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Bugün: 05 Haz 2020

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The expectations that the results of the presidency election in the USA will deeply affect all countries and the whole world end even change the course of the world are completely futile and these expectations aim to perpetuate the image of the USA "the only and invincible super power ". Because, it is not the presidents but the jewish lobbies that rule the USA. Yet, in last few periods, the jewish lobbies are incapable of having voters vote for their own candidate. An organized formation against zionism has been gradually gaining momentum in the USA.

Also, the efficiency and perfection of a national and humane center of Turkish origin has been more discerned and taken into consideration by the specialists.     

To sump up what we explained till here:

1- The USA has already lost the title "the only super power"

2 - It is the organizations and bureaucrats under the guidance of the jewish lobbies that rule the USA but not the presidents, ministers and even senate or congress.

3 - Yet, the zionist centers have already lost their long-time power and the USA is under the control of local and national groups.     

4 - It is felt that these new groups and the humane front of Turkish origin, mostly as a put-up job, have been in a delicate relationship which is programmed to change the present course of the world.    

5 - Namely, what is important is what groups the elected one will be directed by and how rather than who the winner will be in the presidency elections in the USA.   

To compare the zionist center to the humane front;

a) While the zionist center has a devastating and dreadful superiority in classical, conventional and nuclear weapons, the humane front has a new and original and ready-to-use technology that will invalidate and nullify all them.   

b) While the zionist center has the potency of "qualified persons" who are common and notable throughout the world and who are well-organized under masonic objectives, the humane front has upholders throughout the world who have ideals and faith and who are sincere and honorable, esteemed and elegant, less in number but active.    

c) While the zionist center has the power of finance and banking system based on interest, the humane front has the control of strategic material and mine production, natural food and agriculture sector and the energy potency.

d) While the zionist center usually holds the scientists, media bosses, non-governmental organizations and think-tank specialists, the humane front makes use of  the chance and the advantage of having a super mind and a political genius that comes out hardly within five-six century  

In short, one is the network of devils and evil spirits and the other is the vicegerent of the Haqq (truth) and the Merciful (One of the names of Allah)  


              The jewish can be divided into three groups:

1. The first one is the sincere and humanitarian group who have no evil tricks, treacherous intentions and zionist obsessions such as "enslaving the mankind and imposing sovereignty over the whole world" We have no prejudices or annoyances to the people of this kind.


2. The second group is comprised of racists, imperialists and supporters of zionist actions. They are so arrogant to consider themselves to be the chosen, perfect humans and the others to be animals in the appearance of man.      


And these are also separated into sub-groups:

a)  One group: These are fanatic and extreme zionists who do everything they can do in order to realize soon the sovereignty over world and the project of Great Middle East which is Jerusalem-centered and aiming at the Promised Land and based on Talmud (distorted Torah and Pharaoh laws). They also advocate that threatening countries such as Turkey and Iran should be subdued.


b) And the other group is the sneaky and status quo-follower Hebrews who say:

"This aggressive policy provokes the whole humanity, particularly the Muslims, against us and leads to a tremendous hostility towards Israel and the Jews. Whereas, the USA and the EU is under our control. And the global organizations such as the UN, NATO and the IMF are under our guidance. Economic, cultural, diplomatic and psychological power and control is in our hands. For that reason, it is pointless to risk our present exploiting and assimilating order for the dreams for the Promised Land and the projects for the Great Israel"

The most dangerous of these two zionist groups, the one that should be exterminated right away, is the group of sneaky and status quo-follower Hebrews.

 Because, the execution of their strategy means the continuation of savage capitalism and the dominance of zionist capital.     

Yet, the execution of the projects of the extremist and aggressive zionists, for instance an attack on Iranian nuclear plants, will result in the facts that it will speed up the formation of an anti-imperialist front by Russia, Pakistan and Iran and Turkey will stand by this formation in one way or another and the USA will withdraw from the Middle East with a complete fiasco and Israel will be chastened and a revolution of a new civilization will eventually be realized.  

For these reasons, the real sneaky and dangerous zionists in the USA nominated and supported Hussein Barrack Obama. And they told Obama that "the USA will withdraw from Iraq and sit at the table with Ahmadinejad, let alone attacking Iran."

We wonder if they can do this!


Taking advantage of the Muslim past/background and the blackish origin of Hussein Barrack Obama, those sneaky and status-quo observing zionists nominated and supported him by seeing it, in a sense, a necessity to turn to Islam and Black people. Do they know whether the humane front in the world purposely carried Barrack Obama, with the aim of guiding and making use of him, to the agenda of those sneaky Jewish groups as bait with a delicate and a deep strategy?

