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Bugün: 22 Haz 2021

Bu Ana Kadar Okunan

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The Art of Ruling! A model and a real ruler is a distinguished person who, behind the stage, can direct people and the state through the hands of those executives in the associations, organizations and positions.  

When you want to make someone or some people do something, the worst way you may choose is to give advices to that person or to force him/her to do it. Yet, if you let that person free to make a decision and set the conditions in a way for him/her to take the decision you want, s/he thinks that s/he has done what s/he wants to do but the result will turn out just as you want or expect.

Those who rule the countries and groups of people can be divided into two categories; 1- those who set the conditions, 2- those who make and carry out the decisions. In general, decision-makers are in the foreground and considered to be heroes. Those who set the conditions stay behind the stage and even their names are not known. These are generally permanent and strategic associations and they cannot be identified with people.

Here, Mr. Erbakan is the person who saved Turkey from sabbatianist junta and masonic siege. However; France is still struggling in the hands of Jews.

SARKOZY: DNA of An Ottoman...

Nicolas Sarkozy... Most people have not understood yet that he, as an emigrant child of an Ottoman-Jewish family, came to the highest position in France.

Grandfather of Sarkozy was Aaron Mallah, who was born in Salonica in 1890. In 15th century; "Mallah family" fled to France before the hatred of the Spanish King Ferdinand's Inquisition Courts that aimed to exterminate all Jews and after staying there for about 100 years and sensing that staying in European Geography would bring them a bigger disaster, the only way out for them was to take refuge in the country of tenderhearted Ottomans-and of course Turks.

This family settled in Salonica and became one of the most well-known zionist families in the following years. Uncle of Aaron Mallah was a well-known rabbi and he was known for releasing El Avenir, which was the number one publication of Greek zionist movement in 1898.     

His cousin Aşer was a member of Greek senate. He would be recalled as a name who organized the great Jewish immigration from the Balkans to Palestine in 1930s and who settled in today's Israel lands in 1934. Another cousin Peppo Mallah would be the first Greek representative of the "young" Israel in the following years.

Two daughters named Susanne and Andree would be born into the marriage of Adele and Aaron, who was known for his loyalty to the Jewish roots. On the days of 1950s Andree Mallah would marry a Hungarian prince Bosca Sarkozy during his exile and three sons named Guillaume, Nicolas and Francois would born into this marriage that later resulted in divorce.

For that reason, It is significant that Sarkozy, as a French politician of Jewish descent, included the concept of DNA test into immigration visa procedures...

It shouldn't be ignored that Sarkozy's swift rise in French Politics was a result of xenophobia and that the votes he collected in the election were due to his growing antipathy towards Turkey...[1]     

All right, then why were the Jewish big shots of Turkey quite anxious and why were they still attacking Erbakan? 


What changes that might affect our country, our region and whole humanity did Erbakan pioneer?

Here are the main issues of the Erbakan Movement; 

•A-    In Turkey:

  • 1- The re-Islamization and the process of returning to our essence in Muslim-Turk society exposed to destruction of being degenerated and leaving religion through the doctrine of Zionist rabbi, Haim Nahum.
  • 2- Making Anatolian people internalize the virtue of self-confidence and entrepreneurship; Anatolian people who were constantly despised, maltreated and left helpless and incompetent and who were not like the sabbatianist junta, Masonic staffs and their subservient men that revived after the death of Atatürk and that had begun to seize the state since the era of Committee of Union and Progress. Providing despised people with rights from trade to politics and from education to administration.
  • 3- To accomplish shifting the right-left polarizations sometimes resulted in bloody quarrels towards National-Cooperative (Truth-Falsehood) struggle.
  • 4- In order to restrain and prevent National Vision and in an attempt to be appraised by the Muslims, people of upper-classes who engaged in excluding religious people and anti-Islamism, which was almost concealed as regime and formality, were hiding behind the exploitation of religion and moderate Islam; as a consequence of this obligatory and inevitable tolerance, better conditions for Islamic services were established.
  • 5- Enlightening our people; describing and warning about the truth of Zionism-jewish behind the ideologies such as capitalism and communism and superpowers like ABD and EU and also about the evil projects of Israel and the ways of coping with them... thus establishing a conscious and a solid/durable resistance against external threats and Zionism.

