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The World’s Ideological Shift Has Begun in Türkiye, BUT THE ACTUAL CHANGE FROM PALESTINE!



The World’s Ideological Shift Has Begun in Türkiye,



Hamas forces had seized an Israeli border crossing!

On October 7, 2023, Hamas announced that his armed wing, the Izzeddin al-Qassam Brigades, had taken control of the Israeli Kerem Abu Salem Border Crossing and the surrounding military posts in southeast Gaza Strip as part of the operation “Aksa Deluge.” Footage was shared showing the Izzeddin al-Qassam Brigades members taking over Abu Salem Border Gate and the nearby military posts. It was apparent that members of the Izzeddin al-Qassam Brigades stormed Kerem Abu Salem on paramotors, incapacitating numerous Israeli soldiers.

Furthermore, the footage depicted fully uniformed Kassam members engaging in skirmishes with Israeli soldiers and gaining complete control over the area. Israel’s Public Broadcasting Corporation (KAN) also confirmed that an armed group from Gaza had infiltrated Israeli territories, captured a police station in Sderot, and forced the Israeli army into confrontations.

The most significant and, from a Zionist perspective, most alarming attacks on Israel were underway, and Israel was, literally, stunned.

Reports and discussions noted that at least 900 Israelis were killed and more than a thousand injured in these honorable assaults. There were also thousands of casualties. MOSSAD and Israeli military intelligence were unaware of the preparations for this planned and surprising attack. The Zionist Netanyahu had declared that Israel was effectively in a state of war. Following Hamas’s onslaught, Zionist Israel, ever-eager for excuses to attack innocent Palestinians, had retaliated with ruthless and disproportionate responses, leading to the martyrdom of hundreds (currently estimated at 500) of innocent Muslims and injuring thousands of Palestinians. As deduced from T.V. footage, GAZA was under full-blown assault, with a horrifying destruction plan in action…

Remember, a special report by American intelligence had predicted that “Israel would not be present on the map in 2024”. What fears backed this prediction?

The (2012) U.S. intelligence report made waves by excluding Israel from its 2024 Middle East projection, warning of its downfall. A report titled “Preparation for a Post-Israel Middle East” was revealed to have been prepared earlier that year by a coalition of 16 intelligence agencies. Political analyst Kevin Barrett relayed that the Intelligence Community report had concluded that, in the rise of China, the “U.S. would no longer have the military and economic resources to continue supporting Israel.” According to Barrett, the report necessitated the “U.S. to pursue its national interests and to pull the plug on Israel.”

The New York Post had quoted Henry Kissinger verbatim, stating: “In just over ten years, there will be no Israel…”. Kissinger did not imply that Israel was in danger, and that could be averted by trillions in extra spending, nor by crushing its enemies with the U.S. military. There was not an escape even if Netanyahu’s old friend Mitt Romney was elected. Bombing Iran was not posed as a solution for Israel’s continued existence either. Simply put, Kissinger did not offer any way out but bleakly stated the reality, hinting that “By 2024, there will no longer be an Israel.”[1] What prophetic verses and hadiths were these conclusions drawn from, and which scholars’ predictions? What underlying reasons were behind these profound doubts and intense fears of Zionist and imperialist strategists?

By this measure, the AKP and Israel’s downfall seemed imminent. Those who believed they would be saved by becoming the President again were sadly mistaken.

The recent operations initiated by Hamas, which have deeply unsettled the Zionist oppressors, were hoped by many to presage the end of Israel.

Indeed, our respected teacher, Erbakan, laid the intellectual foundations and scientific projects for a JUST ORDER AND NEW WORLD CHANGE, which are perceived by many as humanity’s most pressing needs, especially for Muslims. Milli Çözüm has undertaken the mission to refine and convey these noble plans and programs to elite scholars and statesmen worldwide, and significant strides have been made in raising consciousness with the grace of God. The brave and honorable jihad launched by Hamas in Palestine is now seen by many as the beginning of a global transformation in a favorable direction and the physical downfall of Zionist Israel.

