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Hikmet Çetinkaya from Cumhuriyet (a center-left Turkish daily newspaper) flew into a rage in his article "The Butcher of Darfur is in Turkey":

            "The whole world knows him as "the butcher of Darfur". Because, he killed in Darfur more than 200 thousand people that were non-Muslims of Arabic and African origin. 

            The President of Sudan Omar el Bashir, who committed ethnic cleansing against non-Muslim Arabs and Africans, came to Turkey yesterday and settled in Hotel Çırağan.

Bashir "the butcher of Darfur" was welcomed by the state protocol at Atatürk Airport...


Racist, religious fascist leader is joining the "African summit" in Istanbul...

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued public arrest warrants one year ago for two Sudanese one of whom is a minister and the other militia leader. The President Bashir hasn't been allowed to enter 108 ICC countries...

Sudan President Bashir was given a warm welcome in Turkey. He was even given the red-carpet treatment at Hotel Çırağan...

Sudan; a country that leads to a poor lifestyle though having wealthy and rich resources...

Plenty of petroleum reserves... while the people of Sudan are fighting against the famine under the leadership of a religious fascist administration, the nobles are making their pile...

A big crime against humanity is taking place in Darfur, Sudan...

The USA and the EU countries are watching all these happenings..." With these words of his,  Hikmet Çetinkaya was distorting the facts.

Because the Darfur slaughter, in fact, was cooked up and committed by the USA and the EU in person, but not by El-Bashir.  While everyone knows the fact that it is the barbarian West that gave rise to a civil war by instigating and arming the Christian tribes in that district and tried to capture the petroleum fields and mines by separating Darfur from Sudan, how come the Republicans forget it? Being Islamist is the only sin of EL-Bashir. Otherwise, these damned rascals would be ready/eager to lick their boots if the French President - the promoter of the Algeria genocide and the Rwanda slaughter- came to Turkey or the killer ringleader of Israel would honour the Turkish Grand National Assembly.       

And some consider it to be honour to butter up the American monsters that killed 3 million oppressed Muslims in Iraq in 7 years.  And why don't any of them mention the ongoing wild and brutal slaughters in East Turkistan and Kampuchea? Or are the slaughters considered as a kind of virtue when committed by the communists?

Tufan Türenç from Hürriyet (a daily newspaper) repeated the same rubbish things:

"Now let's see why the democratic countries hate this man whom the AKP government welcomed with open arms.

Toppling the government in 1989, El Bashir rose to power.

Four years later he promulgated his presidency.

            No sooner did he come to power than he began to terrorize in Darfur with a population of 7 million.    

            Darfur is the poorest part of the country.

Christian Arabs and African tribes live here.

These poor people living in Darfur are uprising by reason of these unendurable oppressions.

Taking advantage of this uprising, El Bashir sent the militia and military forces to these miserable people and threw millions of people out of their villages and homes.

Millions of people, wife and children had to take refuge in the UN camps."  

With these explanations, Tufan Türenç was trying to conceal the truth that Omar Hasan El Bashir was opposed to Israeli Zionism, the USA and the EU imperialism. Furthermore, he was intending to hide the facts that the tribes in Darfur were instigated to rebel by the USA, the EU and Israel and they were armed against Sudan and also the above-mentioned crimes and scandals were committed by the UN forces, but the blame was put on Sudan.

The western-biased media declared the President of Sudan as "terrorist" months ago, yet they were not listening to Bashir!

              The International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor issued an arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar Hasan El-Bashir for committing genocide in Darfur; however, Bashir rejected these claims and stated that the move by the chief prosecutor would "encourage the anti-peace groups". Bashir, who arrived in Istanbul to attend a Turkey-Africa economic cooperation summit, told a news conference that his country has always kept doors open for peace and dialogue, adding that they were fighting powers who wanted to divide Sudan. As Sudanese government we exerted our will to set the peace in Darfur, and even we started studies to get the armed forces join dialogue atmosphere; "we want to ease the pains of Darfur people" said Bashir.

              Stating that Sudan has its own independent juridical system and institutions, Bashir said that every action against the law, no matter who does it, will be punished and no one, including army personnel, will be superior to the law.  He said they had the laws of Sharia in his country and added that his country would not hand over any Sudanese citizen to an international court. He told that genocide claims were propaganda made by "enemies", adding "Western media claims that 300 thousand people were massacred if those figures were accurate, there should be mass graves. Where are those mass graves? It is true that people were killed, but figures are inflated," and "It is true that there is a war between the government and rebels, but why are these rebels against the government considered downtrodden? It is double standard?" This question of his was significant and meaningful.

              The same westerners and the similar mentalities have seen the rightful fight of our army against the rebellious and separatist PKK militants as "slaughter".           

El Bashir is on target on account of being a Muslim and fending off the West.  

As Reşat Nuri Erol said: Sudanese President Bashir is announcing: "Sudan has very rich natural and mineral resources. We want to use the facilities of Sudan for the benefits of Sudan. No western country is carrying out petroleum studies here. This is the real reason!"

I learnt about it years ago when I visited Sudan for "Hartum Industrial Fair". In the course of this visit, I got very interesting information from the ministers, bureaucrats and the Sudanese about how the western world in general sees this country. For instance, I learnt that this poor country has very rich petroleum fields and the richest gold mines in the world. When I asked why they did not make use of this richness, they told me the West/USA did not let them do it!..

People have always associated Africa with "hunger". Here is a paragraph from my evaluation which is based on the impressions at the end of my visit to Sudan:

"Famine" and the "deaths" caused by this famine in Africa could come to an end if the most fertile and the largest lands of this continent were irrigated and farmed with the Nile that flows from South to North across this country, that's Sudan. Nevertheless, the cruel West civilisations do not let it happen; they keep the country busy with other issues and civil wars..."      

