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"Demo-krasi" (democracy) means that public choose their own governers and governance by public in Latin.

But "Demon-krasi" (bondance for satan) is a regime of satan. Because "demon" means satan in Latin.  



Now, democracy which has been had leaned on humanity in our country and all over the world, is in fact only a case for "demon-krasi" namely, secret governance of demoniac forces.

Aim: to create immoderate, cruel, insensible and incoherent crowds and to promote their puppets to the power by the help of so-called self-determination of these people of which brains are under the control. İsmet İnönü and following parties by forcing and Celal Bayar and Menderes following parties by bastardizing and numbing tried to make our public to become " demon-krat slaves". CHP,one of their representatives today, unfortunately with the hostility of National Perspective and AKP, the other representative, with makebate of National Perspective are both contributers to the same empricism. However, National Prospect is both provider and assurance of both real democracy and laicism! For that reason, we say frankly that the hostility to National Prospect is in fact serrility for Israel and the West. The ones who cannot still recognize the fear from Erbakan and admiration for AKP of USA, EU and Israel, are either incomprehensible or their conscience are disabled...

As a black leader confessed:

"While the Westerners came to Africa, we had fields, grasslands, animals, forests and underground resources but they had only Bibles in their hands.

Now we have Bible and churches but they have farms and mining concerns."

Well if it continues so, in a near future, "democracy and laicism" toys will be left over in hands of us, Muslims, but Masonic collaborators will have factories, banks, mines, newspaper and televisions and large agricultural areas and lands.

Because, architectures of current barbarian and tyrant West Civilization has been using "The concepts such as democracy, modernism, rules of law and human rights... and again the association such as UN, NATO and EU as a case for their own insidious and non-humane aims.

Namely, The Westerners "presents poison in a golden stone and makes honey a abettor".

 Imperialistic and Materialistic crusader mind which Kabbalist ve Zionist Jewish philosophy bastardized, robotized not only innocent Muslims and aggrived Asian and African people but also European and American publics in a spiritual and material way and put them in the trap of impiousness and immorality. Namely, western comunities are not enemies for us, they are victims, too.

            These satanic and known forces which persuades communities "demon-krasi", namely governance of demon, and modern bondage as democracy; freedom of immorality and a complete lack of self-respect as independence, is now in the effort to make our people to get accustomed to a wicked non-reaciveness which is not jealous of their wifes and holy with the excuse of " tolerance and dialog" with the hand of entcing ones such as Fetullah Gülen. It is in the aim of constituting an unconscious community which will be made the doorkeeper of Europe, puppet of America and gendarme of Israel and will part from base of Islam and the lineof Atatürk' s full independence.

  These "dismissal from the base and alienation step by step" operations which was started particularly after Atatürk, accelerated in the Demirel and Özal periods and promoted to the top by the help of AKP, has numbed and caused to forget their base so much that it has even acclaimed the candidacy of Presidency of a person such as Abdullah Gül who is fugitive of National Prospect, exploiter of religion, admirer to Zionist West and an abettor of America in Iraq and it has hoped benefaction from this.

And meantime; AKP' s:

•1      Submission to USA and EU and that it has been dragging the country to ecenomical and social catastrophe

•2      "BOP" treason and service to Israel  

•3       Dismissal from atrophy our National feelings and bastardization our religion with mild Islam fallacy, the ones who has opposed them for " that they are pious, their partners wear turban and they part from the National Prospect", have not still recognized that they in fact served AKP and helped imperialism inadvertently.

They will make you "demokrat" (democrat) !?

As H.İbrahim Aydın said:

"Some has tried to offer as if the candidacy of Abdullah Gül for Presindency was "Emirü'l-Mü'min". But, no doubt, if he had been elected, he would have made his seat present to masons, given his adherence duty to Zionist Lobbies by taking care for the focusses which should not be offended at home and abroad and made again his own public to be disappointed.

As the time changes, the ones who aimed at joinder belief, has been approaching us with more insidious and sophisticated methods. Centenary imposition would have continued with the new President and Muslims would have been roughed and despised.