•B-    Worldwide;

  • 6. Establishing D-8s and introducing scientific, humane and Islamic formations-such as Islamic United Nations, Islamic Common Market, Common Defense Treaty, Islamic dinar- against imperialist organizations like UN, NATO, IMF, which are under the guidance of Zionist-Jewish
  • 7. A positive reaction to the studies and a call for a New and Equitable World including all countries of Africa, Asia and South America with the aim of standing up to Barbarian West imperialism and to the only superpower ABD
  • 8. Leading to the technological discoveries and improvements that will mess up and damage the destructive mechanisms and nuclear weapons owned by the certain states such as ABD, England and Israel; obtaining a deterrent power and security through secret and open efforts and attempts.
  • 9. Popularizing books of ethics and scientific books that will undermine the scholastic basis of every sort of perversion and disbelief; delivering every section of people the publications prepared with absolutely scientific methods in proper and satisfying manners.
  • 10. Eventually, the fact that all these historic enterprises have reached the final stage and took their places in the history as the cornerstones of Erbakan...

As a consequence of Erbakan's direct plans and indirect policies; not only our people and Islamic geography but all the people of the world also began to sense and hate the insidious and dirty calculations of EU, ABD and Israel.   

            Year 2007 results of the German Marshall Fund's traditional "Trans-Atlantic Tendencies" survey were revealed recently. German Marshall Fund is one of the most prominent non-governmental organizations of the world. The survey including ABD and 12 European countries (Germany, Bulgaria, France, the Netherlands, England, Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Turkey) was conducted with a thousand interviewees from each country. The survey results concerning us;

            74 percent of Turks considered US leadership in world affairs undesirable. It was 69 percent last year. 83 percent disapproved of President Bush's handling of international policies; a new record. Turkish people had taken a stand against Imperialist ABD under the guidance of Zionism with a large ratio of 81 percent last year.   

            Those viewed EU leadership as undesirable reached up to 54 percent; it was about 47 percent last year.

            35 percent of Turks support NATO. It was 44 percent in 2006, 52 percent in 2005 and 53 percent in 2004. Our support for NATO has decreased almost by half in three years.

Global cooling of Turks!

There are more "interesting" results. For instance; German Marshall Fund developed a measuring system called "Thermometer". The respondents were asked to score the countries on a 100-point scale. Here are the warmth results of our people toward the various "Friendly" countries;

Only 11 degrees for ABD; it was 20 degrees in 2006 and 28 in 2005 and 2004. That is Turkish people's temperature is steadily getting lower on ABD

The warmth toward EU is 26; it hasn't changed the drop rate, either: 45 degrees in 2006 and 52 degrees in 2005. In other words, more than half of us had positive sentiments toward EU just two years ago yet one out of four people today. 

Cooler toward China (28 degrees), cooler towards Russia (21 degrees)... and coolest toward Israel: 5 degrees! Last year our warmth toward this country was 11 but now it is getting close to freezing point!

But our feelings and point of view toward contiguous countries and especially toward Islamic countries aren't included in this survey because of the outcomes that may disturb the non-Muslims.  

Erdal Şafak complains: "We keep everybody at a distance; we are suspicious of every country. Rather we have to do that: the rate of those who believe that one day in the future Turkey will gain the membership of EU is at 26 percent. Only one out of four people keeps believing that we will join EU. It was 45 percent last year and 52 percent the previous year. Every past year takes us further away from EU"

Today Europeans supposedly believe more than us that Turkey one day will join EU. For example 72 percent of the respondents in the Netherlands where the antagonism towards Turkey is at its highest level and 62 percent in Germany are supposedly of the same mind that our access to EU won't be prevented.    

Whereas; Turkey has supposedly considered herself as a part of West since the beginning of republic, even since the Treaty of Paris, 1856! It seems to him that Turkey shares common values with the West and believes security, welfare and happiness depend on a common future with the West. After these words, Mr. Erdal Şafak apparently fears that "if the belief in common values and common future first gets weak and then dies, nobody can guess what the next route for Turkey could be..."[2]

            It comes to mean that; he was worrying about the deterioration of their calculations to make Turkey a state of USA and a province of Israel and was displaying the psychology of those who are servants of the barbarian West.

            "But when good (wealth, peace and comfort) befell them, they said, "This is due to us;" When gripped by calamity, they attributed it to the ill-luck of Moses and those with him. [3]". This verse of the Koran is depicting well the situation of those tricky men who adopted being democratic servants of modern pharaons. 


            For that reason, he showed his grudge in his article titled "Pessimistic and All-alone";

"Nationalists, Turkish revolutionaries, anew-national strugglers, national vision believers and the patriotic gangs in general; we celebrate you all."  

            You achieved finally. You registered officially the saying "Turks have no other friends than Turks" as our official view.

            You made our people more pessimistic and furious, and more isolated.

You managed to put Turkey into the situation of Don Quixote, who started an attack on windmills.  May your holy war be blessed."

