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In the first week of July 2022, former Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe was assassinated.

Even though assassin Yamagani Tetsuya tried to distort the incident by saying that “he did not carry out any political purpose and that he took this action because he was angry that his mother made a large donation to a religious group.” It was clear that this action was designed by Zionist powers and intelligence agencies such as the CIA-MOSSAD. Because Shinzo Abe was trying to:

1- Nationalize the economy and resolve the exploitative order sponsored by Global Zionist Capital

2- Prepare a strong and independent Japanese Defense fore

3- Tried to establish connections with active Anti-Zionist entities in the world.

About this subject, we had conveyed the following predictions, in 1998:

After both World War -I and II- countries such as Germany and Japan were waiting for the time of revenge on America and its supporters, who were instigated and manipulated by Zionist Jewish entity. Therefore, in the soon future it is foreseeable that Japan and Germany may fall within in Anti-Zionist sentiment and would choose Anti-Zionist side.

As a result of both wars; German and Japanese people, have witnessed the destruction and being kept under political and economic pressure for decades. It would not be surprising for the duo to retaliate the years of humiliation.

If Germany, the superpower in the economy and Japan, the superpower in technology, would change their political sides it will cause to expedite collapse of Zionist domination.

"You think they are a (tidy) congregation. But their hearts are scattered." (Hashr: 14)

"On that day, friends will be enemies to each other." (Zukhruf: 67)

"Finally, when the Truth comes, the command of Allah will prevail, even if they do not want it." (Tawbah: 48)

Such verses also indicate that some far-fetched associations will be broken.[1]

About 20 years ago, in 2004, we wrote the following:

The fact that the Milli Çözüm Magazine (which is monthly political magazine in Türkiye) has alarmed the Zionist Centers and the Japanese are interested in our Comments!

The Washington Post, the largest and oldest newspaper in the Capital of the United States of America, is an American Jewish publication that focuses on political issues and make futuristic predictions about the world events. They also have offices both in Istanbul and Israel (Jerusalem).

Here, a person who said that he was the Eurasia News Coordinator of the Washington Post about five years ago, calling the News Director of our Milli Çözüm Magazine, explained with his little knowledge of Turkish:

“That they have taken advantage of the predictions and suggestions of the Milli Çözüm; that our determinations and analyses on national, regional and universal issues have opened up new horizons for them, so they have benefited greatly from our English-language articles and comments, and ‘Turkey's US-Israel relations and coming political impact disputes’ and they reminded us that they were especially curious and interested in our new and detailed information and expectations.”

During that conversation, GEORGE FRIEDMAN, a Hungarian-born Jewish who owns the famous private intelligence and future forecasting firm STRATFOR, and his team also inadvertently admitted the fact that they cared about the Milli Çözüm Magazine and were investigating it.

We had reminded to our friends:

"Zionist centers are interested in the Milli Çözüm Magazine in order to solve Erbakan's projects and strategic goals and develop countermeasures. However, we only write what our Mentor Erbakan has revealed and put forward as the main goal, and we are trying to instill morale in Muslims and the oppressed. Of course, we do not know the tactical and strategic details of our Mentor's historical struggle that will end with the fall of Zionism and imperialism, as well as their technical and political staffs related to them, and we are not already writing what we know.”

A year or so after that, the Istanbul representative of an important “Think Tank center" in Japan again called the Milli Çözüm Magazine, they invited us to Japan to take advantage of our articles and approaches on the subject “Just Order Projects against US imperialism and Jewish Zionism; Cooperation between Turkey, Japan and Germany for a New World” in more detail and to build common theories together, and therefore requested a meeting. We had particularly mentioned: “In order to become a superpower and to control the world balances, it is necessary to be an ECONOMIC, TECHNOLOGICAL and MILITARY POWER, to be located in a GEOPOLITICAL and STRATEGIC geography, to have an important DEMOGRAPHIC (population density) support behind, but all that is not enough. To be a SUPER POWER, besides preparing and taking advantage of all these possibilities and opportunities, there is a need of a SUPER-BRAIN and loyal followers and heirs who know very well the current world balances and the dynamics behind them, how to surprise the evil centers and how to fight and fend off, but also take action never according to the wild whims but only human values. And this is the reason for the difference and virtue of Erbakan and the fact that he has become the fearful dream of the Zionist centers.”[2]

In 2009, we made the following observations about Japan:

The US-Japan alliance was unraveling!