While the Zionists’ minions and the Christian infidels, the USA and E.U. countries condemned Hamas and broadcasted support messages for Israel, Brazil announced its intention to call the United Nations Security Council for an emergency meeting. Hamas’s Qassam Brigades announced on October 7, 2023, the launch of a comprehensive operation against Israel called “Aqsa Deluge.” Thousands of rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israel, and armed factions infiltrated regional settlements. In response, the Israeli army initiated an air assault on the Gaza Strip. President Recep T. Erdogan, during his speech at the 4th Extraordinary Congress of the AKP, called for restraint from both Israel and Palestine, stating, “In light of the events in Israel this morning, we urge all parties to act with moderation and avoid impulsive steps that could further escalate the tension.”

Mr. Erdogan appeared to speak as if he referred to two powers of equal strength, as if Palestine and Israel were equally right or wrong. As if Zionist and terrorist Israel had not forcibly occupied Palestinian territories and had not expanded the territories they seized since their foundation fiftyfold. As if Israel had not been continuously provoking the Palestinian people with oppression and massacres for years; however, with such an indifferent and inconsistent attitude, he merely called for moderation from both sides.

O Hero, waging war on Syria and Assad on the side of the USA, with the nonsense of the Arab Spring, which was set up for Greater Israel!

Oh, the World Leader(!) Mr Erdogan, within the scope of the same evil plot, sided with the Crusader West in the operations to disperse Libya and had Izmir used as an attack base against Gaddafi, whose biggest crime was aiding and educating the Palestinians!

What good will you do if you cannot present your side and stand openly against these genocidal attacks of Israel against the Palestinian people rather than being “neutral in the middle…”?

The spokesperson for the White House National Security Council emphasized that the USA “strongly condemns” the attacks by Hamas on Israeli civilians and reiterated their support for the Israeli government and its people. The spokesperson also mentioned that the White House National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, had spoken with his Israeli counterpart, Tzachi Hanegbi, and they would remain in close contact.

U.S. Secretary of the State, Antony Blinken, stated, “The USA unequivocally condemns the horrific attacks by Hamas against Israel. We will remain closely in touch with our Israeli partners. The USA supports Israel’s right to defend itself and stands in solidarity with the Israeli government and its people”.

The United Nations (U.N.) High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, expressed his shock and horror at reports of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of random rockets being fired at Israel by Palestinian armed groups, resulting in many Israeli casualties and leaving hundreds injured. He also expressed his deep concern over reports that Israeli civilians had been taken hostage. He stated that Israeli forces were compelled to respond with airstrikes on the densely populated Gaza Strip, calling on them to take all necessary precautions to avoid civilian casualties. He spoke out: “I call for an immediate end to violence. I urge all parties in the region and key nations to de-escalate to prevent further bloodshed.” This statement was surprisingly almost identical to the one made by Mr. Erdoğan and the so-called U.N. Commissioner.

Support from Crusader Europe to Israel, condemnation for Hamas!

European Union (E.U.) Council President Charles Michel, in a statement from social media platform X, said, “I strongly condemn the random attacks launched this morning against Israel and its people, terrorizing and harming innocent citizens.”

E.U. Commission President Ursula von der Leyen criticized Hamas, stating, “Israel has the right to defend itself against such treacherous attacks.”

E.U. High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, shared the message, “I stand in full solidarity with Israel.”

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz exclaimed, “The missile attacks from Gaza and the escalating violence are shocking. Germany condemns these attacks by Hamas and stands with Israel.”

French President Emmanuel Macron released a statement saying, “I strongly condemn the terrorist attacks currently hitting Israel. I express my condolences and solidarity to the families and loved ones of the deceased.”

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak indicated that the attacks on Israeli civilians had “shocked him,” adding, “Israel’s right to defend itself is absolute.”

Officials from Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Croatia, Austria, Greece, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Kosovo also published messages condemning Hamas and supporting Israel.

However, why had these Crusaders remained silent when rabid Israel had been killing innocent Palestinians every day for the last 60 years?

