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Bugün: 15 May 2021

Bu Ana Kadar Okunan

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A confession and a grudge of a Zionist diplomat against Erbakan:

"We politically killed Erbakan and buried him alive; yet this is not enough. We need to lay concrete over him!...


This was stated by Mir Mehmet Dengir Fırat, the current General Vice President of AKP, to Dr. Mehmet Bekaroğlu. [1]

Within the relatively short time of just one year, Erbakan, acting as the Prime Minister of the Refah-Yol Government was able to:

  • Redistribute income inequalities, and establish peace and welfare in every section of the society thanks to The Pool System,
  • Ruin the exploitative hold of IMF by achieving a Balanced Budget
  • Lead to the formation a new Turkey-centred world with justice by establishing the D-8.

Furthermore, Erbakan has expressed over and over again that they captured the the Crypto Papers, which prove that the following proceedings were negotiated during private and hidden meetings in Zionist centres in the United States. The stated goals of these secret meetings are:

•1.    Demolition of Erbakan's government

•2.    Closing down Erbakan's party

•3.    Banning Erbakan from politics

The statements of Mir Dengir Fırat:

•a)    The so-called reformist team of Virtue Party, who would later found AKP, was already negotiating with the afore-mentioned Zionists at these hidden meetings.

•b)    The events of February 28th were planned and induced by the external powers

•c)    The "Missing Billion" claims would be raised and abused by these same external powers and Masonic centres, in order to ban Erbakan from politics and to implicate him.  

The words of Jewish groups and Sabbatai collaborationists:

"We need to lay concrete over Erbakan's grave!", can be interpreted to mean that we must take control of members who constitute the core staff and the base of the National Vision, and also that we must cut off the contact between Erbakan and his group, not only officially and politically, but in thought and in act, as well.    

More recently however, the fickle members of today's AKP said that they didn't think of leaving the party, and that they would continue with the same program and slogans, even if The Virtue Party was transferred to them and Erbakan stepped down. Furthermore, even after the foundation of AKP, Bülent Arınç bided his time, with the aim of becoming the chief of Virtue Party, and thereby, achieving the objectives of Zionists- laying concrete over Erbakan-  that is weakening the effect of Erbakan on members who constituted the core staff and the base of the National Vision and leaving them to the hands of above-mentioned centres.

Accordingly, there is no difference between the explanations of that time and the actions of today's AKP.

Statements of Bülent Arınç on Milliyet newspaper dated 15.10.1999;

  • 1. "We have a problem of image: I believe that FP needs to be much more successful. We cannot be successful within these circumstances. FP cannot take advantage of its staffs adequately. Unachievable promises are made. There is a sharp decline in the reliance and trust of people. A new formation is needed to move it to higher levels. This formation will lead organizations and general centre to come together in the unity of the party and the general centre will need new staffs. We still have problems about the image of the party."
  • 2. "There should be democracy within the party: the best example of the democracy within the party must be provided by FP. It is not enough just to talk about it. We need to turn the policy within the party into a kind of competition or a rivalry. We can conduct a pre-election mechanism for that. We can even determine election of the members of parliament according to a system of preferential voting."
  • 3. "We should keep up with the changes: we should be a party which keeps up with the changes. While we elect our candidates and hold our congress, we need to set out on a method which necessitates a competition in democracy within the party rather than being tyranny and despotic. Formerly there used to be only one candidate. A second list would not be warmly welcomed and it would be annulled even tough it won."
  • 4. "An ideological party has no chance. FP must be the party of Turkey. It should not be a marginal and ideological party. Such a party never gets a chance of being in power. We should be a party that can get through to every section of the 65 million, that has true concepts and that is very cautious."

That is to say, if he had been able to get the leadership of the party, he may have transformed FP and SP into AKP and he may have even united with AKP.

