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The elderly Queen of England, who is the founder and protector of Israel that arises as a threat in the middle of the Palestine lands and Islamic geography, paid a visit to Turkey to back "the New Ottoman Project"... What a surprise!

Whereas, it was England that instigated the World War I in order to break up the Islamic geography and undermine Ottoman State with the aim of supporting Zionist Israeli terrorism... it was England that seized the warships that we paid in advance... it was England that backed the Greeks to invade Anatolia and occupied Adana, Antep, Maraş and Mosul in the mean time... it was the insidious and treacherous England that provoked our citizens - Armenians and Kurds - into fighting against us. 

English governors and the governments of the USA that came into existence through the combination of England and Germany, Italy and Spain...  It was these same Zionist Lobbies that caused great distress not only for Muslims but also for the well-intentioned and humane Jews and Christians by protecting Israel and shedding blood in the Mideast

Unfortunately, today, the governments in Turkey, England and the USA and even in Israel have a devil-may-care feeling about peace, security and future of their people. They are at service of global exploitative capital and Zionist lobbies - like   Rockefeller and Rothschild.   

Who was the mysterious man in Elizabeth's committee?

          Turkey has been talking about Elizabeth's visit to Turkey for days. But our minds are still confused about the purpose of this visit.

Here is the interesting explanations of Aytuç Altındal that he made for;

Now, the first point that should be paid attention about Queen Elizabeth's visit to Turkey is what  she wrote in the visitor's book at Anıtkabir. The message is clear and explicit. What is the message? It says "Atatürk is a much beloved friend of the United Kingdom"

The Queen of England does not directly express her ideas everywhere. The word "our friend" is very important.  That is, it is emphasized that Atatürk is a friend of England, a friend of Kingdom. In other words, Atatürk, to some extent, is shown as the man of Masons and Zionist centres.

Second point is that the Queen of England does not go on touristic trips. She never goes on touristic trips in any way, she can't do that. Yet, she makes some attempts on English Government's request.

On a request, she visits a country, she sometimes goes twice and even three times. There is a common misconception in Turkey. It is thought that kingdom in England is something symbolic. This is a lie, nonsense. Why?

Because the Queen of England (1) is the head of Anglican Church, (2) has the authority to open and close down the Parliament  and (3) is the head of British Armed Forces.

And the fourth:  "Her Majesty's Secret Intelligence Service". FI 1, 5 and 6 are directly responsible to the Queen. So, the explanations like the Queen of England has no authority, she has no efficiency, she comes and goes like a tourists are not true and realistic. (Furthermore, the kingdom of great Britain is under the guidance of masons and Zionist centres. M.Ç).

Nowadays, President of Turkey is facing a political ban because of a case opened against him. He is not politically banned for the time being but it is likely to occur.

For that reason, giving an Order to such a person is very meaningful and remarkable. Because, how can you treat a person in such a situation in court? It needs to be taken into account. Finally I would like to highlight another point; this is something weird, something not commonly known but it caught my attention:   

One of the quests in the common committee is someone called Grenville Byford. This person is an American and his wife is from Israel and she is daughter of a noteworthy intelligence officer. Besides, this man knows Turkish very well.

What's more, he is very close to Abdullah Gül and the fair-haired boy of Her Majesty's Secret Intelligence Service. Now what surprises me is the fact that this man was also in the committee. He once welcomed Abdullah Gül in his own home in England. That is, Abdullah Gül stayed in Granville's house as a guest.

Grenville was in Davos in the past. This is also another important point. He is the best friend of Norman, who once was a candidate for the U.S. presidency.

Norman and Grenville Byford run a company together. They have everything. They are the architects of the Mideast project. Moreover, overthrow of the Erbakan, who has always opposed to Zionism and imperialism, began in London.    

I mean that Tayyip Erdoğan and Abdullah Gül together got prepared in London. And Grenville was also one of the members of that secret and mysterious meeting.

Tayyip Erdoğan, Morton Abramovich, Richard Paul and Grenville were all together. Erbakan was overthrown and Tayyip Erdoğan and Abdullah Gül were brought to the administration by Intelligence officers of Queen of England and some Zionist forerunners.      

Did the Queen show up to back AKP?

