages and arable fields should be brought together and new and modern settlements should be established. By this way, aggrieved villagers who had immigrated to various cities would be provided base to return to their villages.

9-  The necessary precautions should be taken regarding the reintegration of young people -who regret for their crimes and surrender- to the society after they serve their sentences.


10-       Nevertheless, murderers who persist in terrorist actions should be struggled with courage and seriousness, the ones who are caught should be given deterrent punishments which will set a good example for everyone.

11-       The mistake of regarding all the people living in the region as "potential criminals" or "schismatic anarchists" should definitely be given up.

12-       Gracious and fair administrators who can understand the state and mood of people living in the region should be appointed.

13-  New programs and books for all levels of educational institutions should be prepared in accordance with national and moral values. These institutions should educate people who are respectful to their history and customs and attached to their moral principles.

Inflation, unemployment and solutions:

As it is known, the rise observed in the general level of prices or the decrease of the purchasing power of money in a country is called "inflation".

Decreasing the value of the "National Currency" against other foreign currencies is called "devaluation".

General reasons of Inflation and high cost of living:

1-      Inflation occurs when the total consumption exceeds the total production in the country. That is, inflation occurs when the amount of the goods "supplied" to the market cannot meet the "demand".

2-  On the contrary, when total production exceeds the general demand and the surplus goods are not exported to foreign markets, (supply) inflation occurs.

3-  The interest problem. The most significant reason of inflation is interest. Inflation continually increases because the capital owners prefer putting their money into interest as they find it more profitable compared to investing in production and producers who take credits with interest reflect their additional costs to production and prices.

4-  Another important reason of inflation is the "income tax". As the state collects income tax, tradesmen who act as "mediators" between the producer and the consumer add the tax expenditure to cost, by this way, cause an increase in inflation and cost of living.

5-  Investment credits are not given to investment and development plans but to fund holders, and there is no control of whether the credits are used for investment in production. It is known that especially certain big holdings form "monopolies" and "cartels" with the credits they take. Their stocking the goods with high demand at cheap prices and selling them at very high prices continually increases inflation.

6-  As the result of all these, naturally;

a- There will be significant increases in wholesale prices,

b- Decreases will be inevitable in the monetary value,

c- Interests will reach very high rates,

d- Small and middle business owners will lose their opportunity to survive,

e- People will buy foreign currency, gold or real estate, rather than keeping their money in cash,

f- Nightly interest and rent revenues will have high demand, investment and production will stop and the country will roll over and collapse.

Solution Proposals:

1- In this transition period, the state should itself start the "interest free practices" rather than "radically banning the interests" and "closing the interest corporations" but allow the investors who deal with interest to do business. The state should cancel the interests in its credits and debts, and lawsuits about interests and interest rates should not be heard by the courts. Interest loans and revenues should not be protected by the government guarantee.

2-  All kinds of loans should be in terms of "gold", and the payments should be made over the current price of gold.

3-  The state should buy and sell Cumhuriyet Gold (gold coins printed by the state), determine and execute a new price everyday according to demand and supply, but there should not be a change in the price of gold in the same day and all the gold trade should be free.

4-  a) The state should give its real estates (buildings, land and plots) as credit to brokers by auction,


  1. The brokers who buy these real estates should provide capital by selling them and do real estate business,
  2. They should be allowed to make a profit of 2% from these deals,

d)  All the title deed transactions should be free of charge.
By this way;

  1. The people can sell their real estates to the state by means of these brokers and money will flow to the markets.
  2. Or the people buy real estates from the state and by this way inflation will be controlled as there will not be any fiat money in trade.


5-  New regulations should be brought into effect to achieve a balance in foreign trade by having importers and exporters exchange the surplus goods with the ones that are not produced in our country.

6-  The state should put the "selem document- order credit" into effect.

For example, an amount of money can be given to the retired and the wage earners as selem credit to be cut from their salaries in twelve installments.

The ones who take this credit give orders to the shops for the goods they need, such as food and clothes. The shops inform the traders and wholesalers about these orders.