Before the general elections on 22 July 2007, Numan Kurtulmuş, who became the General Vice President of Felicity Party and who was often put forward for the lead role in the party, paid an unexpected visit to Prime Minister Recep T. Erdoğan. He himself went to see Recep T. Erdoğan and concealed what they talked about from the party faithful. It is obvious that this secret meeting was another new attempt to "drive Erbakan away from Felicity Party and to merge it into AKP, that is, to extirpate National Vision" and once again it was an effort to "lay concrete over Erbakan"...

Let's turn our attention to the "Missing Billion"

As it is known, on 6 March 2002, Ankara 9th the High Criminal Court concluded the trial which continued five years. The court charged Erbakan with "forgery of private documents" and attributed the forgeries to Necmettin Erbakan. He was the chairman of the Welfare Party, which was closed down by the Supreme Court, and was sentenced to 2 years and 4 months in prison. Besides imprisonment, this also means that Erbakan would receive a lifetime ban from politics if the conviction was upheld by the Court of Appeal.

The following day, newspapers carried headlines such as "Their Forgery is Definite", "Convicted of Forgery", " Erbakan is Gone". Without a doubt, it was the biggest impact of recent times. The imprisonment and the lifetime ban would definitely bring about very significant political outcomes. Everyone, including the ones who wrote the headlines, surely knew that it was a political verdict like the others. It had nothing to do with justice, fairness and truth.

The political calculations rather than the pocketed money of the party formed the basis for this verdict. The headlines written by the mainstream media not only aimed at laying concrete over Erbakan but also wiping out a political tradition completely. Closing down parties, political bans coupled with constant pressure were affecting us. These were all injustices, like playing a game without any rules. Those who couldn't cope with us at elections were trying to disqualify us through courts and trials.

All of this could be understandable despite everything. People say that in democracies such things never take place. However, it is a fact of life in Turkey! But this last act was not understandable! It was more than insolence or insult. Those who were complete charlatans and tricksters were calling us "dishonest". To make matters worse, there was a judicial decision in their favour. As we now know, this was later verified by the Court of Appeal.

However, Court of Appeal decided on the annulment of the decision and sent it back to the court after the acceptance of demand for review and appeal. It is still at Court of Appeal and hopefully this big mistake will be corrected.

A writing by Prof. Mehmet Bekaroğlu regarding this subject was published on National Newspaper dated 10.12.2003;   

"The conviction by the Ankara 9th the High Criminal Court about the leader of National Vision, Erbakan, and his companions was verified by the Court of Appeal. This verdict which is full of mistakes from beginning to the end will be defined as "killing law" by the jurists with law notion and conscience.  I am not a jurist. And besides, I don't believe in the existence of law in Turkey. This verdict, which is not much different from the execution of Menderes and his friends, is an execution of law and justice. Along with this verdict, esteemed Erbakan, who was excluded from politics through post-modern coup of February 28th, is being neutralized and erased from people's minds. But those who reached at this decision should know that they have made a serious mistake. When we look back on history, we will remember that from Socrates to Menderes there is no one to have been forgotten as they struggled for justice and people, yet they were exposed to injustice. As for the ones who convicted them, they were wholly forgotten after they had been cursed."      

These are not the first cases or convictions regarding Erbakan, who has spent his whole life serving people. We are not surprised. We are familiar with impositions and unjust cases, incomplete inquiries, inadequate evidences, and decisions based on predictions and possibilities. We waited with composure and tranquillity, because it was the policy of National Vision, and Erbakan requested us to do so.

The last verdict is different from the previous ones however. Ignorance, mockeries, threats, confessions, defamations, political lynching, closing down parties, convictions... we could just laugh at these difficulties; and as a matter of fact, we did that. We are waiting with composure and tranquillity. We are standing up to all these oppressions and these injustices.  They may treat us as an enemy, they can say any thing about us, yet they cannot say anything about our devotion to our country and people, about our honesty. They cannot call us "traitor", "fraud" "dishonest". We don't let them do that.  That's why I do not approve this decision.  I object to those who spend their life committing infamous crimes as they carry us to the headlines as "fraud".