Egypt’s Foreign Minister Samih Shukri had reportedly been in intense consultations with international officials to reduce the tension between Palestine and Israel.

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in its statement, called for “an immediate cessation of violence between Israel and the Palestinians,” noting, “We are following unprecedented developments between a series of Palestinian groups and Israeli occupation forces, leading to high levels of violence.” Their statement seemed to resonate as if they had received instructions from the same center as Mr. Erdoğan.

However, as devout and sensitive Muslims and conscientious and moral humans, our prayers and all kinds of aid are with the oppressed Palestinian people and the noble jihad of Hamas. This stance is not only an obligation of Islam but also of humanity. When liberated from this Zionist, terrorist, and invasive murderous mentality, JEWS who genuinely carry sincere, fair, and humane feelings and sensitivity will also find relief and peace.

Kılıçdaroğlu had taken a much more sensitive and consistent stance than Erdoğan!

Regarding the operation Palestine launched against Israel this morning, Turkish opposition party CHP’s leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu said, “Palestine has always been a country seeking justice and its people are oppressed. We stand with the Palestinian people always. Of course, we are against war!” Kılıçdaroğlu attended the ‘Anatolian Meeting Local Media Workshop’ in Marmaris. Answering journalists’ questions during a break given by the event organized by Marmaris Municipality regarding the attack on Israel by Hamas this morning, he said:

“Palestine has always been a country seeking justice, and its people are oppressed. We stand with the Palestinian people always. We are, of course, against war. International organizations must intervene within democratic standards to both ensure peace and deliver the rights of the Palestinian people.” This statement showcased a firm stance.

Full support from the USA to Israel! Even though, O Islamic Ummah and O world leaders! On whose side are you?

The U.S. Secretary of Defence made a statement about the Israel-Hamas conflict, saying that they support Israel and stating, “We will provide Israel with everything it needs.”

Hamas’s armed wing, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, had announced that they had launched about 5,000 rockets and mortars at Israel in the initial phase of their Operation “Al-Aqsa Deluge.” Meanwhile, the Israeli military had initiated attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip. Dayf, emphasizing that the Palestinian people had again risen in revolt and returned to the state-building project, warned, “We have now decided to stand against Israel’s violations, oppressions, and occupations and have commenced the Al-Aqsa Deluge operation against Israel.”

They could not even match Russia!

In the early hours of October 7, 2023, following the outbreak of the war, the world’s attention was focused on the Israel-Gaza line. While Ukraine flagrantly supported Israel, Russia, in stark contrast, conveyed a strong and meaningful message of support for Palestine. The statement read, “We support the establishment of an independent Palestinian state within the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.” Following these attacks, Israel retaliated by initiating the “Iron Sword” operation, with an announcement from the Israeli military stating, “The Israeli army is now on war alert. Hamas will bear the consequences of these attacks.”

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had commented, “We are at war. Our enemy will pay a price like never before.” Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, reacting to the assault on the Al-Aqsa Mosque, highlighted that they were engaged in a “heroic battle.” Amidst these developments in the region, Russia had issued a full support message for Palestine. The Russian Foreign Ministry’s statement read, “We support the establishment of an independent Palestinian state within the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.” Unfortunately, the devout hero Erdoğan was trying to gloss over the situation with bland and stale remarks.

Hamas had broadcasted footage of their air-armed units prepared against the occupying Israel.

The Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades announced on the morning of October 7, 2023, that they had launched an operation named “Al-Aqsa Deluge” against Israel, which had occupied their lands, sharing various preparation footages using different aerial vehicles. Hamas had also shared images of its air-armed units prepared against the occupying Israel.

The Islamic Resistance Movement of Palestine, Hamas, had broadcasted on their social media accounts footage of the preparations of the “Hawk Flock,” a branch of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades. In this footage, it was apparent that Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades’ units equipped with powered parachutes were practicing in areas designed as “Israeli military points.”

Israelis fleeing into the desert after Hamas’s operation!