The results of US President Barack Hussein Obama's ten-day trip to the Far East, which began in mid-November 2009, had been revealed. Obama, who did not find what he hoped for in China, was also disappointed in Japan, which he visited on November 14 before China. Obama focused on three important issues during his trip to Japan: First, as you know, it was the search for a common solution to the economic crisis. The proverb of “Oh, physician, heal thyself” would briefly summarize the side of the negotiations about the issue at hand. The crisis had such profound effects in Japan that the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), which had ruled the country almost like a one-party regime for 55 years, was swept away from power by a crushing defeat in parliamentary elections held last fall. The new Prime Minister, Yukio Hatoyama, the leader of the Democratic Party (DP), who also won the upper house of parliament elections, was close to the plan of the BRIC (Brazil-Russia-India-China) countries to replace the US dollar with a new international currency. The other two strategic issues that Obama discussed with Japanese officials were the future of American military bases in the Okinawa archipelago and the nuclear weapons that the United States has on Japanese grounds.

Was Japan a secret colony of the United States?

The American press liked to describe the US-Japan relations as a "strategic partnership". Some of our illustrious international relations professors also kept repeating this stereotype of the American press. However, when the history of the relations between the two countries is examined, it will be understood that the meaning of the "strategic partnership" and its futility.

At the heart of the American-Japanese strategic partnership, there were two atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, and Nagasaki three days later, which cost the lives of 200 thousand people at the end of the World War 2. After the US dropped bombs, Japan surrendered unconditionally on the evening of August 14. With the surrender agreement signed on the American Missouri aircraft carrier on September 2, the commander of the US Pacific armies of Jewish descent, General Douglas MacArthur, was appointed as plenipotentiary Military Governor of Japan.

He based foundation of modern-day Japan on two documents; Mac Arthur's constitution of 1947 and the Treaty of San Francisco, signed in 1952, which ended the American occupation. The ninth article of the Constitution forbade Japan to declare war. According to the Constitution, the Japanese armed forces, consisting of land, sea and air troops, could not participate in operations outside the territory of Japan. It was only to perform defensive duties within the borders of the country. Japan's external security, on the other hand, was left to the United States in accordance with the Treaty of San Francisco, also called the US-Japan Security Pact. The 14 US military bases in Okinawa, which housed about 35 thousand American soldiers, were the legacy of this treaty. American nuclear weapons, on the other hand, were smuggled into Japan by the secret decision of the LDP in the early 1960s, despite the prohibition of Japanese law. Another example that explain Japan's military dependence on the United States was the LDP government sent Japanese troops to the invasion of Iraq by violation of its own constitution. At the beginning of the invasion, when Iraqi insurgents kidnapped Japanese soldiers and exposed them to the world public, the Japanese government was forced to withdraw its troops.

At times, reaction of the Japanese people to the American military bases in Okinawa has been reaching to the confrontational levels with the security forces. Since the Okinawa archipelago is located off the coast of China and the Korean peninsula, China and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea were also against these military bases. The Japanese had never forgotten US dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The anti-American sentiment of the Japanese people, fueled by these two issues, played an important role in the electoral defeats of the LDP, which was identified with the US tutelage. In 2009, Prime Minister Hatoyama received public support for the removal of American military bases from Okinawa. During the negotiations, Obama proposes the downsizing and relocation of the military bases, but he could not convince Hatoyama. Since the Japanese side resisted in its own thesis, the issue of bases could not reach a solution in the negotiations.

