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Bugün: 15 May 2021

Bu Ana Kadar Okunan

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The Submissive Crying Crocodile Tears

While American spies in the press like Cengiz Çandar tried to hide the role of CIA and MOSSAD in the provocation by alleging "The army is behind the Assasination of Lady Butto" (29th December - Referans), radical Islamist newspaper Vakit, stating that "Junta supporter Musharraf is responsible for the killing of Butto" (30th December 2007 p 7), denoted that they also were guided by the same Zionist centers. Zaman, a daily newspaper which is owned by Fethullah and consistent with Zionism, headlined that "Al-Qaeda rejected, the assassination of Butto is unidentified."

(30th December 2007 p 16) and tried to acquit their American fellows. In his article titled "before someone come and democratize us" on the 22nd of the same newspaper, Prof Dr. Beril Dedeoğlu attempted to make it rightful for America to get ready to take action against Pakistan in a similar way that they had occupied Iraq and Afghanistan with the demagoguery of democratizing. Here are the words of this disloyal columnist;

"Pakistanis should settle up with the reasons for the incident and with those who are responsible. If they do not return to a more transparent and impartial and a more progressive side, a more chaotic, more conflicting and divided atmosphere is likely to be created, like a black hole that nothing can escape from. If they themselves cannot find a way, it is even unavoidable that someone would come and "democratize" Pakistan."

"This action revealed that those who were in charge of Pakistani authority didn't perform their duties.  Even if Musharraf leaves or stays, is killed or preserves his authority, it can be said that Pakistan is expected to live through some probable social conflicts and clashes. Actually the real problem is related to whether or not Pakistan will attempt to get out of this chaos with his dynamics."

"India may have a role in the assassination", this assertion of retired colonel-journalist Mesut Ahdar from Pakistan was headlined by ours and this assertion was the worst of all. (30th December 2007 p 9 Milli Gazete)

Because while Pakistan has recently launched a period of peace and compromise with India due to a quite reasonable and useful approach and made significant progresses and while the assassination of Butto obviously points out CIA and MOSSAD, it must be a sign of dishonor, if not foolishness, to target India.

Attack in Pakistan that was resulted in the murder of Benazir Butto is horrifying rather than distrusting or worrying. It is obvious that is due to those who want to lead to a civil war in Pakistan and incite a clash among Pakistanis and who want to make an excuse for the occupation of Pakistan under the pretext of Greater Middle East and fighting against Islamist terrorism.

"We condemn this evil assassination, we send our condolences to Pakistani people, and we excessively feel worried and sad" These words of Recep T. Erdoğan and AKP pawns are just an expression of untruthfulness and insincerity. Because isn't it Recep T. Erdoğan who is still performing the co-chairmanship of Greater Middle East project which, along with the policy of America that caused all these attacks and assassinations, aims to alter the borders and break up the 22 Islamic countries from Morocco to Pakistan, and which intends to realize their biggest dream "Great Israel Empire" by weakening and demolishing the actions of National struggle and Islamic resurgence.  When will that co-chairman of Great Middle East occupying the position of Prime-ministry elucidate the project of corrupting Muslims and breaking up the Islamic World? Yet, this seems a bit difficult, because the prime-ministry of TR was granted or donated to him in exchange for accepting the co-chairman of Great Middle East.

Let's come to the main essence. As far as remembered, a few months ago General Musharraf met Benazir Butto abroad and took a historic and a fortunate decision, and laid a foundation of permanent and logical peace process in Pakistan.

However, while Benazir (means unique) Butto was getting back to Pakistan, bombs were blown up through a horrible conspiracy which was clearly committed by CIA and MOSSAD and more than two hundred people died and hundreds got injured.

But Pervez Musharraf, acting carefully and cautiously, was able to take this process under control, and foregoing his military uniform, he assumed a persuasive and calming attitude that as a civil President he was ready and consented to the Prime ministry of Benazir Butto in case she could win the election.

The certain and evil centers whose attempts turned into a vain and who could not put up with this had planned this attack which resulted in killing of Benazir Butto.

Pakistan have already launched good relations with India, which has nuclear technology and atomic bombs. They have settled up serious and strong cooperation with China, Russia and Iran and especially they also have very deep and sincere friendship with National Turkey. The existence of such a steady Pakistan was a real problem and a question for America, Israel and Europe especially just before the preparations for attacking Iran.

Butto was a kind-hearted and a well-intentioned woman. She was a woman who was brave enough to go Bosnia with Tansu Çiller and Herzegovina and condemn the massacres of Barbarian West Civilization despite the reactions of USA and EU.

As İbrahim Karagül said:

The scenario is coming true; USA troops are getting ready to invade Pakistan!