Some would attack by using dark violence actions which aim at missionaries as an excuse in order to drive us into corner. Moderate Islamists would have deceived us until they recognized that you are ready with concession behaviours about fouling your name and notifying and applying your belief.

As if there were not the best examples of the toleration to different beliefs in your religion, in your history and in your Prophet (SAV)' s exercises, you will be taught "tolerance" courses. 

They will want to make you "democrat". They will make "democrat" which is used like the similar meaning of all the Westerner, imperialist, secular, materialist concepts and cases and "leftist", "liberal", "moderate", "tolerant", "modern", "progressist" which are easy on ear, the unique adjective of you.

They will not want and approve that you are called as "Islamist" or even "Muslim" because "tolerance" means to let nice things for people' s desire in this materialist world. You will maybe  recognize too late that this "liberal tolerence" did not distinguish nice-ugly and moral-immoral. 

You will see that any action or demand which results from believing "Cenab-ı Allah" (God), his angels, his holy books, his prophets, judgement day... , has not included in "tolerence".

Because the tolerence of laicism is based on concessions which are parted from tyrant Catholic forces in the history of Europe; so it is closed to religious belief especially to Islam which represents true belief. 

In addition to prohibition of teaching Koran to your children, it is at least as bad as this that you will be asked to forget and to make forgatten Islamic/religious concepts. God-superstitiousness, joinder-polytheism, belief-curse, famous-munkar, "hasene-seyyie", cruelty, "tuğyan/tağut", "fasık", dissension/hypocrite, ignorance, holy war, devotion, "haşyet/huşû", bread/food, community... These concepts will be asked to be deleted in memories. You won' t read and hear from writers and intellectuals like these things.

But you will see that excuses are made: " Journey to EU is continuing despite everything. Besides there is imposition for items on list by USA and Great Middle East Project (BOP)".

Our theologians who are the servants of fame and fortune, will not want to remind you hadith which informs about the cost of being Muslim and they will not talk about its ordinary and logical consequences on earth and in life to come:

The truth of "If one of you meets a bad act, correct it with his hand. If he cannot cope with it, correct it with his speech. If he cannot cope too, then hate from his heart. This is the weakest level of religious belief" will be made forgotten (The person translating it from Muslim is Riyâzü's-Sâlihin).

They will make you "democrat slaves", force you to show "tolerance" to undreamed of  uglinesses. You won't be able to resist illegal relationships which collapse the family institution fundamentally, and it would be accepted as a crime to say "blot" to perversions.

Maybe the worst -god forbid- your daughter, will come on Valentine's day and say "daddy, may I put up my boy friend tonight?" and you will turn into red, gulp and not know how to answer. You will be ashamed of people around you, you won't be able to say anything to this outrage and lack of self respect fearing that they will castigate you, and say "wigger, bigot!"

Maybe then they will boost you saying " there a democrat and modern father!"

But if there are signs of "religiousness" in your behaviours, they will say:

"Not important, such devotion would be in everybody!"

You won't want to remember the verse stating that a Muslim " should not be afraid of castigates" with a heavy warning:

You will feel indisposed of the warning " Hey believers, the one who apostatize, should know that, ‘Allah' brings a community which is modest to Muslims whom He loved and be loved by, strong and honoured to infidels, and which fight for Allah and is not afraid of castigates."  [2]

They will make you "democrat", namely they will degenerate you. As you leave living as you believe, you will start to believe as you live. As this communal fall and unfastening was lived; you will feel a devilish happiness to catch EU standards: you will welcome the habit of extreme consumption and dissipation, breaking of family and relative ties, life's losing its meaning and degeneration by losing its noble aims, youth's wriggle in depression and becoming miserable falling into drugs, violence, sex and various heresies' clutches.

You would put every non islamic and non humane attraction elements into the center of of your life. As the sabbataist Nazım Hikmet demanded you would become "mechanical", robotic. You would act as free as a protestant when making the harm which the devil whispered to your ears and demonstrated as if beautiful. As you started to benefit from the "benedictions"(!) of the capitalism you would say " it's not such brutal" and make up fetwas.