The tension in the area escalated following the operation by Hamas’s armed wing that infiltrated Israeli lands. As Hamas began to capture and detain the Israeli forces, Israeli citizens wanting to save their lives started fleeing from the country. Some Israelis were seen desperately fleeing into the desert. Many Israelis rushed to airports, while others were seen venturing into deserts. The sight of Israelis fleeing in sheer panic had left many astonished. Meanwhile, there were talks of thousands of Israeli soldiers and police being captured and kidnapped. If Zionist Israel decided to enter Gaza to rescue them, they were poised to get stuck in a quagmire from which they may never emerge!

Call for Unity and Solidarity from Hamas

Commander of the Al-Qassam Brigades, Mohammed Deif, highlighted that the Al-Aqsa Deluge would be significantly larger than Zionist Israel anticipated. He urged the Islamic and Arab worlds to unite and join forces to erase Israel’s occupation, emphasizing the necessity for “everyone with a firearm to deploy it now.” Deif called for those who could not participate in the Al-Aqsa Deluge operation to at least support this solidarity and reminded them to follow the instructions and announcements they broadcasted carefully.

Israel stated that Hamas controlled seven Gaza Strip communities: Sderot, Nahal Oz, Kfar Haza, Magen, Sufa Beheri, and Gaza General Command. Zionist Herzog’s Apparent Bewilderment!

Following the regional conflicts, Israeli President Isaac Herzog made a statement. Acknowledging they were going through a challenging period, Herzog said, “We will do everything to protect ourselves,” attempting to boost the morale of the startled Jewish community.

Palestinian President Abbas emphasized the Palestinian people’s right to defend themselves against Israeli attacks.

The Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, has stated that his people have the right to defend themselves against Israeli attacks. Abbas held a meeting with top officials to discuss the recent actions taken by Hamas’s Al-Qassam Brigades against Israel. He emphasized the importance of safeguarding the Palestinian citizens and their right to protect themselves.

As reported by the Palestinian official news agency, WAFA, President Abbas convened a meeting in Ramallah with senior officials from civilian and security sectors to discuss the “Al-Aqsa Deluge” operation launched by Hamas’s Al-Qassam Brigades from Gaza against Israel. During the meeting, Abbas emphasized the importance of protecting the Palestinian people and stated that “they have the right to defend themselves against the terror of occupying forces and settlers.” Abbas also shared his position on the matter.

Announcing his directive to provide “all necessary elements to ensure the perseverance and resilience of Palestinian offspring against crimes committed by Israeli occupation and settler gangs,” Abbas would preside over a meeting with the leadership cadre in the Palestinian administration.

Indeed, with the intellectual foundation and scientific programs prepared with Erbakan, the final phase of the tangible transformation of THE WORLD’S CHANGE AND THE ERBAKAN REVOLUTION, which was focused on this consciousness and hope through the National Solution, had now commenced with the blessed operation of Hamas.

In this regard, our Master Necmettin Erbakan had said the following:

Indeed, Zionism does not understand mere words; we will impose sanctions!.. However, we will achieve this using highly specialized and advanced technologies, without weapons and conflict, forcing the cruel forces to surrender!..

For this, “technology is a gift from Allah (the Creator) to us Muslims,” technologies are being prepared to redirect their missiles back onto them. Systems are being developed that, through friction and special interactions, generate their own energy and send clusters of thin wires remotely controlled to destroy aircraft. When Iran says, “We have enriched uranium,” that is fine, but compared to theirs, this achievement still signifies very little… If you say, “We should also build aircraft carriers; we should also make atomic missiles,” by the time you prepare for these, external powers have prepared tenfold… Thus, we need new and superior technologies that will render all the weapons systems and technologies on which imperialist and Zionist countries have been working for years ineffective and obsolete, and at a much lower cost!..