A month before Obama (in October 2009), US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who went to Japan, asked that the issue of nuclear weapons be discussed behind closed doors. Despite Gates' pleas, the Japanese government had set up a commission to investigate the matter. Foreign Minister Katsuva Okada had announced that the commission had reached the final stage of its investigations and that the result would be announced in January (2010). After Gates, Obama's pleas didn't pay off either. The Japanese government's position on bases and nuclear weapons pleased its neighbors, especially China. The closure of the bases in Okinawa meant that the United States could not put Japan forward against its neighbors as before, as it would weaken the intervention force in the Western Pacific.

The Japanese investigative commission's statement on the American nuclear presence would have stumbled upon the United States, which was trying to prevent the Democratic People's Republic of Korea from denuclearizing. In addition, since the Japanese commission would document how many nuclear weapons were on which American ship and aircraft, the commission's statement would provide important intelligence to the countries of the region. This would make tracking American nuclear weapons easier.[3]

The Deep State of Japan: Nippon Kaigi and Shinzo Abe Liasion

Shinzo Abe, the former Prime Minister of Japan, died on July 8, 2022 as a result of the assassination of a former Japanese soldier and departed this world. There were allegations about religious cults in the press. The real hidden goals were different. Because Shinzo Abe was behind the deep state organization "Nippon Kaigi", which aimed to establish the "New Japanese Empire".

The House of Councillors, or “Upper House”, elections on July 10 (2022) were held in the shadow of this assassination. Shinzo Abe's party, the Liberal Democratic Party, had taken 119 of the 248 seats. Coalition partner Komeito won 27 seats. The coalition government, which had an absolute majority in the House of Representatives, had managed to obtain a majority in the House of Councillors with 146 seats.

The real reason for the assassination of Shinzo Abe was said to be the Nippon Kaigi, a deep state organization that Shinzo Abe was also a member of, fighting for the rearmament of Japan and the re-establishment of the empire. 

An organization of 40 thousand people;

Nippon Kaigi, known as the “Japanese Charette’’, was an organization established in 1997 with the aim of conducting “lobbying activities” and “resurrecting the Japanese Empire”. It was an anti-Zionist and anti-imperialist organization and there were some who drew attention to the fact that its formation coincided with the Erbakan’s Refah-Yol government period and his Prime Ministry!?

The organization, which had more than 40 thousand members, consisted of influential businessmen, Yakuzas, diplomats, bureaucrats, academics, intelligence officers, judges, prosecutors, law enforcement officers and deputies of Japan. Nippon Kaigi, which settled at all levels of the state, provided a majority in the legislative bodies, was attempting to change the 9th article of the Constitution of Japan. The Nippon Kaigi, which met in 2013, had decided to continue the work for the resurrection of the Japanese Empire. At the end of the meeting, the "Nippon Banzai", the symbol of Japan in World War II, that is, the "Long live Japan" salute, alarmed the imperialist and Zionist powers.

According to Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, Japan could not establish an independent army. Japan, which was defeated in World War II and surrendered unconditionally to the United States, was forced to accept this article by the imposition of the United States!

Here, this Nippon Kaigi organization that led to the establishment of the Ministry of Defense in 2006, the predecessor of which was Shinzo Abe!

Since then, Japan has begun to make serious investments, especially in the field of Naval and Air Forces. Named "Japanese Self-Defense Forces", the Japanese army's inventory included 2 aircraft carriers, 22 submarines, 36 destroyers, 10 frigates, 155 F-15, 62 F-16 and 23 F-35 fighter jets. The Japanese Ground Forces, on the other hand, had 1000 tanks, 200 cannons and 100 multi-barreled rocket launchers. The total personnel of the Japanese army were about 250 thousand. These figures made Japan one of the largest armies after the United States and Türkiye compared to NATO. 

Shinzo Abe's purpose was a Japan Independent from Zionism!

Shinzo Abe was one of the most prominent members of the Nippon Kaigi whose aim was to arm Japan by remaining allied with the United States and re-establish an Independent Japan. Shinzo Abe, who was also one of Nippon Kaigi's advisors, had worked as an active member of the agency throughout his term as Prime Minister. The amendments to Article 9 of Japan's constitution, as well as all the changes that allowed it to arm and set up elite infantry units since 2006, were accomplished and implemented under Shinzo Abe.

