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The Zionist powers, the rulers of the Secret World State, and the leaders of the USA and Russia, their puppets, had planned the Ukrainian War together. Recall the videos in which, during a conversation, Putin was kept waiting for a long time and humiliated at the door of the office by the Israeli Prime Minister… And again, remember when Israel made a missile attack on the supposedly Super Power, Russia’s Naval Base in Tartus, Syria, against which Russia couldn’t even retaliate. Try to understand how geriatric and overwhelmed Joe Biden was not even able to rule big America and the world… And how some dark organizations made some countries with their supposedly elected “democratic puppets” serve their own evil goals from behind the scenes!? So, these same evil powers had Russia attack Ukraine, included Sweden and Finland to NATO for to create a necessary and manageable new evil order and even so, just to restore the pendulum of Capitalist-Socialist controversy aiming to spread the dominance of Zionist exploitation.

Please remember, when the Nation Alliance (electoral alliance in Türkiye) explained that they would ‘break and remove the treasury guaranteed heist wheel’ which was given to foreign and subsidiary companies”, by the supposedly pious hero (!) Mr. Erdogan who had revealed both his worth and of whom they served by saying; “Oh, there is International Arbitration, they will take that money from you!… Because International Arbitration was creation of the Zionist exploitation barons, and Erdogan personally witnessed what these power centers were capable of!.. But there was a fact they had forgotten since they took off and discarded their National Vision ‘shirt” (Milli Görüş: Political sight in Türkiye), in other words, their religious and conscientious identity which was that The only One with Power and Might was Almighty Allah alone, and His revenge was imminent!..

Russia Had Used its Energy Trump Card Against the West!

Against the economic sanctions imposed on Russia by Europe and the United States, Russian President Putin, imposed the obligation to start a ruble account in Russian banks for countries importing natural gas from Russia starting from April 1 and pay natural gas payouts in rubles. This request of Russia was initially rejected by all countries out of concern that it would neutralize the economic sanctions imposed by Europe and the United States. However, due to the problems of energy supply security that may be caused by the current high dependence on Russia, it had caused differences and disagreements to arise between European countries. Just as in the fact that how ruble accounts were started in Russian banks having gas payments be made in ruble, this disagreement manifested itself as well as in completely stopping the purchase of oil from Russia. On the other hand, Russia cut off the natural gas of Poland and Bulgaria, countries that refused to start ruble accounts in Russian banks and pay gas in rubles.

Earlier, due to the fact that Finland did not meet the demand to pay gas in rubles, Russia also cut off its gas. Finland, a neighbor of Russia, was a country that fell under the target of Russia both because of its non-compliance with the obligation of Russia to pay for gas in rubles and because it applied to NATO. Considering the amount of natural gas used by the countries from which Russia has cut off natural gas, and in terms of their dependence on Russia, the fact that there are countries that can easily provide security of supply in natural gas with alternative sources did not seem to be a problem for these countries for now. Thus, Russia has clearly shown that it does not hesitate to use its energy weapon when the time comes.

So, what were the conditions of the other European countries?

The dependence of European countries, which imported more than 40 percent of their natural gas consumption from Russia in 2021, on Russian natural gas varied from country to country. Russia’s share of Germany’s natural gas imports was 54 percent, Lithuania’s 69 percent and Italy’s 33 percent. On the other hand, Poland, whose natural gas was cut off by Russia, supplied 81 percent of natural gas, and Hungary, which objected the most to energy cuts from Russia, supplied 78 percent of natural gas from Russia. Although it remains unclear how these countries may act, due to the obligation to pay for the April gas deliveries made by Russia just one month later in May 2022, a decision in terms of the countries was necessary to be made by Russia.

For Russia, there was no problem in energy demand security!

It seemed difficult for European countries to reduce their high dependence on Russia in a short time due to the difficulties they would have in compensating for the problems they would face in terms of energy supply security in a short time. This caused no disruption in natural gas and oil revenues, which are the backbone of the Russian economy, and the economic sanctions imposed by European countries and the United States due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine almost became ineffective.

Looking at the statement made by Gazprom, half of the approximately 54 small, medium and large-sized companies that had an agreement with the Russian natural gas energy company Gazprom were opening ruble accounts in order to buy natural gas from Russia. This, in turn, showed that Russia would continue to use its energy trump card.

So, was the European Union prepared for Russia to cut off natural gas?

How prepared was the European Union (EU) to turn Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threats into reality and suddenly cut off gas shipments? Although there were contingency plans prepared for this, many uncertainties were still observed. According to the decree signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, natural gas payments are now paid in rubles instead of dollars or euros. But the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi who had a meeting with Vladimir Putin was saying that he was sure that even if payments were made in euros and dollars, Russia would not reduce gas exports to Europe. Draghi, after a telephone conversation with Putin, stated that European companies will continue to pay in euros or dollars, although it is not easy to convert to rubles, he agreed with Putin that the Russian side should take this step. Draghi, was saying that “European companies will be able to pay the same as they paid before, without having to violate the European Union’s (EU) sanctions on Russia’s banking sector”. Although the European Union said that it was prepared for the unexpected cessation of gas shipments from Russia, this did not seem very convincing. However, the EU Commission, which was trying to give the impression that it was prepared, was pointing out to Ensure the Security of Natural Gas Supply Related to the Regulations which had been in force since 2017. The 27 EU member states had created their own laws and plans to step in an emergency on the basis of this text. Germany and Austria had activated the early warning phase of the emergency plans in question. This stage envisaged the regular assessment of the supply situation by forming a crisis team, and for this purpose a coordination group was being created. The Regulation on Ensuring the Security of Natural Gas Supply gave the EU Commission the opportunity to declare a European-wide or regional emergency. In this case, in order to ensure stronger coordination in the purchase, distribution of gas and the search for new suppliers, it was envisaged to create a Gas Coordination Group, which will include gas supplying companies and sector representatives in the member states. However, this group did not have the authority to give instructions. Gas was again supplied from Russia and other sources on the basis of law and bilateral contracts.