Drones and all kinds of computerized equipment,

Technological bugs that can break through the barrier (walls, doors, minefields, barbed and electric barriers) to reach and fulfill their mission,

The latest communication devices that can eavesdrop and evaluate all kinds of national and international strategic conversations and correspondences, yet are absolutely unbreakable,

Tools like synthetic medicine capsules, remotely controlled and imperceptible – akin to “artificial genies,” designed to track and destroy computer systems, technological projects, treacherous and aggressive attempts, and very special and covert spy networks;

From their design and project initiation,

In their model and trial stages,

In their mass production and development phases,

A promotional video showcasing all with real and sample footage evoked wonder and admiration, and thus:

“In the end times and in the blessed war of the Hazrat Mahdi against the Dajjal, it was thus proved how the glad tidings that ‘gunpowder will not catch fire,’ weapons will not detonate” will become a reality.

All these marvelous preparations would certainly not going to be left incomplete or fail. The teams and successors that will implement these superior technologies and humanitarian projects will surely perform their duty and carry Necmettin Erbakan’s National Vision Movement to its goal with the National Solution endeavor (in Turkish Milli Çözüm, and that is the successor of Erbakan in Türkiye)…

Thus, as pointed out in the Quranic verses and prophesized in the hadiths, a bloodless and conflict-free victory will be achieved during the most sacred transformation of Civilization and Maydiyyah. Only the arrogant nose of the occupying and Zionist Israel will be broken; they will be forced into submission, and the venomous arms of the so-called superpower, the Zionist Octopus, will thus be aligned!..

Surah Hashr verse 6 implies this fortunate outcome.

“As for the bounty (the gains without war) they gave to Allah’s Messenger, you made no expedition, neither with horses nor camels. But Allah gives power to His messengers over anyone He wills. And Allah has power over all things.” (Hashr: 6)

Indeed, by the grace and favor of Allah, a great victory will be achieved without war and attack, and some gangrenous boils will be lanced and cleaned. There will be no need for the all-consuming and devastating conflicts covering the entire world… As foretold by great figures like Muhyiddin-i Arabi, “Gunpowder will not explode,” meaning through high and special technologies, the destructive force of primarily atomic bombs and other nuclear warheads will not be ignited, putting an end to the Zionistic-Crusader driven exploitation, injustice, and immoral oppression. Thus, the last and greatest Islamic revolution, the awaited historical peace and prosperity civilization, will materialize painlessly and smoothly.


[1] 6 Oct 2012,


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Üstadımızın, başta “İnsanın Yozlaşması”, ardından “Adil Düzen ve Yeni Bir Dünya” ve yine “Barış ve Bereket Nizamı “İslam Davası” ve Yozlaştırılan “Cihat Kavramı” gibi birçok kitapları İngilizceye çevrilip merkezi Londra’daki Cagaloglu Yayıncılık organizesiyle; Amazon ve Bornes&Noble ( gibi dünya genelinde dağıtım yapan yüzlerce online sitesinde ve dijital (e-kitap) sayesinde 120 kadar ülkede yayınlanıp okunmaktadır. Ayrıca Üstadımızın “Yüce Kur’an’ın Manası ve Mesajı” başlıklı Meal-i Kerim yorumları İngilizce ve Rusça tercümeleri ile “Adil Düzen ve Yeni Bir Dünya” kitaplarının Rusça, Arapça, Çince, Japonca ve İspanyolca tercümeleri tamamlanıp basılmış olup; Almanca, Fransızca, Kırgızca ve Farsça tercümelerinde de sona yaklaşılmıştır.

Milli siyaset ve sorumluluk düşüncesini farklı bir boyutta ele alan ve yorumlayan Hocamız; yaklaşık 40 yıldır Türkiye’mizin her yerinde, Avrupa’da ve İslam ülkelerinde, önemli seminer ve konferanslara katılmaktadır.