The visit of Shinzo Abe's Ministers, to the Yasukuni Shrine in memory of 14 Japanese War Criminals in World War II alarmed the Zionist barons and their henchmen, the US and EU Presidents.

Shinzo Abe's ideas of the Japanese Empire were not limited to these. Aiming to become stronger by arming against North Korea, China and Russia, Nippon Kaigi was also a serious defender of pre-war Japan. Japan was not willing to apologize for any crimes against humanity committed by Unit 731 in Korea and China. Because it was announced that Japan had nothing to the with them. The photo of Shinzo Abe posing while boarding a special plane numbered "731" during the period when Unit 731 was on the agenda in Korea was highly controversial, and this attitude was met with backlash in South Korea and North Korea. However, the main focus of these campaigns against Shinzo Abe was connected to the Zionist and imperialist centers.

Shinzo Abe also refused to accept the Nanjing Massacre, which the Japanese army carried out in 1937, killing 300 thousand Chinese, and interpreted it as a “distortion of historical facts”. 

The Zionist powers and publications struggled to accriminate Nippon Kaigi, “Shinzo Abe's organization” which does not hesitate to use symbols belonging to the Japanese Empire and the era of fascism a terrorist network and a new danger to the world. But despite everything, Shinzo Abe's party emerged victorious from the July 10, 2022 elections.

One of sensitive and consistent attitude of Shinzo Abe and the Nippon Kaigi Organization was that they absolutely did not give any opportunity and credit to both FETO organization and PKK (terrorist organizations against Türkiye) bandits!..

Was the Japanese Constitution to be reconsidered?

The victory of Shinzo Abe's party in the election on July 10, 2022 was not enough to pass the constitutional amendment through parliament and put it to a referendum. However, one of the major parties in the opposition “Japan Innovation Party” Nippon Ishin no Kai had announced that it was open to negotiations on the amendment of Article 9 of the Constitution and the rearmament of Japan.

If Nippon Ishin no Kai with 21 seats at the House of Councillors, supported the coalition government that keeps Shinzo Abe's ideas alive, all obstacles to the armament of Japan would be removed. Although the United States had approved the armament of Japan against China and announced that it supported this idea[4] in fact, it was known that they were strongly opposed to such efforts and the independence attempts of Japan from the clutches of Zionist influence.

Tours to Bring the Middle East and Asia into Line!

US President Biden was on a tour of the Middle East. His first stop was on Israel, then met with the leaders of 9 Middle Eastern countries. During this visit, which marked the footsteps of a new concept in the Middle East, Biden aimed to include new ones in the caravan of countries normalized with Israel, while also decking out the ground for establishing military cooperation between these countries and Israel.

The United States had launched the ’New Middle East' initiative. US President Joe Biden, visited Israel, stopped by Saudi Arabia after his contacts in Tel Aviv. During this remarkable four-day visit, Biden tried to lay the groundwork for military cooperation between Israel and countries of the region.

9 Middle Eastern countries were visited in 4 days!

Biden, attended a meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in Saudi Arabia, held separate talks with the leaders of Council members Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait in addition to Saudi Arabia. In addition to those countries, Biden also met and held meetings with the leaders of Egypt, Jordan and Iraq, who were invited to the Council meeting.

Biden's call for ’stability' was in fact call for a servantship to Israel

The most striking point about Biden's visits was his bragging about ‘stability in the Middle East’. Before the visit, Biden, wrote an article in the Washington Post newspaper, emphasizing the importance of stability in the region “to counter Russian aggression” and “to head off the China.” This visit, was made at a time when the United States' efforts to gather the northern countries under the umbrella of NATO against Russia were continuing and it was interpreted as a signal towards the implementation of a similar concept in the Middle East. Apparently, Japan's freedom efforts had thoroughly alarmed the United States.

Biden's Tour was totally a Service to Greater Israel!