Yes, the state projects in the USA are planned by the shadowy state and the authority and efficiency of the presidents cannot go beyond executing those projects. Nevertheless, there is also "a local and humane shadowy state" in the USA in addition to the "zionist deep state". Moreover, this new deep center has won extremist and fanatic Jews over to their side.


By the way, it shouldn't be ignored that George Bush will remain as the official and authorized president till 21st January. What is more, the majority of the delegates (the committee of selectors) determined by the states in two-step presidency elections are Democrats, but it is likely that they vote for the Republican candidate. This is sure a surprising expectation but it is also within the bounds of possibility. 

Moreover, contrary to the allegations of the interpreters and writers, the election of Obama is not an historic chance to change the unpleasant course of the world or the balances in the USA; it is just an ordinary and expected happening for us.     

It will be disastrous for the evil centers that desire to maintain their zionist exploitation system by soothing people of the USA through Obama when they realize that the humane front have made used of this fact and Obama as the medium to initiate a big change and transformation.

Obama has assigned the son of a well-known zionist terrorist as secretary general.   

Obama has revealed his real intention by assigning a zionist, son of a terrorist who slaughtered Palestinian people, as the "guard" of the White House.

Israeli Rahm Emanuel will be the Secretary General of the White House and Chief Advisor of Barrack Obama, who made history as the first black president of the USA and is Kenyan in origin with a jewish mother. Father of Rahm Emanuel was a member of the terrorist organization, Etzel, which was instigated by the zionists to fight against Ottoman army. This organization is known having taken part in the many onslaughts to slaughter Palestinians before 1948.    

The secretary general of the White House is considered to be one of the closest advisors of the president. All staff of the White House, the agenda of the President and who is allowed or not to the Oval Office is determined by the secretary general. Assignment of Emanuel to this position by the proposal of Obama has been welcomed with enthusiasm in Israel.

Israel: "Our man at the White House"!

Maariy, one of the prominent papers in Israel, gave the headline "Our man at the White House" for Emanuel. An internet site called Wynet also conveyed words of one of the Emanuel's relatives: "He would never accept the proposal for advisory if he weren't sure of the friendship that Obama felt for Israel". The same internet site had an interview with Michael Kosign -the executive director of the Jewish Federation that is active in Chicago and he worded that Emanuel was really devoted to Israel, he called upon his son to join every sort of activity to support Israel and upheld Israel fervently with his speeches he made at the meetings.      

The zionist father is a militant of bloodthirsty Irgun!

Papers, while telling about the history and past of Emanuel's family, recorded that his father Benjamin had Israeli passport and became a member of a terrorist organization called Etzel during the clashes (put-up job) that zionist gangs started against English army. (Everybody knows that their real intention was to found Israel, it was not to fend off British soldiers that separated Palestine from Ottomans. And anyway the English were figurants here in this scenario). It is stated that this organization attacked Palestinians many times before the foundation of Israel in 1948 and it was this organization that carried out the well-known Deir Yassin massacre. Haaretz, a daily newspaper in Israel, stated that Benyamin went to Chicago in the USA with his family in 1960s and lived there but the family kept its devotion to Israel; and Emanuel, before the Gulf War in 1991, went to the recruiting offices connected to the Israeli army in order to join the military forces.           

The father Emanuel was member of the militant group called "Irgun" that attacked Palestine between 1931 and 1948. Today the political extension of Irgun is the right-winger party Likud. Expressing his happiness about being assigned to this important position, Emanuel told that "I am really happy that my parents who are still alive have seen that the first African-origin president of the USA has assigned me to this position"         

As topic of his article, İbrahim Karagül, with an impressive wisdom and relevance, used the following words that Erbakan spoke years ago and caused panic among zionist groups:   


Will it be bloody or bloodless!

Along with the explanations like "let's not panic yet we had better stock up food", The markets for the first time in their history have begun to limit their food sales in the USA which is in the grip of the economic crisis of this century that has shaken the whole world together with the USA. It made a big impact all over the world that the Wal-Mart hypermarket chain limited the amount of the rice their customers bought. The European press described this situation as "global food crisis has reached the USA". That's, the food crisis will be seen not only in the underdeveloped countries but also in the industrialized countries. It seems that those who perceive the global crisis only as saving the finance giants will make the world worse than it was before: the economic crisis that has begun with Mortgage crisis and aggravated the financial system and created social and political disasters...

This global economic crisis is supposed to hit the production sector following the finance and food sector. What will be the cost of this crisis for the world where consumption has exceeded the production?       

In this instance, while some horrific scenarios are being written for the developed economies, it is alleged that this situation will lead to a big global transformation and the end of the unilateral superiority of the west. The mankind may witness a new historic upheaval.