"Leading to a coup d'état soon after he returned from Sri Lanka because of the claims that his plane had been attacked, Pervez Musharraf was the most significant alliance of USA in the regional operations after 11th September. Government of Bush had threatened him: "If you don't do what we ask you to do, we will ruin your country". The cooperation of Musharraf was never thought to be satisfying. Pakistan always had a distinctive role in the invasion of Afghanistan, civil war and during the Taliban and USA operations. This process largely shook the politic and social structure of Pakistan, which underwent a series of coup d'état.

Instability did occur in Pakistan after the invasion of Afghanistan. Some regions were about to break away. The regions where Taliban and Al Qaeda were predominant could not be pervaded. In recent weeks there have been serious clashes in regions close to Afghanistan between the Pakistani army and local forces.

Musharraf declared state of emergency on 3rd November. On 2nd November an American intelligence bureau stated that "nuclear weapons will not pass on to the hands of Islamists or a group in the army". In other words, just one day before the state of emergency was declared, Middle-east expert of the intelligence bureau happened to explain in the Washington Post the real reason for the "intervention". This explanation intended to relieve the USA government and ease their major concerns over the control of Pakistani nuclear weapons. On 12th November a piece of news originated from AFP was seen in the same paper. A report was mentioned and according to the report USA had a secret plan to protect the Pakistani nuclear weapons. It was reported that Washington was planning to take the control of the weapons and Pakistani army would support USA. This is an optimistic approach!

According to the pessimistic approach, Musharraf would lose the control and political crisis would get worse, and also anti-USA powers would control over the nuclear weapons and this would happen in two years time.  Therefore, Pakistan would be like Iran and threaten Israel with nuclear power. USA soldiers would be sent to Pakistan from the next year on in order to prevent this danger and they would carry out some operations and stay there for seven years. It seems as if this scenario is taking place now! Last month the bargains came to an end and it was agreed that American troops would enter Pakistani in January. After the killing of Butto the conditions were set. A severe conflict and even clash between American soldiers and Pakistani people may break out.

Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs made an explanation on 13th November. They came out against the American plan and announced that they are strong enough to protect nuclear weapons.

Pakistan is in the very middle of American global war. The role Pakistan undertook has been breaking up the country. It is forcing the country into a civil war. It is leading to severe governmental conflicts, ethnical and sectarian fights. There is a big expectation for a chaos. Pakistan can be a new target after Afghanistan and Iraq.  Pakistan should be saved. Otherwise this country will undergo civil wars and a dreadful crisis. [1]

As Hüseyin Altıhalan from Milli Gazete points out:

American government headed by Bush always uses the same method!

"USA has taken action to invade Pakistan via UN in case Pakistan would not give support to the invasion of Afghanistan that took place soon after the 11th September.

That is:

Claiming that "atomic bomb may pass on to the hands of radicals", USA wanted to intervene Pakistan by consulting UN.

This attempt is the first step of invading Pakistan through UN.

Therefore, the world mustn't connive at "the actual or indirect invasion" of Pakistan by USA.

Because, in this case, the humanity will face new and big catastrophes.

For that reason, China, Russia, India and the whole Islamic world should immediately take precautions to eliminate this threat and prevent USA from carrying out something crazy.

What we fear is happening in Pakistan.

The protest demonstrations are spreading all over the country.

The country is on the edge of a public riot...

Benazir Butto had no sooner lost her life because of the attack than the crowds rushed to the streets. The court house and the work places of the temporary prime minister were set on fire. The pictures of Muhammed Miyan Soomro, who was temporarily assigned as the prime minister, were burnt. Tens of people in many parts of the country lost their lives during clashes that broke out.

The opposition leader and the ex-prime minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, explained that they were going to boycott the parliament elections. Additionally, Sharif called for the resignation of President Pervez Musharraf,

It seems that; the crisis in Pakistan will not die out soon. On the contrary, it will get worse!

This assassination will trigger the problems regarding the future of Pakistan.

Bloody actions will go up.

Musharraf will be held to be responsible for the assassination of Butto.

At present not only Pakistan but the whole region has been suffering from a chaos.

This assassination is a part of destabilizing Pakistan.

Nothing unexpected or surprising happened.

It was predicted that the destabilizing would take this form.

The signs of this were clear beforehand.

Because the tension between Pakistani and American relationships had been proceeding on the highest level!

Throughout the war that Bush launched against terrorism after 11th September attacks Musharraf gave full-support to USA, however Musharraf has begun to take the wrong steps disapproved by Washington.

For instance, USA reacted against the project according to which Iranian natural gas would be transported to China via Pakistan and India and this was the result of the change in Afghanistan policy. USA applied pressure for the project to be called off. However, Musharraf stated that it was definitely impossible.