According to the regulation, in cases of supply shortages, emergency plans were envisaged to be activated in all EU countries and gas shipments to so-called “non-protection” consumers, such as industrial enterprises, were to be stopped. In this plan, hospitals and households were among the last consumers to be decoupled from the natural gas network. In addition, although “solidarity-based gas exchange” is envisaged between the countries, so far only Germany, Denmark, Austria and Italy have signed the relevant agreements. The experts of the EU Commission were of the same opinion that if the shipment of Russian gas to the EU is completely stopped, supplies from alternative sources will not be provided overnight. Although it still seemed possible to manage the situation without cutting off the gas, this meant emptying the tanks, which were already a quarter full. However, in order to survive the next winter, these stores had to be filled instead of emptied.

Was there a possibility to receive natural gas centrally?

According to the estimations of the think tank Bruegel working in the field of economic policy in Brussels, it was stated that natural gas prices in world markets may increase rapidly, as the demand for natural gas from Norway, the United States (USA), Qatar and Algeria will increase significantly. As a precaution, the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, was proposing to set a ceiling price while natural gas shipments from Russia were still being provided. Draghi made a statement to members of the press in Rome, he said; “From the financing of Putin’s war” there was no reason for EU countries to pay exorbitant prices. The Italian Prime Minister added that the EU should act in unity in order to use its market power as Russia’s largest customer.

Russia cutting off natural gas would be a Disaster for Europe!

Energy expert from the think tank Bruegel Georg Zachmann was also calling on Europeans to buy common gas centrally. So far, it is not enough for member countries to agree only on the coordination of procurement activities, said Zachmann, and criticized saying; “We see that member countries behave like competitors when it comes to suppliers, trying to bid higher than each other”. In addition, the heads of state and government of the EU member states decided to work together to ensure the filling of gas tanks. The draft law prepared by the EU Commission foresaw the filling of 80 percent of natural gas facilities by the autumn of 2022. It was also planned to increase occupancy rates to 90 percent by the beginning of the heating season next year. In this case, it was emphasized that this would also apply to semi-state-backed Russian energy giant Gazprom which undertakes the operation of the EU gas storage facilities and owns shares in many energy supplier companies within the EU.

Would Europe reach a position to give up Russian natural gas by 2026?

Diederik Samsom, one of the team of EU Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans, was defending the view that the EU could abandon two-thirds of its natural gas imports from Russia by the end of the year. Currently, the EU buys 150 billion cubic meters of natural gas a year from Russia. Samson stated that 50 billion cubic meters of this could be met with liquefied natural gas (LNG) received from the United States and Qatar, and 50 billion cubic meters could be provided by October imports from Algeria and Norway, as well as methods such as biogas, energy saving. Samsom said that by the end of 2026 and the beginning of 2027, it is possible to be completely independent of Russia’s natural gas “Energy will become much more expensive than it is today. It was very cheap during the past decades. Our entire economic model needs to change.” he stated.

The fact that the supply could stop at any moment made the EU countries suspicious!

Zachmann, an energy expert from the think tank Bruegel, was critical of the EU’s still not making efforts to overcome the crisis. Zachman, who believes that the EU has developed a quick and orderly exit strategy, but that the scenario in question will not solve this current crisis, stated: “The supply can stop at any moment, and this is very dangerous”.

In the EU member states, however, the situation seemed relatively calm. France, which meets 20 percent of its natural gas consumption from Russia, did not foresee the risk of supply shortages at the moment. Bulgaria used to get 90 percent of its natural gas from Russian sources. Bulgarian natural gas company Bulgargaz Chairman Ivan Topchiiski explained that Bulgaria planned to buy natural gas only from Azerbaijan next year and to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Greece. Topchiiski added that only in this way natural gas will cost more than to supply it from Russia.

The ‘gas’ crisis in Germany had moved to an alarm level!

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, in addition to the civilian and military losses inflicted, was bringing the world to the brink of a great Decadence. While the grain crisis, which started with the disruption of supply chains, put all countries in difficulty, there was also great panic in places that were dependent on Russian gas for energy. At the top list of these places was Germany. Germany was today commissioning the second phase of a three-stage emergency plan for the supply of natural gas, stressing that Europe’s largest economy is facing a “crisis” and warning that storage targets for the winter are at risk due to reduced deliveries from Russia. He said that the government’s decision to raise the level to “alert” was due to interruptions in the flow of Russian natural gas since June 14 and rising energy prices exacerbated by the war in Ukraine. The third and highest stage of the alarm, which is currently at the second level, was considered the “emergency” level.