Mili Görüş’e çöreklenmiş bazı şaibeli kişilerin gizli niyet ve tertiplerini haber vermesi, uzun vadeli hedefler ve stratejik tavizler sonucu Parti’ye girdiklerini sezmesi ve söylemesi nedeniyle, Ahmet Akgül’ün teşkilatlarda ve Milli Görüşçü kuruluşlarda hizmet vermesi engellenmeye çalışılmış; Erbakan Hoca ise, kendisinin daha bağımsız davranabilmesi ve nifak çarkı içinde körletilip kirletilmemesi için bu girişimlere karşı çıkmamış, ama kendisini uzaktan destekleyip yönlendirmekten de geri durmamıştır. Erbakan’ın “Adil Düzen” projeleri, AKP’nin siyasi hileleri ve karanlık ilişkileri, Fetullahçı Cemaatin gizli mahiyeti konularında sayılı uzmanlardandır.

1949 Elazığ doğumlu olan, çeşitli konularda yayınlanmış ve hazırlanmış 105 (yüz beş) eseri bulunan yazarımız, evli ve beş çocuk babasıdır.


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● Üstat Ahmet Akgül’e Göre; Kemalizm’le Atatürkçülük Farkı (Hazırlayan: Ufuk Efe)

● Ahmet Akgül’e Göre; Ülke Sorunları ve Çözüm Yolları (Hazırlayan: Okan Ekinci)

● Ahmet Akgül’e Göre; Genel Ahlâk Esasları ve Temel İnsan Haklarına Saygı (Hazırlayan: Fatma Betül Erişkin)

● Üstat Ahmet Akgül’ün; Siyonizm Saptamaları (Hazırlayan: Ali Çağıl)

● Ahmet Akgül’e Göre; Yaratılış Sırları ve İman Unsurları (Hazırlayan: Halil Yaman)

● Ahmet Akgül’e Göre; Din İstismarcıları ve Devrim Simsarları (Hazırlayan: Akın Cengiz)

● Üstat Ahmet Akgül’e Göre; Tarikat Yozlaşması ve Tasavvuf İhtiyacı (Hazırlayan: Abdussamet Çağıl)

● Üstat Ahmet Akgül’ün; Adil Medeniyet Programları (Hazırlayan: Osman Nuri Çelik)

● Ahmet Akgül’ün; Tarih Yorumları – 2 Cilt (Hazırlayan: Kâzım Gülfidan-Halil Altuntaş)

● Üstat Ahmet Akgül’ün; İlginç Anıları ve Rüyaları (Hazırlayan: Ramazan Yücel)

● Ahmet Akgül’ün; İçtihat Perspektifi ve Orijinal Projeleri (Hazırlayan: Abdullah Akgül-Ali Mert)

● Ahmet Akgül’ün; Hikmet Uyarıları ve Veciz Uyarlamaları (Hazırlayan: Neslihan Bayraktar)

● Üstat Ahmet Akgül Hocamızın; Tenkit (ve Tebrik) Yazıları – 2 Cilt (Hazırlayan: Mus’ab Eryıldız-İsmail Erkut)

● Ahmet Akgül’den; Siyaset ve Strateji Kuralları (Hazırlayan: Necati Akgül)

● Ahmet Akgül’e Göre; Yönetme ve Liderlik Sanatı (Hazırlayan: Yakup Gözübüyük)

● Ahmet Akgül’ün Saptamalarıyla; Erbakan ve İnsanlık Davası (Hazırlayan: Ahmet Cömert)

● Ahmet Akgül’e Göre; Erdoğan ve Takımının Ayarı ve Tahribatları – 3 Cilt (Hazırlayan: Nail Kızılkan-Sezai Kurt-Mehmet Sıtmapınar)

● Ahmet Akgül’e Göre; Fetullah Gülen’in Perde Arkası (Hazırlayan: Mehmet Akif Avcı)

● Ahmet Akgül’ün Gözüyle; Farklı Kesimlerden İnsan Manzaraları – 2 Cilt (Hazırlayan: Osman Eraydın)

● Ahmet Akgül Üstadımızdan; Erbakan Hoca’ya Yönelik İthamlara Yanıtlar (Hazırlayan: Necmettin Musa Bişkin)

● Ahmet Akgül'den Kahramanlık Şiirleri (Hazırlayan: İsmet Sezgin)

