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Bugün: 15 May 2021

Bu Ana Kadar Okunan

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A visit by our President to Armenia is not a fortunate attempt but a historical mistake and a deceit. He is getting Turkey to subcontract in insidious and dangerous projects of the USA and the Jewish Lobbies.


Primary objectives of the USA in Caucasia:

  • 1. Isolating Russia, which is trying to get rid of the guidance of zionism and imperialism, and killing the revival of Eurasia
  • 2. Clearing Turkey's chances and opportunities for a leadership in the Islamic world
  • 3. Taking Armenia out of the control of Russia and connecting it to Europe and NATO via Turkey, and changing it into another Israel.
  • 4. Putting Turkey in position that betrays Azerbaijan and weakening its reliance and prestige among Turkic Republics
  • 5. Making it possible for the USA to use the airbases in Armenia in the course of a possible attack on Iran.
  • 6. Giving a false impression that Turkey has confessed and accepted indirectly the fallacy of "Armenian Genocide" and is "going to make an apology"

If these explanations are carefully considered, it will be better understood what real reasons are lying behind the importunate attempts to come close to Armenia

The contributions of Zeyno Baran- a soldier in Israeli army- to our foreign policy!!!

How surprising!!!

For example, we really got surprised when we learnt that Defne Barak, the international reporter of Hürriyet (!), is the full-cousin of Israeli PM Ehud Barak.

Besides, we were astounded to learn that the full-uncle of former State Minister G.T. who had managed the economy of Turkey for years was an officer called Robert T..... ....   in the USA army.

We were dumbfounded to hear the claim that Zeyno did military service in Israeli army for 5 years when we heard it from a very reliable mouth who knows a lot about America and closely follows the debates including internet portals in America. He read about it on a discussion forum favored and preferred by the Turks in America. As far as we understand, this is the hottest gossip of the recent days among the Turks living in America though it is not so in Turkey.

By the way, what we call Zeyno is Zeyno Baran. She is step-daughter of Zafer Mutlu. She was once one of the members of the team of of Kemal Derviş working for the World Bank.

She is one of the most eminent names of the "Think Tank" which is an effective Washington-centered organization in American foreign policy.

She first worked as a Director of Caucasus Project at Center for Strategic & International Studies, CSIS in America. It is interesting that Baran had prepared and set up the Georgia program when she was at CSIS in 1998. (Being on the most important energy corridor of the region, Georgia has never recovered since then)

Since 2006 she has been working at Hudson Institute which is under the control of Neo-con.

The last time that Turkish people heard about her was when she made the following striking explanation: "The possibility of experiencing a coup in Turkey in 2007 is fifty percent". It didn't take place but a short time after this explanation Turkey underwent the April 27 Note!   

A short time ago, Zeyno Baran married Matthew Byzra, Jewish American Deputy Assistant Secretary of the United State for European and Eurasian Affairs[1]. She was now wife of a Zionist Jew who determines the American policies on Middle-East, Turkey and Caucasia.  

Zeyno Baran and Armenia!

Zeyno Baran; a woman of Jewish origin, truly an Israeli patriot, a partisan of Kemal Derviş, a servant of Neo-con, the wife of Matthew Bzyra-Deputy Assistant Secretary of the United State Foreign Affairs and a hundred percent Turkish Citizen... One of the missions of Baran was to take part in projects to improve the relations between Turkey and Armenia in line with the USA and Israel.

The visit to Armenia and what it reminds us

It is not a secret that the USA is behind the President Abdullah Gül's visit to a country, Armenia, which doesn't recognize the national borders of Turkey. The visit of President Gül and the Attempt for Caucasian Alliance that PM Tayyip Erdoğan mentioned during the Russia-Georgia war are parallel to each other.    

This step of Gül is a part of the plan that AKP (Justice and Development Party) has been implementing since they came to power. When he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdullah Gül signed a treaty, "a treaty of 2 pages and 9 articles", with his counterpart Colin Powell and the last article of this treaty was "to lift the restrictions on Armenia". The following pledges were standing under the topic of "lifting the restrictions on Armenian" in the treaty which was announced to the public by a magazine:

"Turkey's relations with Armenia will be normalized and improved, regulations regarding border trade will be made on behalf of Armenians and some restrictions on Armenians' visit to Turkey will be lifted"

The substructure for formation of the second Israel in Caucasia         

The USA is using Armenia and Armenian question as a means to create a second Israel in the Caucasia. Armenia with its small population is dependent on Georgia and Russia, but Georgia has no power to sustain itself. Russia is the only option for Armenia of which border with Turkey is closed.