This was the worry of “the situation being serious, while having winter approach!”…

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck warned in a statement, “The situation is serious, and winter will come!”. Habeck, “The reduction in gas supplies is an economic attack on us by Russian President Vladimir Putin. We will defend ourselves against it. But our country will now have to take a bumpy road.” he expressed. As it is known, Russia was reducing gas flows to Germany, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. European Union countries, on the other hand, were scrambling to refill the fuel used to produce electricity, the power industry and heat houses in winter.

Gazprom, Russia’s state-owned energy giant, was using a missing part sent to Canada for repair due to interruptions in the Nord Stream-1 pipeline, Europe’s largest gas pipeline running under the Baltic Sea to Germany. But the relevance of the situation to the ongoing war and the sanctions imposed on Russia was clear to everyone.

Gas cuts had started in all European countries!

After these, there was a succession of gas Decommissioning for Poland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France and the Netherlands. The German government was saying that current gas demands were being met and that gas storage facilities were being filled to 58% capacity, which is higher than this time last year (June 2021). However, he stated that the goal of reaching 90% by December would not be possible without further measures.

Habeck, repeated the confession: “We are in a gas crisis, even if we can’t feel it yet”. He was saying that Germany would not react to the situation by keeping all the supplies it receives to itself and cutting off the flow of neighboring countries. Instead, the government was urging industry and those living in Germany to reduce their consumption as much as possible.

There was going to be great trouble!

Habeck, “Prices are already high and we need to be prepared for further increases. This will affect industrial production and will be a big burden for many manufacturers” he warned. To dampen demand, the government had planned to hold auctions that would have seen large industrial consumers receive money if they opted out of their contracts. Since announcing the first phase of the contingency plan in March, Germany and other countries have been trying to get additional gas from European neighbors such as the Netherlands and Norway, as well as liquefied natural gas from producers in the Gulf and further afield.

The ‘gas’ crisis had already started in Germany, the country had moved to the alert level!

All the available data showed that countries that could not store energy would have great difficulties in the winter months. To the dismay of environmentalists, the government announced that it would increase the burning of more polluting coal and reduce the use of gas for electricity generation. Germany was saying that it had informed European partners about this move in advance.

How would the US and Europe overcome their dependence on Russia for energy?

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, explained that they discussed with their European allies to stop oil imports from Russia. In this context, the United States had begun negotiations with Venezuela, which had imposed an embargo on. The nuclear deal with Iran was also being tried to be concluded quickly. Russia’s military action in Ukraine had initially led to harsh sanctions by the United States and European countries. But these sanctions did not stop Putin, and therefore Russia. Because, in fact, Joe Biden and Putin, who were guided by the same Zionist capital powers, planned the Ukrainian war together. Moreover, the United States had reduced natural gas production months earlier and increased prices.

In an environment where military operations have led to terrible destruction and many civilians and innocent people have lost their lives, the United States and European countries are also seen as the ‘final blow’ to Russia, that they are starting to think about stopping oil imports they had announced it and it was total bragging politics. While US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated that they discussed stopping oil imports from Russia with their European allies, it was part of the Zionist plan for countries to increase their speed in search of alternatives for this reason.

With these speculations, the price of a thousand cubic meters of natural gas in Europe broke a record and reached 3,300 euros. Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia and former Head of State Dmitry Medvedev, Regarding Germany’s Nord Stream-2 decision, he explained showing off: “Welcome to the new world where Europeans will pay 2000 euros for natural gas”. However, the latest data, along with these ones, exceeded Medvedev’s forecasts.

On the other hand, brent oil tested $ 139, US crude oil tested $ 130, while coal prices rose by 35 percent to a new record high of $ 354 per tonne with the same concern. According to Bloomberg HT, coal was finding buyers in Indonesia and Australia at prices close to $ 500 per ton.

The world’s largest oil producers were: (Per Day / Barrel)

1- USA: 15 thousand

2- Saudi Arabia: 13 thousand

3- Russia: 12 thousand

4- China: 5 thousand

5- Canada: 5 thousand

6- Iraq: 5 thousand

7- Iran: 5 thousand

8- UAE: 4 thousand

9- Brazil: 3500

10- Kuwait: 3 thousand

11- Mexico: 3 thousand

12- Venezuela: 2400

13- Norway: 2 thousand

14- Qatar: 2 thousand

15- Nigeria: 2 thousand

16- Angola: 1750

17- Algeria: 1600     

18- Kazakhstan: 1600

19- England: One Thousand

20- India: One Thousand

The amount at risk in the event of a complete stop of oil exports from Russia was estimated at around 5 million barrels per day, according to the International Energy Agency. The EU imports 41.1 percent of natural gas from Russia, 16.2 percent from Norway, 7.6 percent from Algeria and 5.2 percent from Qatar. In crude oil, 26.9 percent, and in solid fuel, 46.7 percent were again purchased from Russia.

So, what alternatives were countries expected to turn to if oil imports from Russia, which Europe is said to be ‘dependent on’, were stopped?