Wholesalers transfer these orders to the factories.

Factories order the raw materials they need based on these orders and demands.

In this way;

a- The production will be planned according to the general needs of the people wt the beginning of the year,

b- Because of the orders in advance, cheap and high quality goods will be produced and inflation and expensiveness will be prevented.

7- Instead of direct credits, wholesalers should be provided credits according to;
a- The orders they receive,

b- The capital they put,

c- The workers they employ.

8- The taxes should be taken;

a- As the 2.5 % (1/40) of the capital they put from the traders,

b) The same percent of the production (product share) from the factories.

9-    It is inevitable that primarily the private sector and entrepreneurs should lead the
development activities in order to turn our resources and other potential opportunities into wealth. The state should perform the same duty in areas where the private sector is not involved.

New and adequate employment areas can only be provided in this way and this will be a step to solve the problem of unemployment.

10-Preparations for the development of stockbreeding and agriculture, orientation of the
villagers towards modern agriculture and the utilization of agricultural products in domestic and foreign markets should be completed as soon as possible.

Domestic and foreign debts

Turkey is being dragged to a dangerous point with the frightening amount of domestic and foreign debts and the interest of these debts.

Primary reasons of these debts are;

1-        As the industrial and technological development has not been achieved, the industrial products and military needs are bought from the developed countries. The money needed is borrowed from multinational (Zionist) banks as conditional credits at very high interest rates.

2-   These conditional credits are unfortunately used in the assembly industry or luxurious investments.

3-   As new and adequate production is not realized, the state has to repay old loans which swell with interest through new loans.

4-   The country in debt is politically put under the direction of centers that "loan money" and becomes a dependent semi-colony country.

5-   The loan borrowed from abroad in cash is in fact selling the "same amount of products" in advance and at a cheap price abroad. Even without an interest rate, a country which borrows a credit becomes poorer because it will have to buy the goods of the creditor country at higher prices. It needs that product and does not have a chance for bargaining. Furthermore, it has to sell its products to the creditor country at cheap prices.

6-   As a temporary relief and purchasing power will be realized in the debtor country, this time waste and consumption of luxury and fancy goods will start.

7- As a result, foreign credits with high interest rates divide the countries into two groups:
          a- Underdeveloped countries which take credits and whose debt continually increase.

b- Developed countries which lend credits and whose awaiting payments continually increase.

8-  Domestic debt: it is unbelievable that a country like Turkey which is stuck with foreign debts also has domestic debts at high interest rates. Instead of borrowing domestic currency at interest  rates as high as three hundred percent and making the country dependent to masonic groups, printing money would be a better and honorable action.

It is certainly wrong and unjust to print fiat money, but it would be better than having a big domestic debt at high interest rates.

Solutions for being free from debts:

1-      In order to pay off the foreign and domestic debts, shares of state enterprises should be issued and given to the creditors to make them partners to the companies. Shares of the creditors who do not want to be partners should be sold to requesters on condition that they accept and pay the loans.

2-  A rapid and stable production campaign should be started.

3-  The currencies of our citizens who work and live in Europe should be transferred to the country by profitable and advantageous shares and the debts should be paid off.

4-  "Property exchange" should be conducted with foreign countries. For example; petrol in return for water, fruit and vegetables; machinery in return for cotton.

5-  Ways of implementing the selem document- order credit in the form of "paying the money in cash- delivering the commodity later but at a price lower than its normal value" should be investigated to buy the goods needed from foreign countries and companies. It is certain that there will be a number of states and companies which would approve such a negotiation.

To meet the budget deficit;

1-        The problem of employment should be solved; excess employment should be prevented in state offices and SOEs (state owned enterprises).

2-   The tax load should be lightened and supported with credits in order to revive small and medium sized enterprises. By this way, production and the public revenues increase.

3- SOEs should not be a burden for the state.
To achieve this;

A- Certain causes of the SOE's loss should be eliminated, such as;

1-       High taxes,

2-   Debts at high interest rates,

3-   Corrupted and adrift management.