Who headlines whom as "fraud"?

Now, we are asking for, and demanding, a reasonable reply.

Why the Welfare Party, why Necmettin Erbakan? How many political parties, foundations, associations, trade unions, chambers, corporations etc. are there in Turkey? How many of them were closed down due to various reasons? Were their accounts checked? Were their managers or administrators brought into court?

Why Welfare Party, why the Leader of National Vision, Necmettin Erbakan? Erbakan and his companions worked for many years, tirelessly, with no other goal in mind other than serving the state. Most held important positions that burdened them with responsibilities in the bureaucracy or performed as ministers. Necmettin Erbakan became Vice Prime Minister three times; he was the Prime Minister of 54th Government.

Let alone going to courts, none of their names was a subject for debate regarding corruption claims.  During the hard times of February 28th, they repeatedly brought censure motions up and proposed motions concerning the ministers and government. Nevertheless, not one of these motions was about corruption. No one could incriminate Erbakan concerning corruption. No one dared to do that in those times when various defamations and slanders spread.

Remember the other Governments; how many motions were proposed relating to corruption? How many inquiries were held? Nobody forgot the ministers and governments that were brought down because of censure motions concerning corruption.  

In the Assembly, at present, inquiry motions and files of legislative immunity about prime ministers and ministers are on the agenda and the reason for that is corruption.

Why the headlines are always for Erbakan but not for them?

Those who took the responsibility of running government again and again, managed the state budget, put out to tenders, put their signatures to the transactions worth a quadrillion liras, managed the secret fund of trillion liras, didn't do any illegal or unlawful act. However, they supposedly embezzled money from their own party! Does this make any sense?

Are the staffs of the National Vision "frauds" or "crooks" just because of the headlines organised unashamedly and unjustly by those whose lives are full of infamous crimes and by their accomplices?

We know what Erbakan did, so do our people! But I would like to repeat once more.

-By establishing the pool system during the short-term Government, Erbakan was able to bring an end to unjust and ill-gotten gains and put a wrench in their plans. That is why they have grudges against Erbakan.

-Erbakan allocated those gains to public servants, workers, farmers, retired people, widows and widowers and orphans. Erbakan said that there wouldn't be any homeless or hungry people in this country; that is why they have grudges against Erbakan.

-Erbakan showed the people of this country that people of this country could govern this country despite the all oppressions and preventions of the self-seeking groups; that is why Erbakan gets on their nerves.

- Erbakan showed the nation possible alternatives; balanced budget, low inflation, debt elimination, reducing interest rates. That's why they can't stand Erbakan. 

- Erbakan said there is no end to owing, interest and economic rent. He enhanced the production economy. In his period, honest industrialists, tradesmen, craftsmen and farmers lived in their golden years. That's why they want to wipe out Erbakan

- Erbakan indicated that foreigners could be said "no" to and he adopted a tough stance against them. For that reason they try to drive him away from politics.

- Erbakan reminded people of their mind and showed their might, their opportunities, the importance of their geography and historical heritage. That's what they most bothered about.  Therefore, they avoided Erbakan.

- Erbakan said "...interest was the reason for the end of us and of the countries exploited like ours." He disclosed the globalisation and neo-liberalism - new form of the colonialism - and he declared war on imperialism and Zionism. Erbakan established D8. He presented the option "nation versus dictatorship" to the all underdeveloped countries and those of the Islamic faith. Erbakan was a hope and a model for the people of these countries who were suffering from oppression, exploitation and starvation. That's why Erbakan annoys and terrifies the bosses of the world, the Zionists, the exploiters and the dictators.