One of the countries that the United States discussed with the alternative of leaving Russia was Venezuela. However, in the parliamentary elections in 2020, the United States also stated that the elections were rigged, explaining that they do not recognize the new government, and the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido considered himself the “legitimate head of state” of the country. The EU also stated that it did not recognize the Maduro government, but stepped back in 2021. However, the United States currently recognizes Guaido. The latest US sanctions included freezing all assets of the Venezuelan government in the US and Decriminalizing business transactions. However, despite the strict sanctions, the Washington administration was willing to sit down at the table with Venezuela.

Venezuela is seen as the right choice in the search for an alternative because it is the country with the richest oil reserves in the world with more than 302 billion barrels of oil on record. According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), Venezuela’s crude oil production has rapidly declined to historically low levels. Among the oil-producing countries, Venezuela’s daily Decimated oil exports were around 2.3 million tons.


Despite all the embargoes, Iran was also among the countries considered in the oil and gas ban against Russia. Iran, which is among the alternatives, is a country with oil reserves being the 4th richest in the world with an oil amount of over 157 billion barrels. According to the official Iranian news agency IRNA and OPEC data, Iran ranks fifth with an average daily oil production of 2.4 million barrels per day in 2021, but due to sanctions, it used them for domestic consumption rather than exporting. It was said that Iran’s daily barrel oil exports in 2021 were around 1.2 million barrels.

However, in the alternative phase against Russia, sanctions on Iranian oil were expected to be lifted and the reintroduction process to the market was expected to be accelerated. In this way, it was also aimed to stabilize prices. Iran’s semi-official news agency Tasnim shared a report that the head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency, Mohammad Islami, and the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Rafael Grossi, had come together in the nuclear negotiations and that the negotiations for the return to nuclear agreement in Vienna had entered the final stage.


The problems of global energy supply and the possible reorganization of world alliances were coming to the fore in the light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to sources, the United States currently relied on Russia for 10% of imports of crude oil and petroleum products. Another country mentioned in the search for an alternative was Saudi Arabia. With over 266 billion barrels of oil on record, Saudi Arabia is moving up to 2nd place, with the richest oil reserves in the world. Saudi Arabia’s exports of barrels of oil per day in 2021 were thought to be around 12.4 million barrels.

However, a White House spokesperson told Axios that a possible visit to Saudi Arabia to help repair relations and convince it to increase oil production was not on the agenda. In a statement to Axios, the spokesperson expressed his ideas: “We don’t have any international trips to announce at the moment and most of these are untimely speculations”.


Italy, which is dependent on Russia for about 40 percent of natural gas, had talks with Algeria and Qatar, suppliers of liquefied natural gas (LNG), indicating that these countries were also included in the list of alternatives. However, the possibility that this situation could Decimate relations between these countries and Russia, which is a member of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), was also being focused on. Qatar’s Energy Minister Saad al-Kaabi, on the other hand, stated that neither Qatar nor any other country could supply Europe with enough liquefied natural gas (LNG) instead of Russia. There was no one who could provide such a large volume of natural gas. Saad al-Kaabi stated that “no country has the capacity to do this with LNG” and that they could not be an alternative.

With over 266 billion barrels of oil, Qatar ranks as the 14th largest country in oil reserves. Qatar’s daily oil exports were estimated to be around 1.9 million barrels per day.

The return to coal was inevitable!

Speaking to the BBC, the EU’s Green Deal Chairman Frans Timmermans explained that in line with the developments, European governments, cannot trust Russia and that European states can continue to burn coal. Russia alone provided 42 percent of Europe’s coal needs. In turn, Indonesia, Australia were known as the world’s largest coal exporters, while Russia was immediately following them from behind.

In summary, the Zionist capital barons were having Russia attack Ukraine in order to consolidate their reign of oppression and exploitation and redesign the world. Thus, they were opening new markets to the arms industry, creating an energy crisis, initiating global food shortages… And bringing the world into line with all these unfair and immoral projects.

But it was time to remind them of a fact that they had forgotten and ignored: If the Demonic forces have an evil plan, of course, the Lord of all worlds also had a plan, and Allah (SWT) was the one who never erred in his plan and was impossible to defeat. Yes, for sure, this Zionist system of domination and exploitation, which has been practiced for centuries and has devastated humanity, will surely be destroyed; with the Just Order Revolution based on The Quran, reason and science, all humanity would attain peace and prosperity!.. (Insha’Allah!)

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Insha’Allah !
But it was time to remind them of a fact that they had forgotten and ignored: If the Demonic forces have an evil plan, of course, the Lord of all worlds also had a plan, and Allah (SWT) was the one who never erred in his plan and was impossible to defeat. Yes, for sure, this Zionist system of domination and exploitation, which has been practiced for centuries and has devastated humanity, will surely be destroyed; with the Just Order Revolution based on The Quran, reason and science, all humanity would attain peace and prosperity!.. (Insha’Allah!)





Araştırmacı-Yazar, Düşünür ve Siyaset Bilimci olarak tanınan Ahmet Akgül, Milli Görüş çizgisinde önemli bir fikir adamıdır. Olaylara insan eksenli ve İslam endeksli yaklaşmaktadır.