Hamas reminded that US President Joe Biden's tour to the Middle East would serve Zionist Israel at the expense of the Palestinian cause.

Hamas spokesman Hazim Kasim reminded that Biden's several-day contacts in Israel, Palestine and Saudi Arabia could "deepen regional divisions in order to protect the Zionist project." Kasim, who stressed that the main purpose of all the visits of US Presidents to the region so far is to serve Israeli interests, "US President Biden's visit is nothing more than serving Israeli interests in the region at the expense of the Palestinian cause" he stressed. Kasim, who called on resistance groups to unite their ranks against the policies of Zionist Israel and the imperialist United States, quoted the following:

"The establishment of military alliances and the expansion of Israeli-Arab normalization, in which Israel will take part during Biden's visit, is a strategic danger to both the Palestinian cause and the national interests of the Middle East region."

US President Biden's visit to the Middle East, which included Israel, the West Bank and Saudi Arabia on July 13-16, 2022, was serving to interests of Zionism. Biden first met with Israeli interim Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in Jerusalem. Then, he met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank, which was his second stop, may defined as consolation. After there, he moved to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where he also participated in the meeting of the Cooperation Council of Gulf Arab Countries. Biden, also met with King Salman and the Crown Prince in Saudi Arabia, had pretended to be as an official agent of Israel.

Bolton's Coup Plot Confession

Former White House National Security Adviser John Bolton described himself on a television show as “someone who has helped plan coups in other countries.”

Bolton, was a guest of CNN's special broadcast on the January 6 Congressional raid, made an interesting confession. There was a discussion between CNN host Jake Tapper and Bolton about whether former US President Donald Trump tried to stage a coup on 6 February by not accepting the election results. John Robert Bolton served as National Security Advisor under President Donald Trump from April 9, 2018 to September 10, 2019. Bolton had called the events of January 6 a "carefully planned coup", reminding that Trump did not work like that, jumping easily from one idea to another idea. When Tapper responded, "You don't have to be extremely smart to do a coup," Bolton used the following statements in against to Tapper: "Not here, but as someone who has helped them plan coups in other countries, I don't agree with this.” In these words, John Bolton; had revealed that the US had planned a coup in many countries. Therefore, it was the right approach for us to look for US involvement in the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Remember, there were also American and Zionist powers behind the February 28 plotting aimed at our Mentor Erbakan.

The claim that "Arab NATO will be established in the Middle East”

With the US gradually withdrawing its presence in the Middle East, it was discussed that an Arab NATO with Israel as its center could be established in the region. Some experts have reminded that this idea is difficult to realize in the near future, but Zionist capital has such a goal.

Abdullah the Second, King of Jordan, had set the agenda with his explanation; “If a NATO-like military alliance is established in the Middle East, I will support it”. The King of Jordan, in a statement to the US broadcaster CNBC, said: "I would be one of the first people to support NATO in the Middle East. We're all going to get together and say, 'How can we help each other?' Which, in my opinion, is a very vital formation for this region." he expressed.

Before the King of Jordan, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz also announced that Israel had joined a formation called the "Middle East Air Defense Alliance" established under the leadership of the United States. Gantz did not pass on information about which other countries were in this formation. In other words, the King of Jordan and the Israeli Defense Minister were of the same mind. And already NATO's expansion in the Baltic region, the Balkans and around the Black Sea was aimed at both encircling Türkiye and preparing the ground for Greater Israel…

Rejection decision from nine EU countries to Israel!

Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministries of the nine-member states of the European Union (EU) had issued a joint statement. In a statement, "Israel's designation of six Palestinian non-governmental organizations as terrorist organizations” was emphasized that their requests were rejected. The Foreign Ministries of Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden issued a statement titled "Joint Statement on Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations", reminding that Israel could not provide sufficient evidence regarding the NGOs in question.