Then, will this big transformation be bloody or bloodless?

This was first said by Necmettin Erbakan. He was misunderstood, his words were understood in reverse. And he paid a big price for his words. The same words are being said for the world. The whole world is now discussing whether this transformation will be bloody or bloodless. The whole world is discussing it using the same words.  

The only way out of this economic and political crisis is to reach a consensus and to take a common action for the common future of the mankind. It is needed to build a new world. These kinds of calls are being made nowadays. For example, a new system is required and in this system the USA, Russia, China, France, England, India, Germany, Japan, Brazil and two African countries are represented. (If you pay attention you can see that the Islamic Word has no place here, too). It is emphasized that the system established in 1945 has come to its end. This is a kind of political search. It is desired that a new economic order and a finance system be established.  

Yet, unfortunately, clashes, competitions, fights for power and hegemonic desires are still dominant even in the period where the signs of the events that will devastate the mankind have become evident.     

 "Economic, political change... the change of the historic roles..." it is approaching!

We have already begun to experience the dramatic examples that all these things will be bloody. The West can't stand and accept rising of any other region, Asia for example. They interfere in every corner of the world at any cost to guarantee their long-standing dominance. Because of that, they are constantly and vigorously trying to undermine Turkey and other regional countries. They are carrying out structural, long-term projects rather than daily alliance relations.  

They have already declared an end to the history. They announced greedily and arrogantly that the mankind had reached the ultimate end and their victory was this ultimate end. Nevertheless, they have come face to face with a tremendous problem, with an exhaustion that they have never wanted, expected and believed... they declared the end of the history but now a new history is beginning. This moment of upheaval means the end of history for some and a brand-new beginning for some.

We have begun to see that the transition will be bloody and that it will be painful, as well...1[1]

Independent: the real attacker and invader is Obama.

All domestic and foreign media agree that Barrack Obama will win the USA presidency election and there will be "changes" in the American policies. Is this true? Here is the answer from the article of Alexander Cockburn that he wrote in the Independent on 26 October:

"Obama wants to enlarge the armed services by 90,000. He pledges to escalate the US war in Afghanistan; to attack Pakistan's territory if it obstructs any unilateral US mission to kill Osama bin Laden; and to wage a war against terror in a hundred countries, creating a new international intelligence and law enforcement "infrastructure" to take down terrorist networks. A fresh start? Where does this differ from Bush's commitment on 20 September 2001?"

In the event of Obama's victory, the most immediate consequence overseas will most likely be brusque imperial reassertion... Obama is far more hawkish than McCain on Iran

"Obama has crooked the knee to bankers and Wall Street, to the oil companies, the coal companies, the nuclear lobby, the big agricultural combines. He is more popular with Pentagon contractors than McCain." (quoted by Radikal, 27 Ekim 2008)

The words of the Vice-President are verifying the facts above. "We will be tested by an international crisis within his first six months of 2009" "I can give you at least four or five scenarios from where it might originate. They may emanate from the Middle East. They may emanate from the sub-continent. They may emanate from Russia's newly-emboldened position because they're floating in a sea of oil." (Ceyda Karan, Radikal, 27 Ekim 2008)

Jewish Biden cautioned:

"It's where al Qaeda lives. It's there. It's real. We focus so much on the bad policy on Iraq, we sometimes seem to think that somehow there isn't a real problem. Our CIA has pointed out that bin Laden is alive in the mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Taliban is coming back. We talk about Iran getting a nuclear weapon and threatening Israel and us. Let me tell you something, Pakistan already is bristling with nuclear weapons, all of which can hit Israel right now, all of which can strike the Mediterranean and well into the Indian Ocean"

The hidden side of Barrack Obama:

Born to a black Kenyan father and a white American mother from Kansas, the 44th President of the USA Barrack Obama was grown up and educated by his mother's family after they separated. The family paid great attention to his education. The fact that his mother was a white woman from Kansas wasn't intentionally made a current issue. The religion of this white mother was concealed cautiously. A clue for you: it is known that the Jewish consider those with a jewish mother, rather than a jewish father, to be one of them.      

It is another story that Barrack Obama's white mother separated from her black father and he was given a serious and costly upbringing procedure. Obama, whose name "Hussein" was ignored until the election campaign, is so filled with longing for father that it made him write a book.  

The book that Obama wrote is dedicated to his father. This book "Dreams from my Father" of which subject is his arrival in America from Africa and the challenges and difficulties in front of him that was caused by the color of his skin the factors that were out of his control brought him an unexpected fame and fortune. "Hope, faith and using opportunities and chances properly" were the main subjects even in his book.    