2004 Ocak ayında, arkadaşlarıyla birlikte İstanbul’da aylık olarak yayınlanan “Milli Çözüm” Dergisini çıkarmaya başlamıştır.

Uzun süreli, ciddi ve çileli bir mücadele dönemi yaşamış ve bu duyarlı, tutarlı ve kararlı tavrını hiç bırakmamıştır. Bu yüzden pek çok sıkıntı ve saldırılara uğramış, defalarca mahkeme açılıp tutuklanmış ve hapis yatmıştır.

İnancımız ve ihtiyacımız olan evrensel hukuk kurallarının; bütün insanlığın ortak değeri ve hayat düzeni haline getirilmesi, “Demokrasi, Laiklik ve özgürlükler” gibi çağdaş kurum ve kavramların; ilmi ve insani temellere göre yeniden şekillenmesi… Ve Türkiye’nin yeni bir barış ve bereket medeniyetine öncülük etmesi konularında yoğunlaşmıştır.

Üstadımızın, başta “İnsanın Yozlaşması”, ardından “Adil Düzen ve Yeni Bir Dünya” ve yine “Barış ve Bereket Nizamı “İslam Davası” ve YozlaştırılanCihad Kavramı” gibi birçok kitapları İngilizceye çevrilip merkezi Londra’daki Cagaloglu Yayıncılık organizesiyle; Amazon ve Bornes&Noble ( gibi dünya genelinde dağıtım yapan yüzlerce online sitesinde ve dijital (e-kitap) sayesinde 120 kadar ülkede yayınlanıp okunmaktadır. Ayrıca Üstadımızın “Yüce Kur’an’ın Manası ve Mesajı” başlıklı Meal-i Kerim yorumları İngilizce ve Rusça tercümeleri ile “Adil Düzen ve Yeni Bir Dünya” kitaplarının Rusça, Arapça, Çince, Japonca ve İspanyolca tercümeleri tamamlanıp basılmış olup; Almanca, Fransızca, Kırgızca ve Farsça tercümelerinde de sona yaklaşılmıştır.

Milli siyaset ve sorumluluk düşüncesini farklı bir boyutta ele alan ve yorumlayan Hocamız; yaklaşık 40 yıldır Türkiye’mizin her yerinde, Avrupa’da ve İslam ülkelerinde, önemli seminer ve konferanslara katılmaktadır.

Mili Görüş’e çöreklenmiş bazı şaibeli kişilerin gizli niyet ve tertiplerini haber vermesi, uzun vadeli hedefler ve stratejik tavizler sonucu Parti’ye girdiklerini sezmesi ve söylemesi nedeniyle, Ahmet Akgül’ün teşkilatlarda ve Milli Görüşçü kuruluşlarda hizmet vermesi engellenmeye çalışılmış; Erbakan Hoca ise, kendisinin daha bağımsız davranabilmesi ve nifak çarkı içinde körletilip kirletilmemesi için bu girişimlere karşı çıkmamış, ama kendisini uzaktan destekleyip yönlendirmekten de geri durmamıştır. Erbakan’ın “Adil Düzen” projeleri, AKP’nin siyasi hileleri ve karanlık ilişkileri, Fetullahçı Cemaatin gizli mahiyeti konularında sayılı uzmanlardandır.

1949 Elazığ doğumlu olan, çeşitli konularda yayınlanmış ve hazırlanmış 105 (yüz beş) eseri bulunan yazarımız, evli ve beş çocuk babasıdır.


Hocamız’ın Başlıca Kitapları:

● Yüce Kur’an’ın Manası ve Mesajı (Türkçe Meal-i Kerim. Abdullah Akgül Yayına Hazırladı.) (İngilizce ve Rusçaya çevrildi.)

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Adil Düzen ve Yeni Bir Dünya (İngilizce, Rusça, Çince, Japonca, Arapça ve İspanyolcaya çevrildi.)

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Pazarlık Partisi ve Palavra İktidarı

Kemalizm-Tayyibizm Uyarlaması

Başka Çare Kalmamıştı

İslam’dan Uzaklaştıkça, İnsanlıktan Çıkılması

Dert Söyletir Aşk İnletir (Şiir)

● Hainleri Haşlama, Zalimleri Taşlama (Şiir)

● İstanbul Sözleşmesi ve Ailenin Çözülmesi

Türkiye'nin Erdoğan'la Sınavı ve Ukrayna Savaşı

● Hamas, Şeytanı Şaşırtmış ve Dünyayı Uyandırmıştı


Üstadımızın hazırladığı; İlköğretimden, Üniversiteye kadar öğrencilerimize inanç ve ahlâk esaslarını ve Milli-İnsani sorumluluklarını öğretecek Ders Kitapları:

● İlkokul 4-5: Çocuklar Sizin İçin Yaratılış Harikaları ve Din Ahlâkı

● Ortaokul-1: İslam; Doğal Hayat ve Güzel Ahlâktır

● Ortaokul-2: Allah'a İman ve Ahlâk Kuralları

● Ortaokul-3: Bilimin Işığında Allah’ın Varlık Kanıtları ve İslam Ahlâkı

● Lise-1: Yaratılışın Bilimsel Kanıtları

● Lise-2: İslam'ın Aydınlığı ve İmtihanın Şartları

● Lise-3: Müslüman; Güzel Ahlâk ve Sorumluluk Taşıyandır

● Lise-4: "Gençliğin Ahlâki Sorunlarına Milli Çözüm Programı"