            Whereas, in exchange for the support given to AKP (Justice and Development Party), EU and ABD brought the following list of demands in front of us;

            Nicholas Burns, United States Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, took a run into Turkey. Burns listed their expectations in a speech he made in Washington two days ago; "Give up your trade relations with Iran, open the border of Armenia, abolish Article 301 of Turkish Penal Code, open the Monastery on Heybeliada..."  ABD will soon make Cyprus and other demands a current issue in exchange for their support for the national election... this support was not at no charge.  The cost would be paid by the state and the people through AKP.[4]


What was the reason for Washington Times to attack Erbakan?

In an article[5] published in Washington Times, the words of Legendary PM Necmettin Erbakan, a former democratic senator from ABD and a former female member of Blair cabinet were distorted as if they meant the worsening of spreading and increasing Anti-Semitism.

Nevertheless, what Erbakan and other sensitive and conscientious people had done wasn't Anti-Semitism but a kind of hostility against Zionism. Because, it was an absolute distortion that standing up to the provocations and massacres of Israel was Anti-Semitism. Erbakan has alleged over and over again that he has no hostility and prejudices against honest and modest Jews who don't uphold Zionism and who don't endeavor to trouble our country and region. After all, he has proved to be right throughout his life.

In his article titled "Looking for a Scapegoat" Victor Davis Hanson wrote about Anti-Semitism, or rather about global consciousness waking up against Zionism. Hanson; "Who recently said: "These Jews started 19 Crusades. The 19th was World War I. Why? Only to build Israel. "Some holdover Nazi? Hardly. It was former Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan of Turkey, a NATO ally. He went on to claim that the Jews - whom he refers to as "bacteria" - controlled China, India and Japan, and ran the United States[6]."   

Into the other examples of Anti-Semitism; the writer included the words of a former senator of Democrat Party, James Aburezk; "In actual fact, Arabs who got involved in the September 11th cooperated with Zionists. Thus, they invented a perfect excuse to blame the Arabs (Muslims)" and he reminded that the senator spoke these words on Hezbollah's TV channel. Clare Short, one of the female ministers of Tony Blair in England, claimed "Israeli regime is worse than the ‘apartheid' in South Africa, Israel is preventing the reaction of the international society against global warming".  And the journalist of Washington times stated that it might be inquired whether these words were ‘nonsense words of a conspirator" and "empty words of an environmentalist"; and this journalist expressed his displeasure "A new provoking form of former Anti-Semitism is emerging. This grudge that hasn't been sensed for 70 years is favored by not only Iranian freak President Mahmut Ahmedinecad or radical jihadists; the last Anti-Semitism is mentioned also by leaders of the world, sophisticated politicians and academicians."     

"Why did the world not react when Lebanon armies shelled the Islamists?" He complained.        

This Zionist journalist was trying to conceal the facts that Lebanon government and army in fact were under the guidance of Israel by writing "Israel has been condemned due to military operations on residential areas in West Bank" and "However, the world was asleep when the Lebanon army last week shelled the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp due to the existence of Islamist terrorists."             

In the article it was defended that the world imposed double standard about Israel-Palestine relations and the reason why the same reactions were not shown for the countries that were "claimed to be occupied" like Cyprus and Tibet was questioned. By this way, it was demonstrated the claims that Turkey had invaded the Northern Cyprus and had annexed Kurdistan (Southern Anatolia) by force resulted from Jewish resources. 

In the article it was emphasized that ‘UN condemnations were not as severe as those Israel about widespread slaughters in regions such as Cambodia, Congo, Rwanda, Darfur' and the objections like ‘Some British academicians are boycotting in their universities with the intention to encourage Palestine, but they are leaving out those in despotic Iran, China and Cuba" were considered as an indication that shows Zionist Jews were left alone.        

"Land purchase of the Jews in West Bank was criticized by the world and now thanks to the money from Iran, Hezbollah has obtained massive lands for military intentions in Lebanon. This new aspect of Anti-Semitism is rather insidious, because it has changed form. It was developed by unknown diplomats and academicians, and now it is favored by the so-called university campuses." These statements of Washington Times demonstrate how the anti-imperialist and anti-zionist fronts have consolidated and got strong. These anti-imperialist and anti-zionist formations are implicitly supported by Necmettin Erbakan, as well.  

Fortunately, it is not always in the hands of the bads to change the course of history but the goods, sometimes...

Heartless, confused and hired by the non-muslims; even if those with a subservient psychology try to make great effort in the name of Jewish Zionists and the imperialist of the West, this war between The CROSS and The CRESCENT will be won once more by the National and honorable side...

And a Turkey-centered, new and Fair world will definitely be built...

[1] 16.09.2007 / Ardan Zentürk / Star

[2] 07.09.2007 / Sabah

[3] Araf: 131

[4] 16.09.2007 / Melih Aşık / Milliyet

[5] http://www.8sü

[6] Looking for a Scapegoat by Victor Davis Hanson, Tribune Media Services

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