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Bugün: 15 Nis 2021

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Turkey stands as the brain and trunk of the Islamic World in terms of its nature and history. For this reason, it has received an all-round pursuit and destruction during the last period of the Ottoman Empire and the Republican era. But thanks to its sound and deep body and cultural roots, it has survived in spite of all military, political, economical and ethical attacks, and it has even achieved in resuscitating its dynamics that would spearhead a brand new World.

For this reason, the Western World driven by the Zionist Jewish capital (EU and USA) has invaded Iraq and Afghanistan with a view to first crippling its arms and legs for disintegrating this body (Turkey) and is now getting ready to attack Iran.


Implementing the strategy of first breaking off and chipping from the edges the branches and snags for fragmenting the tough and strong logs, and officially manifesting, along with this target and betrayal through Great Middle-East Project, that the boundaries of twenty two Islamic countries would be transformed, United States' principal aspiration is to paralyze Turkey after Iran. And still USA is the sole country insisting on repudiating the Lausanne Convention and our current national boundaries. All the weapons forwarded to Northern Iraq by USA but around 380 thousand of which were supposedly lost and majority of which were smuggled into Turkey and then recognized to be employed in the homicide of Priest in Trabzon, in the assassination of Hrant Dink and in the murder of two of our police in Izmir as well as all the persons and formations utilized as triggermen and mischievous servants in all these malicious acts are apparently backed and glazed by USA and Israel.

Therefore, any kind of attack to Iran is considered to be destined to Turkey. That AKP and its sycophants who fail to sense the fact that Iraq's invasion is actually a warm-up for splitting Turkey now tail the attack to Iran is conspicuous evidence witnessing that they are not in negligence but consciously in betrayal.

It is now a must for everyone, whether civil or soldier, and for every segment who are faithful to its nation, give ear to the voice of its conscience, seek dignity in life and contemplate the future generations to recourse to every kind of remedy for the sake of staunching this progress and rescuing the country from not only the government but also the mentality that bows to the will of and mimics the West. Another covert and devilish plan of some desperate and perverted Zionists and Evangelists is to put Turkey at grips with Iran and heroize Iran. 

Bona fide Jewish and Christian segments should, as accompanied with Muslims, contravene such distractions that would give rise to the 3rd World War, because the world hosts so many opportunities and chances that would suffice for both the Jews and Christians as well as Muslims and other people. And as it is highlighted in Quran, "peace is definitely more auspicious than war."

USA had manifested "Iran's maneuvers is a pre-arrangement for war"

The Department of State accounted Iran's military maneuvers in the Persian Gulf as a "war threat". In his statement, Sean Mc Cormack, Unites States Department Spokesperson, remarked that "such kind of an action reflecting as a ‘war threat' has revealed that the region is deprived of a source of stability at such a time under such a regime". The spokesperson stressed that such maneuvers was a source of instability and a foul wind.

The Iranian State Television had reported that the "Great Prophet-2" maneuvers had set about with the participation of Yahya Rahim Safavi, the commander-in-chief of the revolution guards, and some top-level commanders.

It was further accounted that also the Scud B, Zulfiqar-73, Fath-110, Z-3 and Zelzal missiles were successfully tested in the maneuvers reported to have started with the launch of the Shahab-2 and Shahab-3 missiles.

Rice had threatened Iran

Condoleezza Rice, the Secretary of the US Department, had threatened Iran for their testing long-range ballistic missiles. Rice impudently voiced that Iran bowed to such an operation just for the sake of reflecting a mighty facade, yet "it should face up to the future developments to be correspondingly befalling". Making manifestations on long-range ballistic missile tests, Condoleezza Rice, the Secretary of the US Department, threatened Iran and remarked that in case such missiles were employed for evil purposes, Iran should well foresee future handicaps it would suffer in that respect. Uttering "I think Iran strives to demonstrate how potent and sound it is. Yet the Iranians are either unaware of the fact or they ignore it; in case of an unfavorable incidence, they should face up to future happenings", Rice had further commented on Iran's attitude towards UN Security Council's resolution as follows: "I think Iran carries on its threats, and for this reason international public opinion should be resistant to Iran's such sort of ambitions".

A maneuvers for a prospective attack to Iran staged?

What was the reason of the gigantic military buildup in Northern Mediterranean? Hundreds of American battleships concentrated on the strategic waters of the Middle East and organized two crucial military maneuvers. The common purpose of both of the exercises was briefed as "Getting ready for attack to the Iran's nuclear threat and safeguarding the oil resources".

Much beyond fully controlling Lebanon, in the region where naval force is highly concentrated, developments that are more significant than the Israeli warplanes' opening fire against the German ships are anticipated. In addition to the US battle fleets, European countries have established the greatest military buildup in Northern Mediterranean after the 2nd World War. 75 battleships, spy planes, two aircraft carriers hosting the helicopters, 15 warships, thousands of soldiers contribute to this volume. Accompanied with hundreds of ships, USA bands together in Persian Gulf and Red Sea.

The remark uttered by US President, George Bush, to Jaques Chirac, the France's President saying "I'd find it indulgent if Israel assaulted to the Iran's nuclear facilities for preventive reasons" should be taken highly seriously... Another purpose lying behind the maneuvers is reflected as "hindering the transshipment of nuclear supplies entering into the region". Even though such purpose is justified as preventing Al Quada from assaulting to the neighboring Saudi Arabic and Gulf region, it directly targets Iran in reality. Non-participant in the maneuvers, Saudi Arabia has mobilized all of its forces. Extraordinary measures are being taken in the region that is accommodating the world's biggest oil terminal. In this context, it is also known that one of the sites welcoming military buildup is Red Sea.