● Üniversite-1: Yaratılış Sırları ve İslam’ın Esasları

● Üniversite-2: Allah'ın Varlığı ve İmtihanın Sırrı

● Üniversite-3: Olgun Müslümanın Hayatı ve İslam’ın Amacı


Üstadımızın Kitaplarından Derlenen Yeni Kitaplar:

Ahmet Akgül’e Göre; Laiklik, Demokrasi ve Cumhuriyet Kavramları

(Hazırlayan: Nevzat Gündüz)

Üstat Ahmet Akgül’ün; Milliyetçilik Anlayışı

(Hazırlayan: Orhan Atay)

Ahmet Akgül’ün; Alevilik, Bektaşilik ve Şiilik Yaklaşımı

(Hazırlayan: Veysel Uzun)

Üstat Ahmet Akgül’e Göre; Kemalizm’le Atatürkçülük Farkı

(Hazırlayan: Ufuk Efe)

Ahmet Akgül’e Göre; Ülke Sorunları ve Çözüm Yolları

(Hazırlayan: Okan Ekinci)

Ahmet Akgül’e Göre; Genel Ahlâk Esasları ve Temel İnsan Haklarına Saygı

(Hazırlayan: Fatma Betül Erişkin)

Üstat Ahmet Akgül’ün; Siyonizm Saptamaları

(Hazırlayan: Ali Çağıl)

Ahmet Akgül’e Göre; Yaratılış Sırları ve İman Unsurları

(Hazırlayan: Halil Yaman)

Ahmet Akgül’e Göre; Din İstismarcıları ve Devrim Simsarları

(Hazırlayan: Akın Cengiz)

Üstat Ahmet Akgül’e Göre; Tarikat Yozlaşması ve Tasavvuf İhtiyacı

(Hazırlayan: Abdussamet Çağıl)

Üstat Ahmet Akgül’ün; Adil Medeniyet Programları

(Hazırlayan: Osman Nuri Çelik)

Ahmet Akgül’ün; Tarih Yorumları – 2 Cilt

(Hazırlayan: Kâzım Gülfidan-Halil Altuntaş)

Üstat Ahmet Akgül’ün; İlginç Anıları ve Rüyaları

(Hazırlayan: Ramazan Yücel)

Ahmet Akgül’ün; İçtihad Perspektifi ve Orijinal Projeleri

(Hazırlayan: Abdullah Akgül)

Ahmet Akgül’ün; Hikmet Uyarıları ve Veciz Uyarlamaları

(Hazırlayan: Neslihan Bayraktar)

Üstat Ahmet Akgül Hocamızın; Tenkit (ve Tebrik) Yazıları – 2 Cilt

(Hazırlayan: Mus’ab Eryıldız-İsmail Erkut)

Ahmet Akgül’den; Siyaset ve Strateji Kuralları

(Hazırlayan: Necati Akgül-Ali Mert)

Ahmet Akgül’e Göre; Yönetme ve Liderlik Sanatı

(Hazırlayan: Yakup Gözübüyük)

Ahmet Akgül’ün Saptamalarıyla; Erbakan ve İnsanlık Davası

(Hazırlayan: Ahmet Cömert)

Ahmet Akgül’e Göre; Erdoğan ve Takımının Ayarı ve Tahribatları – 3 Cilt

(Hazırlayan: Nail Kızılkan-Sezai Kurt-Mehmet Sıtmapınar)

Ahmet Akgül’e Göre; Fetullah Gülen’in Perde Arkası

(Hazırlayan: Mehmet Akif Avcı)

Ahmet Akgül’ün Gözüyle; Farklı Kesimlerden İnsan Manzaraları – 2 Cilt

(Hazırlayan: Osman Eraydın)

Ahmet Akgül Üstadımızdan; Erbakan Hoca’ya Yönelik İthamlara Yanıtlar

(Hazırlayan: Necmettin Musa Bişkin)

Ahmet Akgül'den Kahramanlık Şiirleri (Hazırlayan: İsmet Sezgin)

Ahmet Akgül’den; Seçme Şiirler (Hazırlayan: Ömer Çağıl)

Ahmet Akgül'den Şiirler Harmanı (Hazırlayan: Orhan Yılan)

Ahmet Akgül'den Edep-İstikamet-Hikmet ve Hakikati Öğreten Şiirler

(Hazırlayan: Yalçın Gözübüyük-Erdem Kaya)


Hocamızın Önsözünü Yazdığı Milli Çözüm Yayınları:

Üstad Ahmet Akgül’ün Özgeçmişi ve Öğretileri

(Yakup Gözübüyük)

● Haykırış (Şiir - Ali Çağıl)

AKP Yönetimi ve Tahribat Yöntemi Sistem Tahlili ve Siyaset Tenkidi

(Nevzat Gündüz)

● Sözün Çözüme Dönüşmesi (Siyasi Fıkralar - Osman Eraydın)

● Ayar Aynası ve Nokta Atışı (Sosyal ve Siyasi Fıkralar - Erdoğan Bişkin)