Who stole the billion dollars of people? Who drained the banks? Who depleted the public treasury? Which so-called businessman or media boss participated in a tender by forging documents?  Which politicians were their accomplices? Who bargained with whom over banks at residences at midnights? Who committed infamous crimes and who were their accomplices? Which columnist became the petitioner and blackmailer of his boss and posed threats and did business for his boss? Who postponed the loan payment of million dollars that had to be paid to the state? There are answers to all these questions; our people know the perpetrators of these infamous crimes. Maybe there won't be legal decision but the history will note them all down.

Now, those who are responsible for all this, and whose lives are full of infamous crimes will continue their lives in the towers which they built with stolen money. But Erbakan and his companions, who have fought for his people and struggled for the welfare, freedom and honour of the nation, made headlines as "fraud".  Justice!!!

Our nation must never accept this injustice, cruelty and shameful execution. The staffs of National Vision will reject this brutal, shameful and despicable attack on their leader who has spent his whole life working and suffering for his people.

Due to an unawareness and courage which result from not fully understanding Erbakan's extraordinary intelligence, strategic manoeuvres and manipulations and also from the objectives and essence of the National Vision movement and how it got near its goal...

And once more, because of lack of perception and Quran knowledge related to political points; because of comprehension problem which arises from an inaccurate point of view which consider the individuals whom Erbakan endured and accepted to his near surrounding despite their hideous intentions and whom Erbakan made use of for the sake of Islam and humanity, to be "mirror of Erbakan"; and because of the influence of some people and groups who attempted to mislead him directly or indirectly; and unfortunately because of weakening of his faith and belief:

To Oğuzhan Asiltürk who said Erbakan that

"He should quit taking active role in politics and retrieve and he should continue as a spiritual leader"  

(Note; after September 12th he said Erbakan "Sir, your companions wish you continued serving as a spiritual leader, not an actual and official leader")

Erbakan replied; "in fact, they don't want me to be the spiritual leader but a dead leader (that's; they want to bury us alive and they want our movement to deviate from its normal path) and deciphered the evil intentions of the Zionist and Sabbatai network.

By pronouncing nice but worthless and trivial words like "we have to do politics without Erbakan in order to eternalize Erbakan Movement"

And sometimes he ascertained the facts by saying;

 "I used to get a chance to know Erbakan and his ideas better! He was a perfect person in bilateral relations. He is modest, respectful and able to show his love, just a gentleman and witty; he is master at listening and making others listening; he trusts Allah implicitly yet he looks into the reasons... He is one of the precious people I have met in my life. At the same time, he is stubborn and pays attention to the details but never makes concessions to what he exactly believes. I have no objection to his beliefs and political line. However, the way of expressing them became more rigid in later years.

Besides his beliefs and general political line, his methods of putting them into practice were definite. His style and methods became part of his personality. In addition, he integrated his ideology and methods into himself. It was not a matter of egotism and self. Erbakan and those with him believe that Erbakan had a mission and only he can carry out this mission so long as he lives"

Nevertheless, by contradicting himself with these opinions of his and somewhat by denying himself;

Mehmet Bekaroğlu wrote a letter to Erbakan;

"My respected Sir, then you began to sermonize so as to educate and acquaint us, which was exhaustive for some but each time very educative and enjoyable for me. We discuss it among us that these do not totally reflect the reality but you seem so eager and determined and we are so respectful to you that none of us can tell the plain truth. You don't want to understand and therefore silence us when we imply objections from time to time."

Upon the punishment imposed owing to the speech he gave in Bingöl,  when Mr. Bekaroğlu made a proposal to Erbakan and said that "Sir, now what you need is to make an explanation like "show me the jail immediately and I will go there"",

Mr Bekaroğlu is such a simple man that he cannot get the wisecrack when Erbakan replied "now you see, the solution that Mr. Bekaroğlu proposed fits his surname"

Anyway, the most evident indication of Erbakan's greatness is to carry this movement to these days with such people.

[1]  See: Siyasetin Sonu, Elips publishing, 1st  Edition, page: 410)

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