In the joint declaration of the nine countries: "On October 22, 2021, Israel had designated six Palestinian non-governmental organizations as terrorist organizations. Accusations of terrorism or connection with terrorist groups should always be treated with the utmost seriousness. Therefore, the identifications had to be carefully and comprehensively evaluated. There has been no significant information from Israel that justifies us reviewing our policy towards the six Palestinian NGOs on the basis of the decision to designate these NGOs as 'terrorist organizations'.’ such statements had been included. In the continuation of the explanation: "If there are documents that prove otherwise, we will act accordingly. In the absence of such evidence, we will continue our cooperation and strong support for the civil society organizations in question. A free and strong civil society is indispensable for the dissemination of democratic values and the two-state solution." These meaningful words made sense.

This development was announced by nine EU countries to Israel as a message saying: “We don't have to fulfill every one of your demands!..”. How painful it was not to see this sensitivity of the crusader Christian countries in the Islamic countries and the Turkish Government!..


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Ahmet AKGÜL -



Araştırmacı-Yazar, Düşünür ve Siyaset Bilimci olarak tanınan Ahmet Akgül, Milli Görüş çizgisinde önemli bir fikir adamıdır. Olaylara insan eksenli ve İslam endeksli yaklaşmaktadır.

2004 Ocak ayında, arkadaşlarıyla birlikte İstanbul’da aylık olarak yayınlanan “Milli Çözüm” Dergisini çıkarmaya başlamıştır.

Uzun süreli, ciddi ve çileli bir mücadele dönemi yaşamış ve bu duyarlı, tutarlı ve kararlı tavrını hiç bırakmamıştır. Bu yüzden pek çok sıkıntı ve saldırılara uğramış, defalarca mahkeme açılıp tutuklanmış ve hapis yatmıştır.

İnancımız ve ihtiyacımız olan evrensel hukuk kurallarının; bütün insanlığın ortak değeri ve hayat düzeni haline getirilmesi, “Demokrasi, Laiklik ve özgürlükler” gibi çağdaş kurum ve kavramların; ilmi ve insani temellere göre yeniden şekillenmesi… Ve Türkiye’nin yeni bir barış ve bereket medeniyetine öncülük etmesi konularında yoğunlaşmıştır.

Üstadımızın, başta “İnsanın Yozlaşması”, ardından “Adil Düzen ve Yeni Bir Dünya” ve yine “Barış ve Bereket Nizamı “İslam Davası” ve Yozlaştırılan “Cihat Kavramı” gibi birçok kitapları İngilizceye çevrilip merkezi Londra’daki Cagaloglu Yayıncılık organizesiyle; Amazon ve Bornes&Noble ( gibi dünya genelinde dağıtım yapan yüzlerce online sitesinde ve dijital (e-kitap) sayesinde 120 kadar ülkede yayınlanıp okunmaktadır. Ayrıca Üstadımızın “Yüce Kur’an’ın Manası ve Mesajı” başlıklı Meal-i Kerim yorumları İngilizce ve Rusça tercümeleri ile “Adil Düzen ve Yeni Bir Dünya” kitaplarının İngilizce, Rusça, Arapça, Çince, Japonca ve İspanyolca tercümeleri tamamlanıp basılmış olup; Almanca, Fransızca, Kırgızca ve Farsça tercümelerinde de sona yaklaşılmıştır.

Milli siyaset ve sorumluluk düşüncesini farklı bir boyutta ele alan ve yorumlayan Hocamız; yaklaşık 40 yıldır Türkiye’mizin her yerinde, Avrupa’da ve İslam ülkelerinde, önemli seminer ve konferanslara katılmaktadır.

Mili Görüş’e çöreklenmiş bazı şaibeli kişilerin gizli niyet ve tertiplerini haber vermesi, uzun vadeli hedefler ve stratejik tavizler sonucu Parti'ye girdiklerini sezmesi ve söylemesi nedeniyle, Ahmet Akgül’ün teşkilatlarda ve Milli Görüşçü kuruluşlarda hizmet vermesi engellenmeye çalışılmış; Erbakan Hoca ise, kendisinin daha bağımsız davranabilmesi ve nifak çarkı içinde körletilip kirletilmemesi için bu girişimlere karşı çıkmamış, ama kendisini uzaktan destekleyip yönlendirmekten de geri durmamıştır. Erbakan’ın “Adil Düzen” projeleri, AKP’nin siyasi hileleri ve karanlık ilişkileri, Fetullahçı Cemaatin gizli mahiyeti konularında sayılı uzmanlardandır.