Milli Çözüm Ekibinden: İlginç Rüyalar ve Manevi Uyarılar – 2 Cilt

(Hazırlayanlar: Fatma Betül Erişkin – Nail Kızılkan – Neslihan Bayraktar)





Before the ADİL DÜZEN (JUST ORDER) conference at the Kyrgyzstan Arabayev University, which we were attended, an academician had introduced Ustadh Ahmet Akgül in the following way:

Ahmet Akgül is an outstanding scholar and thinker in Türkiye who amalgamate ideas of; Islamic principles and human needs, Atatürk's thoughts on change, Positive Nationalism, and social balance. He has written around 100 books, some in three volumes, all original and unique works. Ten of these books have been translated into English, Russian, Japanese, Persian, French and Arabic. He is considered the most distinguished disciple and follower of Türkiye's legendary Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan. For about 40 years, he has participated in scientific conferences throughout Türkiye, Europe, and the Islamic world. He is a man of wisdom and a visionary who has sensed and explained significant developments in Türkiye, the region, and the world decades in advance, facing many difficulties and attacks, yet always proving to be right in the end. He is the editor in chief of the MİLLİ ÇÖZÜM MAGAZINE (A strategic magazine published in Türkiye) which closely followed by Türkiye's military and civilian senior bureaucrats, university professors, prominent writers and commentators, and state officials. Our Ustadh advocates for original ADİL DÜZEN (Just Order) programs based on reason, science, history, conscience, and the Quran, incorporating the beneficial aspects of capitalist, socialist, and liberalist systems while discarding their harmful elements. He is 74 years old and has five children. He leads a modest life, far from luxury and comfort, never accepting royalties for any of his books, magazines, articles or conferences with all expenses covered by about 40 voluntary and dedicated friends of the cause and for the sake of Allah. He maintains that it is forbidden to preach religion and knowledge for money, position, and personal gain, thus owing no favors to any group or power. Besides his nearly 105 books, our Ustadh has also prepared RELIGION and ETHICS textbooks suitable for scientific truths and the essence of Islam without adhering to any sects, for Primary School (grades 4-5), Secondary School (grades 1-2-3), High School (grades 1-2-3-4), and University (grades 1-2-3), topics often overlooked even by political parties and governments.

During our so special conversations, as his sincere students and followers, we asked him: 'How did you prepare these (over 100) books? How did you manage your time?' Our Ustadh Ahmet Akgül answered us in a way that would be an example and encouragement for us:

"1- Except for serious illness and major difficulties, for almost 60 years, I have never put off today's work until tomorrow, and even beyond that, I never attempted to delay the morning's work to the afternoon or the afternoon's to the evening. Because it was necessary not to waste my limited lifetime capital on idle pursuits, which the Quran warns against as 'LAĞVİYAT' (futile activities).

2- I never hesitated to listen to and learn from anyone who had knowledge and experience in a subject, even if they were much younger than me... or just an ordinary and simple person, because the biggest obstacle to learning and acquiring knowledge is pride and arrogance.

3- I have tried to read and understand every piece of writing and book by people, whether local or foreign, left-wing or right-wing, known or unknown to me, loved or disliked by me.

4- From these or from what I heard on TV programs and in conferences, I took notes of the information that I learned and found important, and never hesitated to write and convey them, mentioning their sources.

5- Without getting stuck on the whimsical desires and objections of my closest ones, my fellow companions, my Political Party members, those in active and competent positions... Or considering the account and favor of my personal comfort and interests, I never hid the TRUTHS that my mind and conscience found beneficial and right, nor did I wrap them in various covers to make them difficult to understand.

6- I strived to help all people whom I met on any occasion, whom I had enough closeness to drink a tea or share a traveling on a plane for an hour, to gain and enhance their moral and conscientious awareness and honor, and especially their eternal and spiritual peace. In other words, my aim was not to benefit from their position, resources and compliments, but to be beneficial to them.

7- Perhaps as a fruit and grace of these sincere goals and effortsAnd certainly, as a grace and blessing of Almighty God (Allah), thankfully, it became easy for us to read an average 700-page book in an hour or two, to read quickly, and to produce intended 10-page notes of congratulations and criticism about that book."