            Turkish President Abdullah Gul hosted the banquet at the Cankaya Presidential Palace in honour of the Queen and President Gül also wore the Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath (one of the most prestigious orders in England) that Queen Elizabeth bestowed on him. And upon seeing those moments of happiness together with Queen, we can't help asking ourselves whether President Gül was announced good news!

What things did President Gül and his wife Hayrünnisa Gül and The Queen and her husband Prince Philip talk about at the Çankaya Presidential Palace after the welcoming ceremony?

The Queen's full itinerary was prepared by the A - team of the English politics (the real masters of the world) who have known and favoured President GÜL for a long time. May they really have felt the hard times that Abdullah Gül has recently been going trough and wanted to deliver a message to the whole word via Queen that they are siding with him.  

Through the glimmering crown of the Queen, in the course of contingencies on closure case of AKP and contingencies on political ban on Gül which will automatically overthrow the presidency of Gül or make his position controversial... English fellows... Well, is the motivation only for Mr. Gül?     

Did the Queen present the point of view and the preference or rather wish of London in a general perspective by using the fine points of English Diplomacy and favouring Mr. Gül on the one hand and Babacan on the other hand. What else does the delicate language of timing tell us? It is you that should figure out the details of dynamics...

While Washington remains reticent or impartial in the face of closing down AKP or putting Erdoğan on the ban list, we had better wait for a while to analyse clearly the messages delivered by London through the Queen-CROWN and ORDER.

As for the Elizabeth's visit to Bursa... the headline on the media was "The Queen has wholly experienced the Ottoman breeze"   

Once more we ended up with "the Caliphate and Great Ottoman Project" which is the key to BOP (the Greater Middle East Project). As I wrote many times on these columns, according to the regional transformation projects of the known  seigniors; "the new Ottoman model is an ideal model for Turkey, and accordingly, Turkey can lead the Islamic World along with the revival of Caliphate. "Supreme Islam Council" or the Caliphate is the only way to gather all different ideas and ideologies under a single roof. In that case, what is next? Who is one of the prominent architects of the Supreme Islam Council project?[1] Fethullah Gülen?

Giving plenty of praise unto Gülen by REUTERS was not a coincidence.

            What a coincidence!... in the meanwhile, Fethullah Gülen got on the stage in New York Times.!

            One of the world's foremost papers, New York Times, is giving special interest to Fethullah Gülen. Fethullah Gülen has recently been front page news in New York Times and this newspaper is now reporting the news of a Reuter's correspondent;

            "A Turkish Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen - threat or benefactor?

            Gulen advocates a moderate Islam rooted in modern life. His teachings have inspired millions of Turks to forge a powerful socio-religious community active in publishing, charity and above all education. Gulen has a reputation abroad as a Muslim who preaches tolerance and engagement with other faiths. But many in Turkey's secularist establishment say he has a political agenda and wants to create a religious state and a cadre of people to run it. Gulen wants to see a renaissance of the modern Muslim world with Turkey at the forefront, deriving from its historical position as head of the multi-ethnic Ottoman Empire."

            An interview with students from Fatih College in Avcılar is also included in the report provided by Alexandra Hudson.  The reports says the movement has built up a network of some 800 schools around the world, teaching a full curriculum focusing on science and technology and Gulen's teachings do not feature on the programme, otherwise the school would be closed. "Now a shift in society is bringing to the fore a rising class of religious professionals, from which Gulen gleans much of his support. And this shift helped sweep the Islamist-rooted AK Party to power."

            According to Reuters, there are 5 million Gulen sympathizers among Turkey's population and people within the Gulen community dismiss such views that arguing they have a secret agenda. [2]

            Zionist Ehud Olmert said "Erdoğan is my good friend, he is helping me!

            Olmert made good confessions about Erdoğan in his speech published in the newspaper. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said "My good friend Mr. Erdoğan is helping me to put the negotiations with Syria in a stable framework" Mr. Olmert stated that Mr. Erdoğan demonstrated effort to begin the peace negotiations between Syria and Israel, and stated "I hope that this process will be a success, and I am very grateful to the Turkish Prime Minister".

Showing Turkey as the closest democracy to Israel in the region, Mr. Olmert said "To some extent, Turkey is already an EU country. They wish to be a member of the European Union and we support this".