Loaded with this mission, USS Eisenhower, the US nuclear aircraft carrier, has passed the Suez Canal and dashed into Red Sea on October 31. That highly-complimented aircraft carrier to which journalists from Turkey were invited and the pictures of which were published in headline pages met with another aircraft carrier ready on the Saudi Arabic coasts. Meanwhile John Negroponte, US executive in charge of intelligence is placing negotiations in capital cities of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel. Evil thoughts are sniffed behind the military buildup in Northern Mediterranean, Red Sea and Arabic. Reasons such as terror potential, oil transport and safeguarding ceasefire in Lebanon cannot satisfactorily exhibit justification for the gigantic buildup, because there is a highly concentrated force in these regions that is quite incommensurate with all reasons claimed. The ongoing war in Iraq and Afghanistan is not the sufficient justification either. These countries do not require very extensively outfitted mine layers.

The Persian Gulf hosting 20% of the global oil flow is on pins and needles. An unforeseeable hot event may occur at any moment. The stress accumulating in the Northern Mediterranean, Persian Gulf and Red Sea will somehow outburst. We can confront surprising developments.

The Vietnam war broke out in 1964's August when an assault was claimed to have made to a US destroyer on the Tonkin Gulf. Upon this claim, USA resolved to attack to Vietnam. However, time has shown that such an assault never occurred. It was a simple mise en scene to trigger the war. This scenario culminated in the death of millions of Vietnamese people and thousands of US soldiers. Now the eyes are set on the Persian Gulf.

Don't say it's impossible! Everything can happen given force-oriented policies, security strategies and idiocy are explicitly on the forefront ...[1] Yet, what's more desperate is, the fact that the real target of the imperialist US and European countries is not Iran but Turkey is ignored, and the AKP government does not abstain from serving as a contractor to evil scenarios!

Mr. Erdoğan's associate, Zapatero had solicited for "international intervention for Middle East"! 

As you may well remember, Mr. Erdoğan and Zapatero gathered to submit the "report on the alliance of civilizations" they have co-chaired together for a period of around one and half years to Kofi Annan, the UN's General Secretary. In the press meeting organized after the debate, Zapatero brought up the adverse impacts of incidences occurring in Gaza on regional geography and remarked "We can no longer remain as just an onlooker to the disaster underway, also EU cannot keep unresponsive, and this situation entails the intervention of the international society". Highlighting that the calamity should be halted for the sake of a peaceful future, Zapatero uttered "We should not keep unresponsive to what's going on in the region. I am sure EU and Spain will break the silence, so will Turkey. New interventions should be made. And we desire to kick off the initial intervention in collaboration with our associates in EU. Zapatero added as follows: "EU should know it very well, if Union desires to turn out to be a future-setting actor, it should not boggle over intra-cultural differences. It should courageously take steps. Our goal is to ensure and secure peace and security." Remarking that their support to the Turkey's EU membership will keep going, Zapatero noted that he swayed to non-interception of negotiations at the meeting to be held on December. Emphasizing that Turkey respectably strives harder for membership, the guest prime minister has underlined his intimate expectation for the Finnish plan to introduce a solution. 

Recalling in his speech that Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has replied in the affirmative to the plan put forward by UN for the solution of the Cyprus problem, Mr. Erdoğan uttered that such fact was tried to be faded out. Mr. Erdoğan added as follows: "We hope the common sense outbalances. We have a single desire. Remove the isolation imposed on Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and we will open both the harbors and airports." The leaders have executed the "Strategy Certificate" that would bring in new developments in economical, cultural, social and commercial arena between the two countries. In this context, representatives of 15 companies will gather and seek solutions for enhancing the economical and business relationships.

Upon his negotiation with Zapatero, Prime Minister Mr. Erdoğan gathered with Cofi Annan, the UN's General Secretary. Upon the off-press negotiation, both leaders switched to the Feriye Restaurant for the off-press dinner. Prime Minister Zapatero honored the dinner with his spouse.

Israel's assault to Iran culminates in a calamity for the West

West is swiftly taken to a prospective combat with Iran offering an invisible end but clearly dreadful consequences. The real source of problems is Israel!

Ehud Olmert denies that Israel devises a nuclear assault to paralyze Tahran's nuclear ambitions. Such denial serves to the same purpose with oozing: To consistently pump the probability of a war to the Western public opinion and then to arrange the war. If the assault takes place, it will be sanctified through projecting an inevitable situation. The setting will be the same as in Iraq: There was no any other alternative.

An Israel attack to the Iran's nuclear facility will not be as strategically simple as it was in the assault to Iraq's nuclear facility in 1981, due to the minimum reason that such facilities are scattered and under the ground. However, what's more important than such logistic issues is a potential radioactive radiation to be arising out of such an assault...

We should be ready for an unimaginable rise in tension in case West is engaged in an assault to Iran that is perceived as a democratic state by Muslims. The recent resolution for embargo taken by the UN Security Council could not interrupt Iran's challenge. It is apparent that West has not exhausted all of the diplomatic options in its approach towards the West yet. Israel should rather opt for diplomacy without making a further progress along a military challenge; otherwise it would turn out to be a calamity for all of us. Because attack to Iran is projected through Turkey. Therefore the groundwork for a clash by Iran to Turkey before Israel is laid. In other words, Israel and the West are aspired to dress Turkey in care of Iran.

[1] 3.11.2006 / İbrahim Karagül / Yeni Şafak

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