رسالة تعريفية لمعلمنا أحمد أكجول

قبل مؤتمر النظام العادل في جامعة قيرغيزستان أراباييف، والذي حضرناه، قدم أحد المحاضرين أستاذنا أحمد أكجول على النحو التالي: أحمد أكجول موجود في تركيا؛ إنه عالم ومثقف نادر جدًا يجمع بين المبادئ الإسلامية والمتطلبات الإنسانية، وفكر أتاتورك في التغيير والقومية الإيجابية والتوازن الاجتماعي. ألف حوالي 100 كتاب، بعضها في 3 مجلدات، وجميعها أعمال فريدة وأصيلة. 10 من الكتب؛ تمت ترجمته إلى الإنجليزية والروسية واليابانية والفارسية والفرنسية والعربية. البروفيسور الراحل، أحد رؤساء وزراء تركيا الأسطوريين. دكتور. ويعتبر من أكثر الطلاب المميزين وأتباع نجم الدين أربكان.
لقد حضر المؤتمرات العلمية في جميع أنحاء تركيا وأوروبا والجغرافيا الإسلامية منذ ما يقرب من 40 عامًا. إنه رجل حكيم تنبأ وشرح التطورات المهمة في تركيا ومنطقته والعالم قبل عقود، وتعرض للعديد من المشاكل والهجمات لهذا السبب، لكنه كان دائما على حق في النهاية. وهو رئيس تحرير مجلة الحل الوطني، التي يتابعها عن كثب كبار البيروقراطيين العسكريين والمدنيين، وأساتذة الجامعات، والكتاب والمعلقين المهمين، ومسؤولي الدولة في تركيا. ضد الأنظمة الرأسمالية والاشتراكية والليبرالية في العالم؛ فهو يحتوي على الجوانب الجيدة والمفيدة لجميعها، لكنه يترك الجوانب السيئة والضارة؛ سيدنا، الذي أعد ودافع عن برامج النظام العادل الأصلية القائمة على العقل والعلم والتاريخ والضمير والقرآن، يبلغ من العمر 74 عامًا وأب لخمسة أطفال. لا يتقاضى إتاوات أبدًا عن أي من كتبه أو مجلاته أو مقالاته أو مؤتمراته، ويعيش حياة متواضعة بعيدًا عن الترف والراحة، ويغطي نفقات كل ذلك بحوالي 40 من الرفاق المتطوعين والمخلصين في سبيل الله. المعلم الذي يدافع عن "حرمة التبشير بالعلم" وبالتالي لا يدين بالشكر لأي مركز أو حكومة. باستثناء ما يقرب من 105 من أعمال أستاذنا، حتى الأحزاب والحكومات تظل غير مبالية؛ الدين والأخلاق في المرحلة الابتدائية: 4-5، المرحلة المتوسطة: 1-2-3، المرحلة الثانوية: 1-2-3-4 والجامعة: 1-2-3، وفقاً للحقائق العلمية وجوهر الإسلام. ولكن بغض النظر عن أي طائفة، فقد أعد كتب العلم. خلال أحاديثهم المميزة جداً، كتلاميذه ومتابعيه المخلصين: "كيف أعددتم هذه (100) كتاباً يزيد عن مائة، كيف رتبتم وقتكم؟" أجاب أستاذنا أحمد أكجول على أسئلتنا كالتالي، ليكون قدوة وتشجيعًا لنا:

1- منذ ما يقرب من 60 عامًا، باستثناء الأمراض الخطيرة والصعوبات الكبيرة؛ ولم أؤجل عمل اليوم إلى الغد، كما أنني لم أحاول تأجيل عمل الصباح إلى الظهر أو عمل الظهر إلى المساء. لأنه لا ينبغي لي أن أضيع رأس مال حياتي المحدود في مساعي فارغة ومجانية يسميها القرآن الإلغاء ويحرمها


2- حتى لو كان شخصًا لديه معرفة وخبرة في موضوع ما، حتى لو كان أصغر منا كثيرًا... حتى لو كان شخصًا عاديًا وبسيطًا، فأنا لا أشعر بالإهانة أبدًا عند الاستماع إليه أو تعلم شيء ما، لأن أكبر عائق أمام التعلم والحصول على العلم هو الكبرياء والكبر

-3ما حصلنا عليه؛ حاولت أن أقرأ وأفهم كتابات وكتب الجميع، محليًا أو أجنبيًا، يساريًا أو يمينيًا، أعرفه أو لا أعرفه، أحبه أو أكرهه.
4- كنت أسجل المعلومات التي تعلمتها وأجد أهميتها منها أو مما سمعته في البرامج والمؤتمرات التليفزيونية، ولم أتردد قط في كتابتها ونقلها بذكر أصحابها
5- من خلال الوقوع في الرغبات والاعتراضات التعسفية من أقرب أقاربي ورفاقي وأعضاء الحزب وذوي المناصب ذات النفوذ والكفاءة... أو من منطلق حرصي على راحتي ومصالحي الشخصية، لم أخفي أبدًا الحقيقة التي قالها لي يجدها العقل والضمير نافعة ومفيدة، ولم أصعب فهمها بتغليفها بأغلفة مختلفة
6- كل الأشخاص الذين التقينا بهم في أي مناسبة وأصبحنا قريبين بما يكفي لتناول كوب من الشاي أو السفر لمدة ساعة على متن الطائرة؛ حاولت مساعدتهم على اكتساب وزيادة وعيهم الأخلاقي والضميري وكرامتهم، وخاصة سلامهم الروحي والعالمي. بمعنى آخر، كنت أهدف إلى أن أكون مفيداً له، وليس أن أستفيد من منصبه وفرصه ومجاملاته.
7- ولعل ذلك يعتبر ثمرة ومعجزة للأهداف والجهود المخلصة... وطبعا بفضل الله تعالى وفضله لا بد من قراءة كتاب ما يقارب 700 صفحة بسرعة في ساعة أو ساعتين. وتهنئة هذا الكتاب وانتقاده عمدا، والحمد لله أن إنتاج ملاحظات من 10 صفحات أصبح أسهل بالنسبة لنا.
أطيب التحيات…


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