The USA is providing the most important economic aid to Armenia in the Caucasia but this doesn't make an adequate impact. As understood by the Russia's reaction against the Georgia's South Ossetia invasion, the attempts of the USA to gain power in Georgia comes up with no result. Turkey is the only country remaining. Here is the intended plan: if Armenia normalizes its relations with Turkey and the border check-point is opened, it will cut the ties with Russia step-by-step and speed up the process of joining the West. That means Armenia will be the second Israel in Caucasia. The real reason behind the USA's following insistence on Turkey: "Open your border checkpoint with Armenia and normalize your relations"

An interesting point: "the Caucasia Alliance" suddenly put forward by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the course of the fiercest moments of Russian-Georgian war aims at this. It is seen that Georgia and Azerbaijan are unwilling to take part in this alliance in which Armenia is also supposed to get involved besides Russia, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan despite its unclear details. Russia does not take this alliance seriously, either. Therefore, this attempt of Tayyip Erdoğan turned out to be a means to normalize the relations between Turkey and Armenia. And anyway, the visit of President Gül to the USA and gathering the foreign ministers of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia was a part of this plan.            

Let's remember once more: Armenia invaded twenty percent of Azerbaijan during Azerbaijan-Armenia war which broke out in 1998 shortly before the collapse of the Soviet Union and got worse following Soviet dissolution. Armenia exiled about one million Azerbaijan Turks from these lands.  

Azerbaijan had no enough armed forces when it was invaded by Armenia. Yet, the efforts of Haydar Aliyev to build an army came to fruition.  Form that time on, Azerbaijani army has been much more trained and distinguished than the Armenia armed forces. Azerbaijani army has power and capacity to retake with a surprise attack the lands invaded by Armenia.

By the way, Azerbaijan has been progressing economically. It is a well-developing country with its incomes from natural gas and petrol; whereas, Armenia is gradually and continually decaying on the inside. Armenian people who have nothing but hostility against Turkey are having hard times every winter. Most of the country population including the youths of military-service age is competing to go and become a refugee in western countries. Its economic power cannot be compared with that of Azerbaijan. Despite this, this simple country is both continuing to invade Azerbaijani lands and insisting on its hostile policies against Turkey.

No doubt Armenia has recently been worrying about the increasing power of Azerbaijani army. Ilham Aliyev is maintaining the policy of his father and, on the other hand, he is modifying it to take back the invaded lands at any cost, either in peace or in war and this is getting scary for Armenia.          

Honestly, Azerbaijan could have carried out an abrupt operation to Armenia which is, according to UN decisions, ratified to be an invader and taken its lands back. Russia could not have backed Armenia because Russia would greatly need Turkey at the time of the bipolar geopolitical fight which began on 8th August when Russia the repelled Georgia from Ossetia.   

And Azerbaijan could have given Armenia a chastening lecture. Yet Abdullah Gül messed it all up due to his visit to Armenia. It doesn't seem possible to conciliate Azerbaijani government even though they take care not to hurt us in their pronouncements...[2]


The USA was getting ready to seize the control of Caucasia!

"The USA took support of the EU while it was surrounding Turkey from the north and Russia from the south. The real intention of the USA is to change the Black Sea into an American lake. The USA tries to enter the Black Sea via land with missile bases, radars and member-countries of NATO and via sea with NATO naval forces. The Black Sea means a lot for the USA in terms of GMEP (Great Middle East Project).

The USA aims to surround Turkey from the north and Russia from the south by reaching the Black Sea.  The USA has bases in Bulgaria and Romania. It has bases and a puppet government in Georgia. It has a puppet government and sovereignty in Ukraine. It has bases in Afghanistan and tries to build bases in Armenia. It tries to involve Georgia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan in the NATO. It is deploying a missile shield in Poland and will establish a radar base in Czech Republic. Most of these countries have already been given the EU membership.

The USA took the support of the EU while surrounding Russia and Turkey on the basis of the Black Sea. The real intention of the USA is to turn the Black Sea into an American lake. The USA tries to enter the Black Sea via land with missile bases, radars and member-countries of NATO and via sea with NATO naval forces. The USA has been trying to deploy NATO forces here under the pretext of delivering humanitarian aid to Georgia despite the Montreux Convention. Although Turkey permitted the USA to deliver humanitarian aid through its own airspace and there was no restriction on using the air space, the USA insisted upon acting adversely to it. Trabzon and Samsun will have a vital role in project of the USA to enter the Black Sea. As a matter of fact, before 1 March 2003, during the days when the USA began to deploy troops in Iskenderun, the bill rejected by the Turkish Grand National Assembly also included the article "opening of the ports"   

The Fight is between the Eurasia Powers and the USA 

The fight between the USA and Russia is kind of fight for power between the Eurasia powers and the USA on the basis of GMEP. This is a multidimensional attempt for the USA to build up a global hegemony in the sense of economy, strategy and security and energy for the most part. This is a project of exterminating every sort of opponent power through various methods including war and preventing the rise of a multi-polar world.