● Ahmet Akgül’den; Seçme Şiirler (Hazırlayan: Ömer Çağıl)

● Ahmet Akgül'den Şiirler Harmanı (Hazırlayan: Orhan Yılan)

● Ahmet Akgül'den Edep-İstikamet-Hikmet ve Hakikati Öğreten Şiirler (Hazırlayan: Yalçın Gözübüyük-Erdem Kaya)


Hocamızın Önsözünü Yazdığı Milli Çözüm Yayınları:

● Üstad Ahmet Akgül’ün Özgeçmişi ve Öğretileri (Yakup Gözübüyük)

● Haykırış (Şiir - Ali Çağıl)

AKP Yönetimi ve Tahribat Yöntemi Sistem Tahlili ve Siyaset Tenkidi (Nevzat Gündüz)

● Sözün Çözüme Dönüşmesi (Siyasi Fıkralar - Osman Eraydın)

● Ayar Aynası ve Nokta Atışı (Sosyal ve Siyasi Fıkralar - Erdoğan Bişkin)

Milli Çözüm Ekibinden: İlginç Rüyalar ve Manevi Uyarılar (2 Cilt - Hazırlayanlar: Fatma Betül Erişkin – Nail Kızılkan – Neslihan Bayraktar)


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WORLD’S CHANGE AND THE ERBAKAN REVOLUTION, which was focused on this consciousness and hope through the National Solution, had now commenced with the blessed operation of Hamas.

In this regard, our Master Necmettin Erbakan had said the following:

Indeed, Zionism does not understand mere words; we will impose sanctions!.. However, we will achieve this using highly specialized and advanced technologies, without weapons and conflict, forcing the cruel forces to surrender!..


Bakara 214 Or did you think that you would reach the Just State in this world and enter heaven in the hereafter, without having to suffer what they suffered in the way of Islam and for the purpose of testing, as happened to you (the situation of the tribes that came before)? They were devastated, poverty, and scattered, and were shaken, until the promises were made, and with them those who believed; “When will Allah's help come?” (They were so helpless, but despite this, they never gave up on their cause. After proving their loyalty and sincerity in this way) Know well and wait that God's help will arrive soon. Isra 4 We give the following verdict to the Children of Israel in the Book (from what is licensed in the Preserved Tablet - the program of destiny -): "Surely, you will create corruption on the earth (with a very widespread and fierce mischief) and you will certainly cause great evil. You will be boastful and spoiled with arrogance. (You will seize economic, military and political power and become rulers in the region. However, you will be spoiled by this and start committing injustice and immorality.)” Al-Isra 5 In fact, when the first promise (the time to punish your first transgression) appears, we will destroy our powerful and violent servants ( Islam) We sent the commanders and their armies (called Buhtunnasr in the surrender, Nabuchadnezzar by the Westerners) against you, and they entered the houses and searched for you (they found your homes and destroyed your reigns of oppression). This was a promise that had to be replaced (and it was instantly fulfilled in the same way.) Isra 6 Then again you will be "back on them (people) by providing you with strength and power", you will support you with goods and children, (Zionist exploitation with free dollars and masonic organizations You will establish your sultanate) and we will (activate) and increase your community and organization. (For example, you will go to countries such as the UN and NATO, have a say and start using them for your evil purposes!..) Isra 7 So (in such a situation), if you do good (and justice), it will be good for your own self (and benefit). No, if you do evil (and tyranny), it will have consequences against you. But unfortunately, you will again turn to the path of cruelty and evil, and you will use the means and power at your disposal and at your disposal in a terrible way of injustice and immorality to realize your Zionist dreams and evil intentions. World. You will turn it into a field of war and robbery and cause people to fight each other.) Then, when this last time (punishing your perversion and spoiledness) comes, we will send our believers and Mujahid servants to you in such a way that they will deteriorate your faces (destroy your wealth and sovereignty and bring you to your knees, turn your faces into Let them continue to the… Devamını oku


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