This atrocity, oppression and imperialism have never come to an end; unfortunately it is still going on...

While taking the economical situation of countries into consideration, there is a distinction like "developed and undeveloped country". In this distinction, countries of the Black Continent Africa along with its tragic destiny are obliged to "underdevelopment", all countries of Africa are underdeveloped. In the world, there aren't countries labelled as "developed or undeveloped"; but in fact, there are "brutal, imperialist and sick countries" like in the West and there are "oppressed, colonized and deceived countries" as it is in Africa.

At the "hegemonic civilization" age of the Western world, the mighty western countries have been mercilessly colonizing the whole physical and moral resources of African countries for centuries and in the meantime they have killed hundreds of millions of Africans.  Just 100 million Africans were slaughtered by the European slayers to take 10 million African slaves to America. What's more, this is not an end, only a beginning; because, the slaughters are still going on. When we have a look at the map of the Oppressed Black Continent Africa, we can easily remember the oppressions, colonisations, massacres and wildness of the western imperialists in each African country. As a western scholar confessed;

"The West is the biggest murderer of the past thousand years"

Yes, will the oppressed black continent Africa overcome its ill fortune and find solutions to its problems through these summits, "while the biggest murderer of the history"-the West- is still maintaining the mentality of colonisation and oppression as a reason of all these issues?

In the history of Africa, Turks has always been remembered with gratitude.

Even though the present generations know that Istanbul bridges Asia and Europe, yet they are not taught that our ancestors - the Ottomans- bridged three continents; that is, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Nevertheless, the plans of Turks on Africa started 1140 years ago. It was 15 September 868 (A.D.), that is, exactly 11,5 centuries ago when a Turkish state with the name of Tulunids was established in Africa by Tolunoğlu Ahmet Bey. How old it is! It seems as if it was before Christ. The states founded following Tulunids are Ikhshidid, Ayyubid, Mamluk and finally Ottomans...             

 Studies of Ottomans on Africa are not limited with only Egypt and South Africa; it covers the whole Africa. During my visits to African countries, I began to understand gradually how comprehensive and deep the studies of Ottomans were when I saw, especially in the central parts of Sudan, the Turks settled there centuries ago and learnt that one of the four ancestors of my best African friend Fatih Hasaneyn was Turkish. When I looked into African history, I saw that Abyssinian province founded by Yemen Governor Özdemir Pasha in 1555 continued its existence until 1916 for about four centuries. When Ottomans used to rule Abyssinian, today's Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea and Djibouti were parts of Abyssinian of that time. So, this indicates that Ottoman Empire concerned itself with not only Southern Africa Countries such as Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria but also the whole East, West, Central and South Africa. But, of course it was not with the aim of colonizing... For instance, the Sultanate of Kanum Bornu in Central Africa fell under Ottoman rule and Ottomans founded Hatt-I Ustuva (Equator) province as connected to Sudan province. Some counties of Africa of Ottoman time changed into sovereign states later: Resade became Chad and Kavar county became Niger. This interest of Ottoman Empire stretched to the South Africa. The last Ottoman caliphates sent Islam messengers here. The love for Ottoman-Turk in South Africa spread so widely that the Muslims in Johannesburg told the Ottoman Military Academy to fight voluntarily in 1911 during Italy's invasion of Tripoli. Besides, monetary assistance was provided from South Africa during the National Struggle. [for more info: Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kavas, Osmanlı Devleti'nin Afrika Kıtasında Hâkimiyeti ve Nüfuzu, Osmanlı Yayınevi, 1999; Numan Hazar, Küreselleşme Sürecinde Afrika ve Türkiye-Afrika İlişkileri, Yeni Türkiye Yayınları, 2003.]

"Colonization" comes to our minds whenever we talk about Africa. During my university years in Arabia, I sensed that especially some black students "hate" all the white-skinned people by reason of "colonisation". Besides, when an Egyptian lecturer of mine claimed that Ottoman State was a colonist state, I got astonished and discussed for months to make him believe that it was not true and eventually, with the help of my Syrian and Sudanese lecturers,  could persuade him to accept the truth that Ottoman Empire was not  colonist. Turks really never got into a kind of Pharaoh-like colonization like the Europeans; on the contrary, Ottomans even in their weakest period stood up to the colonists of the West imperialism. As a matter of fact, when the Ottoman State began to lose power to the end of 18th century, it was not possible to protect Africa against the colonist powers of the West. Taking advantage of this situation, the Western colonists occupied and colonized Africa mercilessly throughout 19th and 20th century. And this colonisation is, unfortunately, still going on...[1]   


Especially after they began to be led by Zionist Jewish Lobbies, the Western Europe and the USA - in other words the root and source of colonization, oppression and every sort of terrorism - are trying to weaken and mess up all oppressed and Muslim countries, particularly Africa so that these people will have to need them. The resistance of Sudanese Administration with humanitarian and Islamist effort in order to protect its own national benefits drives the imperialist powers crazy.  It is all because of these reasons to calumniate El-Bashir through Zionism under the guise of "International Constitution"  

The Sudanese Administration is only striving to stop people and protect the unity of the state and superiority of law.

Of course, all these things once more reminded us of the necessity of Islam Union and the D-8 attempts of Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan, who was the Legendary Prime Minister of 57th Government of Turish Republic. Firstly Ottomans and now Erbakan; the World has been suffering in the absence of them.  

[1] Reşat Nuri Erol  

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