The Black Sea is vital for the USA.

 The Black Sea is vital for the USA. Its importance is that the Black Sea makes up a strategic part of the Great Middle-East Project. In a sense, the Black Sea region is the half of the GMEP. The Black Sea and its surroundings is a vital territory equal to chaos geography defined by Zbigniew Brzezinski as "Global Balkans" in Eurasia Geography. The main goals of the USA to enter the Black Sea is to violate piece by piece the terms of Montreux Convention signed in 1936, exhibit a show of strength for the regional countries by deploying the USA naval forces into the Black Sea under the name of NATO naval forces and force them to give  up.

Infringement of Montreux Convention means the break-up Turkey

Insisting on the infringement of Montreux Convention means insisting on the break-up of Turkey, because Turkey plays a very important role and it is the key factor in this geography.  Montreux Convention is a step for Turkey's establishment after Lausanne Treaty. Violation of  Montreux Convention leads to the destruction of Lausanne Treaty. The primary objective of the USA is to destroy Turkey and then break up Russia, Iran, China and Eurasia powers via Turkey. (That's, to prevent Islamic resurrection and resistance. M.Ç.)

The USA is directly pointing the gun at these powers. In this sense, the Eurasian Governments are on the alert except for the governments of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and Saakashvili.

If Georgia and Ukraine are involved in the NATO, a war breaks out that moment!

If the president Bush, the head of the Neocon Junta, who had the Secretary General of NATO, Scheffer word that "We can urgently admit Georgia and then Ukraine to NATO" tries this way, a war will break out in an instant.  Those who allege this are right.     


               The plans of the USA for the Black Sea

                The presence of the USA as an absolute power within the Black sea was required in the report "the USA - NATO, An Objective Alliance" which specified the NATO objectives after 2004 and was prepared in June 2004 by the USA Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was emphasized in the report that projects of "Black Sea Force and Partnership for Peace" had to be expanded in a way that would include the USA. The objectives of the USA in the Black Sea via NATO:

  • 1. The presence of the USA in Bulgaria and Romania should be increased to the level of internal functioning by training and logistic facilities and by founding a "Black Sea Mission Force" with the purpose of discovery. The presence of the USA together with Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey is useful and helpful to form a larger restored cooperation and security in the Black Sea.
  • 2. "The USA needs to establish a new Istanbul Enterprise and provide a fund to the extent that it provided for Warsaw Enterprise. Thus, the establishment of the Institute of Ministry of Great Black Sea Defense, Internal Affairs and Intelligence will be encouraged and the Great Black Sea Mission Force will emerge against embargo operations and the possibilities of civil emergency.
  • 3. Some preparations should be made for bilateral or regional studies that will overcome new security threats (like Islam and Russia M.Ç.) In this way, the establishment of the Institute of Ministry of Great Black Sea Defense, Internal Affairs and Intelligence should be sped up.
  • 4. The Black Sea came into question after NATO undertook the mission of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan in August 2003 and began to help the forces under the command of Poland in Iraq. Taking in to consideration that NATO hasn't got into the act in a larger area in the Black Sea by going beyond the Balkans, and the ministers of defense of these countries haven't come together so far today, it is time the lessons taken from the Middle East and the Balkans were adapted for this region.
  • 5. "The first step to take for stability is to create an understanding through negotiations regarding security risks and then establish a larger regional collaboration by bringing the military activities into force by purpose of setting a transparent agenda.

This is most important paragraph of the report. "The Black Sea Force" will be put under the order of "Peace Force Brigade" that will be formed with more extensive authorities and then it will be placed under the guidance of the USA via NATO. This "Peace Force Brigade" is the "NATO Southeast Europe Multi National Peace Force Brigade" which was founded under the leadership of Turkey to contribute to regional security and stability in the Balkans and in which Turkish soldiers serve; so this fact is the evidence for what evil purposes and imperialist plans Turkey has been abused for.      

[1] Kulis Ankara / Milli Gazete

[2] Hasan Ünal / Milli Gazete

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