B- It is quite dangerous for the country's economy that the SOEs are offered to certain associates by governments at very low prices under the name of privatization.

SOEs provide significant services such as bringing technology from abroad, training technical staff, developing planned urbanization, preventing unemployment and balancing the prices with quality production.

C- So, SOEs need to be improved, rather than to be closed out. To achieve this;

1- SOEs should be turned into "structural partnerships" and the shares of the structures and facilities should be sold as stock shares. The ownership of the land should be the state's.

2-The facilities should be given for rent with endorsement,          

3-   A rent share should be taken from production and half of this should be allocated to maintenance and repair, the other half should be distributed to the shareholders.

4-   SOEs should be exempted from all kinds of taxes and insurance premiums, except the share of the state as rent.

5-   The facilities should be allocated to the partnership of their own employees, and the employees should be given a certain amount of labor share and compulsory minimal production should be enforced.

6-   In this way, SOEs should be privatized without being closed out.

Environmental pollution and demoralization

Environmental pollution and corruption of morals, which threatens the world, has been rising to dangerous levels in our country.

Extramarital sexual relationships are encouraged through the press and the televisions, and the lives of the celebrities, our strong family structure is being destroyed, and the social evil and perversion is spreading among the society. Prostitution and perversion have been causing significant psychological problems and depressions together with biological filthiness such as AIDS and syphilis.

Moreover, strictness on monogamy leaves a lot of women single and creates the base for men to have extramarital relationships.

The spread of birth control and the practices which let abortion makes extramarital relationships easier and our new generations become indecent individuals.

In this way, while our healthy population increase is prevented, on the other hand our people become mentally and physically ill and corrupted.

Beside this moral corruption, the irresponsible disposal of industrial wastes and garbage piles to the environment pollutes the soil, the shores, the rivers, the air and the living world and destroys natural life.

Solution Proposals:

1-       New legal regulations should be made which let a second marriage on condition that the woman is ill or disabled and she cannot meet the needs of her husband, that the man's economic and physical conditions are appropriate, and the woman has consent for the marriage. Under normal conditions, monogamy should be the basic principle in marriage.

2-   Marriage should be made easier and state support should be provided to couples.

3-   University students should be given the opportunity to study and work at the same time, and the ones who are married should be given priority in finding a job.

4-   Publications which encourage immorality and perversion should be banned and the media should be taken into a serious discipline.

5- Brothels should be closed or at least moved out of the city center.
The women who work at these places;

a- should be allowed to get married with men who want to take them under their protection and live together with them on a special marriage contract.                                                                                                  

b- These women should be given the opportunity to work at respected jobs.

c- "Women's shelters" should be established for unprotected women.

d- Conditions should be provided for men who want to start a family with them in mutual respect and responsibility.

e- It should not be forgotten that the principle of "polygamy" was adopted and valid to protect women in case of necessity, but not for the sexual desires of men. Prohibiting polygamy and letting men having affairs with a couple of women and allowing adultery have damaged the moral values of humanity. At this point, equality of men and women is only a fallacy. Under this false mentality, women have become common tools of sexual satisfaction. Both natural and physiological conditions and historical ad sociological facts show that strictness on monogamy has been wrong and useless. In summary, monogamy should be the basic principle in the society, but special excuses and necessities should be taken into consideration in searching for ways of solution.

To prevent environmental pollution:

a- An adequate number of foundations (at least ten) for the protection of the environment should be established in different areas Turkey.

b- "Investment and contribution" should be requested to these foundations from investors who will establish new factories.

c- "Waste cleaning and recycling" facilities should be established with the money collected from investors.

d- The possible damage to the environment caused by factories and other enterprises should be controlled by these foundations and deterrent punishments should be given to the ones responsible.

e- Discharge of wastes directly to the water, air and soil should never be allowed.

f- Legal regulations should be amended for the forestation of every part of the country, for the improvement and enlargement of forests.

g- Municipalities and local administrations should be provided with adequate resources and authority to facilitate and support all these implementations.




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