Weird! The Queen of England is supporting the President and the chief of the Zionist Israel is supporting the Prime Minister and then they are delivering the message "They are helping us".

And this reminds us of the following verses;

"Seest thou not those who turn (in friendship) to such as have the Wrath of Allah upon them? They are neither of you nor of them, and they (although know what they are doing is infidelity) swear to falsehood knowingly. [3]

Satan has got the better of them: so he has made them forget remembrance of Allah. They are the Party of Satan. Truly, it is the Party of Satan that will lose!

Allah has decreed (and exactly decided): "It is I and My Messengers who must prevail (and be victorious)": for Allah is Strong, Mighty.[4]

Güler's findings were striking and these findings summarised everything;

                    Were the vital decision backdated?

Calumniating shamelessly and under the pretext of Dolmabahçe meeting, some began to come down on the feeling of trust of people through Chief of the Turkish General Staff...

Lets look into the process when this calumniation was made; the dearest Queen came to Turkey and presented her deepest regards to Mr. Gül and then their supportive messages regarding "new Ottoman project" were recorded... while grief-stricken people of the country were kept busy with the story of closing AKP, the real horrific plan was being put into practice;

The other day... DTP İstanbul Deputy S.T. stated in a meeting; "our project is to divide Turkey into 20-25 regions, only the regions that Kurds live commonly... an administration form that every community in 20-25 regions will express themselves without limits and local assemblies will be under control. This is something that should be talked over..."

Which project do you think this weird and horrific administration form contributes to? Why has there been an increase in the number of the statements implying "Federation" in the last 3-5 months? All of a sudden, The Northern Iraq will be like KKTC (Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus)... What is going on? Was shifting into another stage regarding regional MAIN plans backdated?

Let's use bigger magnifying glasses for the bigger photos; experienced English diplomats made us feel that they took over the control mechanism in the Middle East after their cousin, SAM, began to face some tactical and strategic mistakes. So far today they preferred directing the play by staying at backstage and now they have began to appear on the stage. Dear analyst reader, this time please try to see the Queen's visit to Turkey through this viewpoint.

I had announced you in November 2007 that language of diplomacy would necessarily be the new language of all us and the peevish and the aggressive ones would be cleared out. Now I wonder whether there is another significant change. From now on, is it inevitable to backdate or change the time of major operations in controlling this new style?

Will the external dynamics necessarily have influences as driving force on domestic politics?

Mr. Baykal - Republican People's Party leader - made an important explanation; "an early election may take place in October in case Supreme Court approves the closure of AKP in August".  The state of Secret Zionist World has accelerated the dealing of cards in the game of politics? It is impossible to endure this tension created by the uncertainty. (We will see how the faith will change the roles this time and what sort of fate is waiting for the brutal. M.Ç.)     

By the way, there was  breaking news coded "special news" by the Reuters; an unnamed minister of AKP explained Reuters that they had been expecting Supreme Court to close down AKP within a few months and ban Erdoğan from politics and they had been looking for the ways of keeping the political power in their hand. In the same news, another unnamed senior-official of AKP stated that it was a distinct possibility for even the President Abdullah Gül to come face to face with a 5-year ban from politics. 

Do you think these striking explanations in Reuters point out that the final stage is already in progress for AKP and the whole politics and the time for the vital decision has already been backdated? 

If so then it means we will go through very busy days in the following 4 or 5 months. Brand-new parties in the political arena, new surprising developments, new faces, new-old documents flying into the air and ...[5]    



On the one hand, a ruling Government that disregards our National interests for the sake of their own prosperity and passions with the help of external powers, Jewish Lobbies and cursed countries like the USA and England, a government just like Atatürk envisaged "...those who hold power within the country may be in error, misguided and may even be traitors"..... On the other hand, a jurisdiction that functions like an opposition party... a jurisdiction that, instead of judging the Masonic relations of the government and pass of our sovereignty to the EU, disregards the religious values and beliefs of our country under the pretext of secularism and, in that way, makes AKP more favourable in the eyes of our religious people...

            It shouldn't be forgotten that neither of these two sides represents justice or our people. Hopefully, our people and national sovereignty will prevail as a result of the clash between these two sides.   

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