Pakistan had an attempt to gain the position of observer previously and then a member at Shanghai Cooperation Organization pioneered by China and Russia, yet this attempt of Pakistan was considered to be a shifting in the direction of West - East axis.

That's why USA wants to finish Musharraf off. [2]

Who is Benazir Butto?

She attended Harvard and Oxford universities. She left Harvard University in year 1971 when India sent troops to Western Pakistan and her father, as defense minister of Western Pakistan, had to go to New York to set connections with United Nations. She returned to Pakistan after Oxford University. She was placed under house arrest in the wake of her father's imprisonment and subsequent execution. When she was given the permission to go abroad in 1984, she moved to Great Britain and became a leader in exile of her father's party. In 1987 she married Asif Ali Zardari, a cement manufacturer.

Following the death of Zia-ul-Haq - Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army - in 1988, an open election was held for the first time in Pakistan since 1977. Winning these elections on 19th November 1988, Bhutto was the first woman elected as PM to lead a Muslim state. Bhutto was sworn in as Prime Minister of a coalition government on December 22nd. Following charges of corruption, Bhutto's government was dismissed 20 months later by President Gulam Ishak, who was supported by the army. Yet, Benazir Butto was never tried. Nawaz Sharif came to power after the October 1990 elections. Elections were held again in October 1993 and her coalition was victorious, returning Bhutto to office. In 1996, amidst various corruption scandals Bhutto was dismissed by then-president Farooq Leghari. But the charges levelled against her and her husband were not proved to be true.


In 1999, she had to leave Pakistan following the military coup by Pervez Musharraf. She began to live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In 2002, Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf amended Pakistan's constitution to ban prime ministers from serving more than two terms. This disqualified Bhutto from ever holding the office again. This move was widely considered to be a direct attack on former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. In 2007, Butto had another chance to become prime minister. Butto had a chance to join the parliamentary elections to take place on January 8, 2008 and the cases opened against Butto were supposed to conclude until then. Butto decided to return to Pakistan to take part in the election campaigns but Musharraf requested her to delay her return until she was granted amnesty the Supreme Court since she had been threatened with being attacked by Al-Qaeda. Ignoring this request, Benazir Butto landed in Pakistan on October 18, 2007 after eight years exile. On the same day suicide-bomb attack targeted her. En route to a rally in Karachi two explosions occurred and luckily she was not injured but about 200 people were killed and 300 were injured. [3]

Mete Gündoğan is telling:

During our significant visit to Pakistan, Erbakan explained Prime Minister D-8 and a vision of New World. Butto was taking small notes from time to time. But in fact it was the minister with her that was taking the notes.

After Erbakan's words, Mrs. Butto began to evaluate the situation; "Mr. Prime Minister, I am really impressed with your explanations. Thank you very much for your attempts for this vision. I have met many heads of state and government after the downfall of the Soviet Block and sought answers to what the position of the Muslims would be and would have to be the following period.  What shape will Islamic geography take? What role will the West that overpowered the Cold War period allocate to Islamic geography that expands from Morocco to Indonesia? I have always tried to find answers to these questions.

Now after your presentation, I happened to have found answers to all these questions in my mind.  What you told is explaining the last century, the ongoing events and enlightening the future. They are based on right and scientific evidences. What you told is a kind of recipe for the salvation of our region. We are ready to approve and support every kind of action that you will take regarding this issue."

While saying these, Benazir Butto's eyes were filled with tears. Her voice trembled. When I looked at Erbakan at that time, I saw that his eyes were in tears, too. I did my best to keep out of that emotional atmosphere. I was interpreting and I had to be very cautious not to cause misunderstanding.

It was a spectacular moment. The leaders of two close countries of the same geography came together and talked about the facts; they were two acting as one and striving to help each other... this is a memory that I will remember until the Day of Judgement. Abdullah Gül and I had a long conversation about this unforgettable moment at that time.

No matter who presents or how it is presented, Benazir Butto understood that a new world had to be built on the basis of mutual consideration, peace, equality, human rights and justice.

What is more, she adopted the situation and carried out some pre-studies in D-8 countries. For instance, she had a significant role in the immediate involvement of Bangladesh. During that conversation she told Erbakan that "You don't need to go to Dhaka, I will negotiate with Sheikh Hasena and try to convince him to take part in this project"

So, we cannot know what would happen in the future. Butto, however, was in favor of building A New World relying on justice rather than Greater Middle East. [4]

[1] (source:

[2] Milli Gazete, 29 December 2007

[3] Yeni Asya 28 December 2007 p.5

[4] 29 December 2007 Milli Gazete

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