1949 Elazığ doğumlu olan, çeşitli konularda yayınlanmış ve hazırlanmış 80 (seksen) eseri bulunan yazarımız, evli ve beş çocuk babasıdır.


Hocamız’ın Başlıca Kitapları:

● Yüce Kur’an’ın Manası ve Mesajı (Türkçe Meal-i Kerim. Abdullah Akgül Yayına Hazırladı.) (İngilizce ve Rusçaya çevrildi.)

Milli Sorunlarımız ve Sorumluluklarımız (2 Cilt)

Dünyanın Değişimi ve Erbakan Devrimi

Refah-Yol’la Rantiye Savaşı

Cemaatin Cılkı, Erdoğan’ın Çarkı, Erbakan’ın Farkı

Türkiye Kuşatılırken, Kuklaların Kapışması

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● Teşkilatçılık (İletişim ve İşbirliği Sanatı) Mesaj ve Metod 

Milli Siyasette Kirli Hesaplar-1 Milli Görüş’ün Marazlıları

Milli Siyasette Kirli Hesaplar-2 Sonradan Yamuklaşanlar

ABD’li Siyonistlerin, AKP’li Piyonistleri Bir Devrin Bitişi ve Bir Devrimin Gelişi

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Terör-Masonluk ve Mafia Medeniyeti

Cumhuriyet Türkiye’sinde Nifak Hareketleri

Ruhlar-Sırlar ve Uzaydaki Yaratıklar

Sabah Yakın Değil miydi?

Tarikatların Hizmet Sahası ve Islahı

Tuz Kokarsa…

Türkiye Büyüyor muydu, Bölünüyor muydu?

Türkiye Dağılacak mıydı, Doğrulacak mıydı? (Ahmaklar Okumasındı!)

Türkiye Tarihi Dönemeçte, Ya Yıkılacak Ya Şahlanacaktı!

Yakın Tarihimizde Yüceler ve Cüceler (2 Cilt)

Zafer Muştuları ve Fetih Hazırlıkları

Erbakan’dan İntikam Alanlar

Suriye’de Yaklaşan Hilal-Haç Kapışması

Başkanlık Muamması ve Çarkların Tıkanması

15 Temmuz Hıyanetinin Gizemi: Bir Darbe Analizi ve Sistem Krizi

Pazarlık Partisi ve Palavra İktidarı

Kemalizm-Tayyibizm Uyarlaması

Asker Darbesi Değil Devlet Müdahalesi Lazımdı

İslam’dan Uzaklaştıkça, İnsanlıktan Çıkılması

Dert Söyletir Aşk İnletir (Şiir)

● Hainleri Haşlama, Zalimleri Taşlama (Şiir)

İstanbul Sözleşmesi ve Ailenin Çözülmesi


Hocamızın Önsözünü Yazdığı Milli Çözüm Yayınları:

● Üstad Ahmet Akgül’ün Özgeçmişi ve Öğretileri (Yakup Gözübüyük)

● Haykırış (Şiir - Ali Çağıl)

AKP Yönetimi ve Tahribat Yöntemi Sistem Tahlili ve Siyaset Tenkidi (Nevzat Gündüz)

● Sözün Çözüme Dönüşmesi (Siyasi Fıkralar - Osman Eraydın)

● Ayar Aynası ve Nokta Atışı (Sosyal ve Siyasi Fıkralar - Erdoğan Bişkin)

Milli Çözüm Ekibinden: İlginç Rüyalar ve Manevi Uyarılar (2 Cilt - Hazırlayanlar: Fatma Betül Erişkin – Nail Kızılkan – Neslihan Bayraktar)

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