They will make you "democrat" in order to make you malicious and atrophy your sensitivity on reaction against injustice and your awakening from the exploitation, capitalism, emperialism, cruelty and brutality nightmare which fall onto humanity. They will modernize you in order not that your joinder belief, morality, balanced and lowly life style won't be an opportunity, a chance, a source of hope and survival for humanity.

When the "will of the people" will be revealed completely against the "will of god" by your courtesy, they will call you "democrat" and applaud you.

You should awake to the facts before this nightmare become true.[3]

Our propositions after the dissolution of the parliament:

(Because our opinion requires the Supreme Court's decree of annulment for Presidental elections, DISSOLUTION OF PARLIAMENT and FALL OF THE AKP GOVERNMENT. If it will continue, it shoul absolutely act as a constituent assambly.)

So what should be done?

 After all these critic developments and strategic anxieties, under the current circumstances and standards, it is obvious that only going to early elections, letting alone solve national problems, it will not result in anything except for mortifying it.

 Because, all negative and reckless actions of AKP, who will act mistreated and aggrieved suggesting that presidental elections were knowingly prevented and their creditors were defeated, will be forgotten and maybe it will be put to the parliament more powerfully. 

However, this situation, is an important and historic opportunity for redesigning both constitution and harmful laws which are worn out or dictated by EU and ruling and controlling mechanisms which became clumsy according to:

  • Our national interests and modern needs
  • Meaning and aim of republic's revolutions
  • Fundamental human rights and international legal principles
  • Our national and inward sensibilities, moral and family structure. So external powers and disloyal environments' possibility to intervene and manipulate should be prevented.
  • A half-presidence system which will relate the Chief of the General Staff to the President, which is appropriate to Turkey's geostrategic position and regional and international responsibilities, should be accepted. Paralel to this, a new and native constitution should be prepared and go to the elections for people's determining the president.
  • Opportunity should be given to submit different constitutions prepared by left wing socialists, right wing liberalists and National Prospect owners for the choice of public.
  • Their unity within the scope of the one which gets the most votes at the first election and taking over to a three-party system should be assimilated and this multi pieced view which causes instability. The current period seems to result in that in natural flow.
  • Opportunities for going to referandum in important decisions concerning all community and pratic resulting conditions should be developed.
  • And for reliable evaluations and successfully governing of this passing period, a technokrat government, which is constituted of confident and competent people who have national and humane sensitiveness to take the country to a democratic election and normal regime in the shortest possible and appropriate time, may be necessary and useful.

Because in every condition an interim period will be certainly lived. Equipping this with the opportunities, time and equipment which will create permanent and rational results and make preparations to pave Turkey's way, would surely be more useful and coherent. So:

  • EU's citizen, not USA's tail, maverick, an examplary and leading Turkey portrait to Turkic Republics, Islam and all aggrieved nations
  • Not orderly of NATO under the management of Israel's Zionism and Crusade imperialism, the honored army of peace and composure who say "independence is our character" and state that they are "ready to shed blood in case of making Custody of Prophet Holy Paletsine land present to Israel state which will be a patrol of Western imperialism and take after beloved and dignified Atatürk
  • In our country, region and world, a new Turkey centered civilization fact, which succeeded in state-nation unity, developed in every aspect and bursted their dependance fetters, provide the conditions for all people from different religions and prospects to live together and in abundance will be born.

              Nothing will be able to defy destiny!..

By the way, we make an evacation to the double standarded cribblers(namely double-dealer and hypocrite) who took offense at Constitutional Court's decision for "it is not proper to law, it seems to be a memoir, it dynamites democracy!" 

Although you applaud and supported when Refah Partisi which have become the biggest party of the country and made the most powerful government of Republic's history was clossed by the  same Constitutional Court, why can't you drink it in now?

Are you learning that in the showpiece democracies under the management of masonic centers judgement entered into the cross-domains of power focuses just now?!

Or do you suspect that this power would pass out from Zionist clubs and pass into the hands of National deep state?

[1] Slave of Demon

[2] Maide (54)

[3] 27 APRIL 2007 / Milli Gazete

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