The speech that Obama made at the congress of Democratic Party in Boston in 2004 fascinated everyone. This congress day was the time when Obama all of a sudden shone like a big star on the politics stage and a few months after this event he went to Washington as a senator of Illinois.    

Obama has addressed to the hearts and dreams of those who have strived saying "I have a dream" for years since the great black leaders like Martin Luther King and who in the last 48 years have never put out the torch of hope saying "We shall overcome"; and saying "The day is today for the American Dream to come true", Obama won a big victory by collecting 52 percent of the votes. Democratic Party now holds the majority both in the Senate and the Congress. Heaven knows why but no one mentions their relations with the zionist jewish lobbies. 

The jewish lobbies are one of the most powerful lobbies of the USA and they play a very important role on American foreign policy. It is Israel - thanks to the jewish lobby - that manages to receive the most amount of aid, support, donation and voluntary service from the USA in the world. The cost doesn't matter for these lobbies, they spare no expense. They are very successful in getting their sympathizers in every party elected as senator and the members of congress.   

The other group is the Armenian lobby that is very powerful and active in Boston and California. Since the beginning of 1900s, they have been campaigning tirelessly and obstinately against the Turkey and all countries of Turkish origin and receiving remarkable help and support from missionary organizations. These often work with Greek and Greek Cypriot lobbies to build a strong front line. The jewish lobby has recently been in a close relation with these Greek and Greek Cypriot lobbies   

Those lobbies that control oil companies and manufactures deadly weapons and war supplies, among the other Jewish-guided influential lobbies, are very powerful, rich and influential lobbies and this fact should be taken into account. Lobbies of drug and tobacco-cigarette should be paid attention. It is a well-known fact that all these lobbies are closely watching the USA policies on other countries and continents and even trying to direct these policies.    

1 - Obama has also experienced the same things and made lots of promises. For example, he made a written promise to the Armenians that the "so-called Armenian genocide" allegations would certainly be accepted at the congress (in the light of some documents shown to him)

2 - He told Greeks and Greek Cypriots that he wanted to see a united island on Cyprus under the control of Greeks.

3 - He told Palestine and Israel that there should be two countries on those lands and Jerusalem should be used as capital by both countries.

4 - He explained to India that the real problem on the sub-continent was Kashmir issue and Muslims underwent a great deal of injustice. He stated that the injustice in Kashmir made the international campaign focus on that region.    

5 - He advocated that they had to withdraw from Iraq as soon as possible. These examples made up some of the ideas and promises that emerged during the election campaign and they displayed how complicated the situation was.  

As a result, Turkey, for example, has been curiously following the actions and decisions of Obama and expecting him to see that the truth is different when he comes to rule the country.   

On the other hand, it is not certain what will happen in Iraq.  Obama thinks of totally withdrawing within 16 months but both the central Iraqi government (the puppet government) and the groups in Northern Iraq don't want the USA withdraw yet and they wish the USA would stay for at least 20 years more. When the power of arms - petrol lobbies and the demands of the other lobbies are added to this, it is a great wonder that how many of his own decisions and wills Obama will realize or achieve. The weight of the lobbies and outer factors and the weight of the benefits of the USA need to be carefully analyzed and considered.     

a) Israel is never happy about what has been said and it made it clear through media or explanations, because they do not have a plan or project to share Jerusalem. 

b) India has become unhappy, because no one has exhibited such a distinct attitude regarding Kashmir so far today. Zionism-guided Obama has the intention of causing chaos between Pakistan and India and making them war against each other.

c) It is not certain what will happen in the Caucasian. Will he carelessly continue the expansion project of NATO like Bush? Or are more careful steps going to be taken by taking the recommendations of the European countries into consideration? These events once more make us contemplate the foreign policy.     

d) The biggest rival of the USA is China in the sense of economy. Russia and Middle-Asia Turkic Republicans rise as a rival against the USA concerning the energy resources.   

e) It is known that the USA has been in competition with Russia due to the Caucasian events. This is not certain yet how this competition might develop and result. On the other hand, the Bush period passed in perpetual arguments, threatening and war possibilities with Iran. It is almost impossible for Obama to discover a better way and implement it under these circumstances.     

6 - Afghanistan is like a "time bomb" among all these problems. Similarly, the instability and invasion in Iraq is like a bomb for the Middle-East that is ready to go off at any moment. Something must be done in these regions and the unfortunate course here must be stopped absolutely; however, the Israeli and Jewish lobbies and the arms-petrol lobbies will let it be? More conservative and republican groups will be able to adopt the new methods and implementations?2[2] These questions still remain unanswered      

[1] Yeni Şafak

[2] Doc. Dr. Oya Akgönenç / Milli Gazete

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